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250 Names for Pet Turtles


Naming your turtle pet



Turtles are cute, appealing and people will not be often attracted to reptiles only until they look close enough. To maintain a turtle or a tortoise as a pet is very common and popular to watch among adults and children but figuring out a right name for your turtle pet can get excruciating if you don’t add imagination, creativity and of course a list of ideas provided within this document that could help you out no only by showing you a list of names that could suit your shelled pet, but also the list can be helpful to guide you to get the perfect name for your pet. The most common thought about turtle pet is that they are cute animals who can stay in a tank and be feed just by tossing food at them. One of the main problems is that turtles are messy eaters and will produce a lot of waste; you will have to maintain them space as hygienic as it can get applying more time on it.

Turtles will need space for water and a place to be completely dry. You cannot just use a tank and fill it up with water and place the turtle inside; the tank has to be set up or arrange to fulfill the turtle’s need. So if you really consider maintaining a turtle pet it is hypercritical to do a research on how to sustain a turtle.


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Now that you know that to have a turtle pet is a tremendous amount of work and you have finally decide to take responsibility on a turtle, the next step can be to find an awesome name that will identify your pet on how marvelous it is. It is so cute to watch a little bald headed and especially if that character is carrying a house on its back while being a four legged being. And most distracting is to watch how that awesome being walks so slow and gentle as they perform the simplest tasks. Due to how cute and difficult is to have a turtle pet the event will turn a lot more difficult as you think on naming it; it can be a challenge. Gratefully there are lots of fulfilling ideas from other owners to use to inspire you.


Some awesome ideas can help you thru the process of getting the name your pet deserves. Here you will encounter 250 names you can choose for your shelled pet.

The list

  • Addy: A Hebrew baby name meaning “Son of Adam: Man of the red earth.” Can suit your turtle if it’s the first one as a pet within your place.
  • Alex: Baby boy and baby girl name that in English will be the abbreviation of the Greek name, Alexander, meaning: “Defender of mankind.” Perhaps your pet’s shell will protect us!
  • Art: Primarily subject to aesthetic criteria, the name could be nice for a turtle pet who shows a great appearance.
  • Artie: In English it will be from the Roman clean name “Artorius” which means noble and courageous.
  • Adele: A female given name of Germanic origin.
  • Asher: The son of Jacob in the Old Testament will mean “happy, blessed.”
  • Arnold: Derived from the old German name meaning Eagle power. Your turtle can actually fly and won’t tell you!
  • Abraham Lincoln: The 16th president of the United State of America from March 1861 until his assassination in 1865.
  • Hannah: Add some mirror effect to the name.

 turtle 6

The famous turtles

Name your own pet after some famous character among history of turtles

  • Donatello: From TMNT wears a purple mask.
  • Leonardo: From TMNT will hold a blue mask.
  • Michelangelo: From TMNT will wear an orange mask.
  • Raphael: From TMNT wears a red mask.

Some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters:

  • Shredder: The bad guy.
  • Splinter: The sensei of the turtles.

Other famous turtle characters:

  • Bowser or King Koopa: The fictional character and the main antagonist of the Nintendo’s Mario franchise. He has spin shell!
  • Koopa Troopa: Some villagers from the Nintendo’s Mario franchise.
  • Franklin: From a Canadian television series.
  • Squirtle and his Wartortle and final Blastoise evolution: Is a water type Pokemon.
  • Crush: From finding nemo.
  • Umigame: pronounced “Urigome” by Goku while he fails on getting the name right at the Dragon Ball series.
  • Grand Master Oogway: From the Kung Fu Panda characters.
  • Cecil: the Merrie Melodies character.

You can also play with the words:

