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200 Funny Wifi Names


Paying attention to small details can make your computer, device or router far more interesting than it actually is. Wifi names are technically Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). These are the names that people see when they try to find wifi in a ccertain area. You can always name your wifi after your own name or location, but funny wifi names are also an interesting option. If you needed to find interesting, funny wifi names we can help you get started.

200 Funny Wifi Names

1. I Believe Wi Can Fi: I wish that I could believe that I could fly.
2. No More Mister Wifi: That’s how I feel when someone takes my wifi.
3. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot: This song was popular so long ago.
4. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wifi: You really shouldn’t.
5. Wi-Fight the Inevitable: I don’t know, why?
6. It Burns When IP: You should really get that checked out.
7. Abraham Linksys: This is an awesome name for your wifi.
8. Silence of the LAN: If you like scary movies, go with this option.
9. Bandwidth Together: Nice one!
10. Nacho Wifi: This is one way to show that it’s not your wifi.
11. Connected, Secured: And no one will crack your password.
12. Escaped Nigerian Prince: This should make people think twice before they use your wifi.
13. Move On: Nothing to see here people.
14. Click Here for Wifi: Good luck at using it without a password though.
15. I Did Your Wifi Last Night: Ouch.
16. Whose Car Alarm is That: This is only that amusing if someone tries to use your wifi while a car alarm is going off.
17. Router? I Hardly Knew Her: Clever.
18. No LAN for the Wicked: No rest for the wicked either!
19. Printer Only: Just kidding. I imagine this would keep people from trying to use your wifi though.
20. Russian Hackers: Watch out for a wifi with this name.
21. Modem Pole: Sometimes, I wish that I had a totem pole instead.
22. Girls Gone Wireless: Nice.
23. Not the Wifi You’re Looking For: This is a funny wifi name.
24. Wham Bam Thank You LAN: Cute!
25. Lag Out Loud: LOL.
26. Chicken Crossed the Road to Steal Our Wifi: What a chicken.
27. We’ve Got the Goods: But we won’t give you the password.
28. Winternet is Coming: Perfect for Game of Throne fans!
29. Loading…: Still loading . . .
30. Very Slow: This should deter people from using your wifi.
31. Tell Your Wifi Love Her: Excellent advice.
32. Amish Rebel: That’s for sure—for a culture that won’t use technology, wifi would certainly be an interesting choice.
33. You Will Regret This: So watch out!
34. Please Wait…: For what?
35. House LANister: Another one for GoT fans.
36. Dumbledore’s IT Staff: Perfect for Harry Potter fans.
37. The Force: Awesome.
38. Connecto Patronum: This is a play on a spell from Harry Potter.
39. Password is Gullible: I have to say that this is probably my favorite pone of these funny wifi names.
40. Inigo the Modem: From the Princess Bride.
41. Common Room Wifi: Another Harry Potter reference.
42. The Promised LAN: For those who’ll never reach the promised land.
43. Jar Jar Linksys: For Star Wars fans.
44. Password is Password: Clever.
45. LAN of Milk and Honey: Awesome.
46. Not A Pokestop: Way to take the fun out of life.
47. Hagrid’s Hut: Sound slike the place to be.
48. Go Go Router Rangers: Does anyone else remember watching the Power Rangers?
49. Yer A Wifi Harry: I’d rather be a wizard though.
50. The LAN down under: Cute.

