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10 Naughty Date Night Ideas


Your date nights probably evolve around going for dinner and a movie or having a romantic stroll on the beach. Now, none of these date ideas are bad, they’re romantic and a nice change from sitting at home binge watching your series on Netflix. But, sometimes, going for dinner and movie can become to be routine, it starts to get a little stale.  Instead of the regular date routine, why not switch it up a bit? Make your date night a little sexier and steamier. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to go have sex in the movie theatre, I mean, you can, I’m not saying no, but there are other things you can do to amp up the sensuality. You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to. Having a sexy date night isn’t about where you are, it’s about what you’re doing. So, let’s get your mind going with some creative ways to have a naughty date with your partner. These ideas are interactive, so both you and your partner will have to get involved.

Naughty Date Night Ideas

Strip poker

Not sure how to play poker? Who cares! You’ll learn as you go. I mean, sure, you may end up naked before your partner does, but this is what strip poker is all about. Poker itself is an interactive game what makes it more exciting is the stripping part, obviously. For each hand you lose, you have to remove an article of clothing. You’ll be sitting across from your partner who’s half naked, throw in a couple of drinks and it’ll be hard to resist each other.

Take a bath together

You take baths and showers on your own, but why not get your partner involved. This isn’t about scrubbing each other down, it’s about a sensual moment together. Bring in a bowl of fresh strawberries, some champagne, turn on the music, add some bubbles – bam! You have yourself a sexy atmosphere. splash around with your partner, make out with them, talk, laugh, this is such a sexy way to not only get clean but to connect with your partner.

Get a room

A hotel room, that is. It doesn’t even have to be outside of your city. Get one in town. It’s amazing how getting a hotel room completely changes the atmosphere between two people. It’s like you’re out of your regular life. You don’t need to worry about cooking, laundry or your mother-in-law. For this night, you can do whatever you want. Order room service! Have sex on the balcony! Wear bath robes the entire day. Since you’ll have that vacation energy going on, you’ll be relaxed and able to spend more time focusing on each other.

Get aphrodisiac friendly 

Who would have thought a date night could be comprised with aphrodisiacs? How do you include aphrodisiacs? With food! I mean, who is going to argue against a date night revolving around food? Exactly. No, this doesn’t mean you need to eat prunes. Aphrodisiac based foods are much sexier than that. It’s all about oysters, chocolate fondue – yeah, it’s a sexy dinner. By the end of the meal, you’ll be so aroused, you won’t be able to take your hands off each other.

Bring out the massage oils 

Who doesn’t like massages? The only problem with massages is if your partner doesn’t want to reciprocate. I love having a massage but when it’s time for me to give a massage, I clench my teeth and do a quick two minute go at it. But, if your partner is into you, then they’ll love rubbing you down with oil, especially if you’re naked. Nothing is more seductive than someone else’s hands rubbing your oiled up body. You can start with a sensual head massage, but be gentle. You’re not trying to remove all the knots in their back.

Go on a random road trip

You don’t need to stay in the city to have a date. Why not take a spontaneous weekend getaway? Do you have to go to Hawaii? No, it can be the next town over or in a cute cottage in the woods. Going to some place makes your sense alert and the adrenaline pulse throughout your body. So, whether it’s one night, a weekend or a two-week holiday, you can make your date night last for days and days.

Act out your first date

I know you’ll never have your first kiss with your partner again but there’s nothing wrong with acting it out. Where did you go on your first date? Reenact your first date with your partner, go everywhere that you two went. You can ask each other cute first date questions and see if there are things that you don’t know about your partner. People change over the years and sometimes we aren’t paying attention to the things that changed in them. So, this is a great opportunity to find out more of them.

Surprise date night

Usually, we have date night booked into our calendars, however, why not surprise your partner instead? Why does everything have to be planned? I mean, of course, it’s nice to plan things in advance but sometimes, you want to be swept off your feet with something unexpected. Take them to see their favourite band, a movie that they really want to see or even something more adventurous. There are endless ways to surprise your partner if you know what they’re into.

Let someone else plan your date night

If you have a good friend, why not let them surprise you with a date night. In exchange, you can plan your friend’s date night with their partner. That way, it’s a surprise for both of you, which is what makes it exciting. You don’t know what they’re going to organise for you and vice versa. Maybe your friend will just give you a pair of dirty dice and tell you to have fun. Who knows!

Get kinky

If you guys are used to your regular sex routine, you can date night to try out and incorporate new sex acts into your routine. You can try role playing, light BDSM, massages and new sex positions to put a spark into your sex life. Date night doesn’t have to be serious and romantic, it can also be highly sexual and experimental. Of course, sex is romantic, but when it’s date night, you can use this opportunity to push the boundaries to try something you haven’t done with your partner before.

Play some sex inspired games

Ah yes. I know you guy know about the naughty dice. But that’s not the only game you can play with your partner. There’s a game called Marks the Spot. In this game, your partner has to guess what body part you’re thinking about in your head. In order to do that, they need to kiss the spot until they get it right. If you pick a good spot, they’ll be kissing you for a long time.

Another game is called Not so quick! You have to have your partner stand at the door while you’re lying naked on the bed. They have to answer each of your questions. If they get it right, they get to move one step forward, if they get it wrong, they move one step back. You can make it more sexual by touching yourself while you’re laying on the bed, they’ll be so aroused, they won’t be able to focus on the question.

Lastly, another game you could play is called Pick a card. With a deck of card, you have to have a sexual meaning placed for each suit. For examples, hearts is making out, clubs is manual stimulation, etc. The number represents the amount of time you have to do the act for. So, if they pick the 9 of hearts, you two will have to make out for 9 minutes. Now, whether you’ll be able to stop at the ninth minute is another question. You can decide how naughty you want the sexual acts to be, you just need to remember that it can last for up to ten minutes!

Now that you have a couple different ideas up your sleeve for date night, it’s time you tried them out. You can tell your partner or surprise them but whatever you choose to do, you’ll have a good time. Remember, date night doesn’t have to be about you guys renting a movie and eating popcorn. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad date, it’s not, but sometimes it’s exciting to switch things up a bit and go outside of the norm. Maybe you two will both discover something you enjoy doing, something that you probably wouldn’t have tried out if it wasn’t for date night. So, relax and have fun, this is the time that you’re supposed to spend with your partner and appreciate that they’re in your life.