  • Shell Shock: “warning warning, do not touch without authorization.”
  • Serris X: From the sector 4 aqua in Metroid Fusion, a boss that will grant you the “speed booster” after his defeat.
  • Torterra: A Grass-ground type Pokémon who resembles a tortoise.
  • Toarkoal: A fire Pokémon specie who looks like a turtle.
  • Sneak: As the turtle moves in furtive or stealthy manner.
  • Tank: Because of his armor and shape.
  • Mishell: From the name Michael.
  • Flash: Add some irony to your pet’s movements.
  • Shelly: Due to their shell.
  • GoldenShelly: His back is pure gold.
  • SkyBreaker: As he breaks the speed of the sound as he moves.
  • Jet: Im sure he will not tell you that he flies.
  • Flippy: Please don’t even try to do it.
  • Zoom: As how it sounds when something goes super-fast.
  • Rawr: It’s alright he is just trying to communicate.
  • Hardhat: The shell looks like a wearing hat.
  • Slow ride: There must be some room for two in there.
  • Roky: So slow you can’t tell he’s moving.
  • Scooter: A vehicular recreation.
  • Doorstop: it looks like something to hold a door. BUT IS NOT.
  • Saiyan: So terrifying to watch a turtle yawning. All of its power!
  • Shinigami: God of Death.
  • Queen Victoria: From Great Britain.
  • Napoleon: A French military and political leader.
  • Charles the Great: Was king of the Franks.
  • Chancellor: A legal official.
  • Chester: A city in North West England. Was a 2 leveled fortress for the romans.
  • King George: A king of the United Kingdom.
  • Legend: Some turtle will last longer than humans!
  • Joan of Arc: Nicknamed “The Maid Of Orleans.”
  • Sir Lancelot: One of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthur legend.
  • Sunny: This might suit your shelled pet if he likes to be at the Sun.
  • BackWalker: If the pet likes to retreat.
  • Dome: Probably he looks like one.
  • Terra: The color can be a good guide.
  • Island: Looks like an island as he resurfaces.
  • Square bill: The green color and the shape.
  • Compass: The pigmentation.
  • Globe: As the natural coloring and shape of your pet.
  • Continent: A mix of the last 2 names.
  • Mister Green: If the turtle is colored green.
  • Green Label: The different green it may have.
  • Arrow: As fast as an arrow.
  • Bunker: Because he can guard within his shell.
  • Stained Glass: They might look alike.
  • Crayon: The green one of course.
  • Frenesi: The Spanish meaning of the noun Frenzy.
  • Rainbow: Because of the multiple colors.
  • Clean: As he maintains fresh.
  • Mud Wrestler: As he fights in the mud.
  • Skittles: As the variety of colors in the candies.
  • Slider: When he slides into the water.
  • Scarlet: Some awesome color.
  • Sapphire: A transparent precious stone typically blue.
  • Emerald: A gemstone commonly green.
  • Ruby: From pink to a blood red stone.
  • Topaz: A precious stone typically colorless.
  • Diamond Shell: A shell hard as a diamond.
  • Baxter: Means Baker.
  • Ben: From Benjamin of course.
  • Virtus: Means Virtue.
  • Baby strong: You care so much about them even if they are strong.
  • Bob: Marley?
  • Bobby: The X man?
  • Buddy: Because they are some good friends to us.
  • Cake: Body looking like cake.
  • Cheese: We know we can trust in cheese.
  • Cheek: Might identify if he likes to say hi a lot.
  • Chelsea: A cute name for a turtle.
  • Cup: Turtle may look like a cup upside down.
  • Delores: a funny name for a pet.
  • Dude: you may call him as you mean to your friends.
  • Einstein: So intelligent!
  • Ernest: Sounds serious for a cute turtle.
  • Dory: From Finding Nemo. She is not a turtle.
  • Fergie: A sexy name.

turtle 5

Probably these names are awesome, but don’t forget to add imagination to the names or to add your personal touch to the name of the pet you hold most dear. One of these names could bring the idea of which the perfect name for your pet might be.

The list continues:

  • Claw maker: The origins of claws!
  • Long tailed: Your turtle pet might have a long tail.
  • Shell Shower: A powerful attack that let green meteorites fall towards the opponent. If you like to imagine.
  • Spike: His shell can be covered with some spikes.
  • Hacker: What if he has a computer skill?
  • PhotoShell: He likes to be the model for a photo-shoot.
  • Godzilla: The power of nature to maintain and restore balance!
  • Party Guy: A guy who likes to party.
  • Surround Shell: What if he hides a bass within him?
  • Party Girl: A girl who likes to party.
  • Party Brawler: He looks like the turtle that will always be fighting in the club.
  • Serpentera: A dragon from Power Rangers.
  • Machine Empire: Also from the power rangers. The Shell of the turtle could look like the city.
  • Ferrari: Because the movements are so soft and could lead to irony on the speed of the tutle.
  • Python Eater: Snakes cannot defeat this guy.
  • Crocodile Hunter: Your turtle’s free time is haunting on some crocs.
  • Bird Keeper: He collects Birds!
  • Ramses: Moses encountered him!
  • Underground killer: You don’t even realize what he does while you sleep.
  • Drinker: He drinks lots.
  • Dancer: Your pet is dancing nonstop at the club!
  • El Bueno: Spanish that means “The good.”
  • Hulk: He is big, and strong.
  • Liutenant Claw: From the army.
  • Elite Turtle: A member of the Elite four.
  • Inside: As he likes to hide.
  • Darcy: Such a gentleman.
  • It: You know what it is.
  • Garden Player: As he plays outside.
  • Picasso: He might have some art on his back.
  • Sleepy: He won’t wake up.
  • Patricia: Some cute name.
  • Death Runner: Walks among darkness.
  • Self-Defender: as he guards on his shell.
  • Tomorrow: That’s the time he will arrive to his destination.
  • Wonder Turtle: The one and only.
  • Neo: The chosen one from Matrix.
  • Son of Me: Because you feel like you adore him.
  • Bentley: He rides so awesome and luxurious.
  • Spartan: One of the 300!
  • Realboy: His statement is legit.
  • Santana: Cute name for a turtle pet.
  • Santa Teresa: He knows how to pray.
  • Colobiano: Means Colombian.
  • Diego: A person name that sounds awesome for a turtle.
  • Reptile: What he is.
  • SubZero: From Mortal Kombat.
  • Aggressive trap: The shell is full of traps!
  • Singer: What if your turtle likes to sing?
  • Lion Friendly: He grew up within lions!
  • Russell: From the actor Russell Crowe.
  • Top Turtle Hit: That just sounded like an album!
  • Business turtle: That turtle is rich as cold.
  • Ariana: From the singer Ariana Grande.
  • Terracota: A nice color.
  • Shooter: He uses guns!
  • Relief seeker: A tormented Turtle.
  • Honor: Such respect manifested.
  • Public redeemer: He will control the mass.
  • Lucky: Because you feel great on how the pet is.
  • Jack pot: You have something great.
  • Jessica: A cute name.
  • Alejandra: A cute name.
  • Jose: A cute name.
  • Super Turtle: as in superman.
  • Highway turtle: He only rolls at the high way.
  • Saint Turtle: He is so pure!
  • Item Finder: He led you to the thing you lost.
  • Belzelga: From Medabots anime.
  • Junior: He fresh in higschool!
  • Sinior: He an adult already!
  • Justice: He awesome at resolving problems.
  • Mars: As the planet.
  • Lucifer: That Devil.
  • Milo: Can be suitable for a turtle pet as well.
  • Frodo: Because of the journey of Frodo in The lord of the Rings.
  • Navi: The living proof of military power.
  • Lil Rich: He’s hiding money on that shell.
  • Romeo: from Romeo & Juliet.
  • Juliet: From Romeo & Juliet.
  • Eminem: Marshall Mathers.
  • Gloria: Means Glory in Spanish.
  • Angel: Your pet brings peace to you.
  • Guess: From the Brand of clothing.
  • Superior: Your turtle is the greatest of them all.
  • Eraser: Your pet leaves no tracks on where he has been.
  • Joker: As in Batman.
  • Moon: By its color and shape.
  • Moldova: A country
  • Galapago: A reptile who looks like a turtle.
  • Sky: As he is all for you.
  • Currency: Because of his color and importance.
  • Walk: As some lights on the streets will turn green to let you walk.
  • Time: He is time itself, so he will move as he wants.
  • Gladiator: His family fights for freedom.
  • Coconut Eater: Probably your pet likes to eat coconut.
  • Shaman: A man who can predict and talks with spirits and can heal.
  • Green Soul: Pure as a soul.
  • Risen: a Pet who suffered but got back in track.

turtle 2

What about to name your pet after a feeling? Feelings and emotions are everywhere. Therefore could be awesome to name your turtle pet after a feeling that can remind you of something of your life.

  • Frontier: Something you are trying to reach.
  • Mad: This is how you get after you throw your ice-cream.
  • Happy: Because your pet makes you so happy and also it could be that the turtle looks happy.
  • Monster: What if he becomes a beast?
  • Crazy: Name your pet “crazy” if he has a psycho look.
  • Love: You meet love when you met your pet.

turtle 1

Here below are some names from personas. These names can suit your pet and can also remnd you of a person you want.

  • Emilia: From the Roman clear name “Aemilius.”
  • Martha: Can suit your turtle pet.
  • Rogelio: A funny male name.

More names:

  • Lola
  • Cody
  • Charlie
  • Sophie
  • Gina
  • Finn
  • Maya
  • Penelope
  • Elsa
  • Lila
  • Lidia
  • Ulysses
  • Donna
  • Martin
  • Yasuri
  • Roger
  • Ralph
  • Gucci
  • Chad
  • Carlos
  • Rachel
  • Harold
  • Shannon
  • Leticia
  • David
  • Wilson
  • Daniel
  • Genevieve
  • Gertrude
  • Iron
  • Cooper
  • Dexter
  • Sonya
  • Fossil
  • Manuel
  • 14K (gold)
  • Gallery
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green Ice
  • Amaretto
  • Berlin
  • Dollar