51. May the Wi-Force Be With You: Nice one for Star Wars fans.
52. Hogwarts Hall of Wifi: Awesome.
53. Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi: Another Star Wars options.
54. PorqueFi: In Spanish, porque means “why.” Get it?
55. Enter the Dragon’s Wifi: Better than entering the dragon’s lair!
56. Squibs Only: That would certainly be a limited population group.
57. Accio Internet: If only . . .
58. Floo Network: Another Harry Potter-related name.
59. Keep it on the Download: Nice.
60. This LAN Is My LAN: Cute.
61. Titanic Syncing: This is a clever option.
62. Open Sesame: This would work even better than a password.
63. Jump on the Bandwidth: This could be a potentially fun option to go with.
64. If I Had Your Wifi Wouldn’t Need Internet: That is certainly true.
65. Wi-Fight When We Can Make Love: This is an excellent question.
66. I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi: Perfect for a newlywed couple somewhere.
67. The LAN of the Free: Clever.
68. Byte Me: This is based on a play on the word “bite.”
69. Winter WonderLAN: This would be a clever option during the holidays.
70. Wifi Fever: Nice.
71. The LAN Before Time: Does anyone else remember watching this movie as a child?
72. The Internet: This is a fairly straightforward option. There are definitely better funny wifi names on this list.
73. Click Here to Download: Amusing.
74. Wu Tang LAN: This is from a play on the word clan.
75. Bandwidth on the Run: Nice one.
76. Everyday I’m buffering: You have to sing this one instead of just saying it. Buffering sounds like a wiser choice than hustling.
77. Get off my LAN: Fine!
78. This LAN is Your LAN: That’s what I’m talking ’bout!
79. Ford Linksys Mercury: This sounds like the name of a car chain that sells Ford Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.
80. Simon Says No Wifi: Simon is certainly no fun.
81. Bill Wi, the Science Fi: A more recent update of this show is now on Netflix.
82. Vladimir Routin: This is a play on the Russian president’s name, Vladimir Putin.
83. Capture the Lag: I prefer playing capture the flag.
84. My Wifu: Nice.
85. John Wilkes Bluetooth: Clever.
86. Area 51: Nice one.
87. Routy McRouterface: I actually rather like this wifi name.
88. Winona Router: Cute.
89. Brave Little Router: They should do a remake of the kids story with a router.
90. Free Public Wifi: This will make someone very depressed once they try to log on and nothing happens.
91. Benjamin FrankLAN: Nice one.
92. Go Go Gadget Internet: This is a cute, funny option.
93. Modem Family: If you love watching the Modern Family, this would be a good name to choose.
94. Vladimir Computin: This is an alternative play on the name Putin.
95. Obi WAN Kenobi: Another great option for all of those Star Wars fans out there.
96. Bilbo Laggins: Nice.
97. Alexander Graham Belkin: For those who aren’t in the know, Alexander Graham Bell was the guy who invented the telephone.
98. SpiderLAN: Nice.
99. Frodo Laggins: A great option for Lord of the Ring fans.
100. LAN Halen: Excellent option.

101. Connect and Die: This is one way to show people that you do not plan on sharing your wifi with anyone.
102. Iron LAN: Iron LAN or SpiderLAN? You choose.
103. Guardians of the Gateway: Perfect.
104. Torrent Gump: I loved that movie.
105. Watch Porn at 4G Speed: I guess it beats 3G.
106. Formerly Known as Prints: For fans of the artist formerly known as Prince.
107. Lord Voldemodem: This comes dangerously close to actually saying the name of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
108. Not Area 51: Interesting choice.
109. Franklin Delano Routervelt: Clever.
110. Theodore Routervelt: An alternative option for anyone who is not a fan of FDR.
111. AOL Dialup: I can barely remember what life was like with dialup speeds. Was life even possible?
112. Area 51: Nice.
113. $1 per hour: Actually, charging someone by hour to use your wifi would be a great idea. Even if you don’t actually charge people, they’ll be less likely to try using it if you have a name like this one.
114. Avengers – Wifi Wars: Awesome.
115. New England Clam Router: There are days when I’d much rather have New England Clam Chowder.
116. Untrusted Network: This would be a great way to deter people.
117. Go Away You Muggle: Nice.
118. Stealing Wifi Is A Crime: Does anyone know if it is actually illegal to use someone’s wifi without authorization? That does sound like the technical definition of theft, right?
119. Lord Of The Pings: Excellent.
120. Network Name? Why Not Zoidberg?: For fans of Futurama.
121. Safe Levels of Radiation: Nice.
122. Ye Olde Internet: I like this one.
123. Stiffler’s Mom: This one time, at band camp . . .
124. Here’s The Password Clue Read Again: How long do you think someone will read through this again?
125. Quit Using My Wi-Fi: Fine.
126. Definitely Not Wifi: This brings up a good question then.
127. Access Denied: Without a password, at least.
128. Enter The Dragon’s Network: Nice.
129. I Have Wifi And You Don’t: Way to rub it in.
130. Who What When Where WiFi: The five Ws that everyone should know.
131. Not Free So Get Stuffed: That’s one way to say it.
132. You Load Nothing, Jon Snow: Excellent for GoT fans.
133. Slytherin Common Room Wifi: You can change this to your favorite house (Hint: Ravenclaw is the best).
134. No Internet Access: Too bad.
135. The Creep Next Door: This would be an unexpected choice.
136. Occam’s Router: Similar to Occam’s Razor.
137. Don’t Watch Porn On My Wifi: Way to lay down the rules.
138. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot: Nice one.
139. Wi-Fight the Feeling: Who knows?
140. Linksys Lohan: Nice.
141. For Sale Inquire Within: Cute.
142. Missed Connections: Hopefully, no connections will be missed with your wifi.
143. The Password is…: Nice one.
144. Try Me: Excellent.
145. That’s What She SSID: This is a clever play on the word said.
146. These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For: True enough.
147. RIP Net Neutrality: This is actually not funny at all.
148. LANnisters Send Their Regards: Excellent for GoT fans.
149. The Ping of the North: Fun!
150. Huge Tracts of LAN: Another great option.

151. Pokemon Slo: Hopefully, it won’t be too slow!
152. Lord of the Ping: Fun.
153. The Mad Ping: This is a fun pun.
154. You Shall Not Password: Clever!
155. FBI Van: No one will want to use this wifi!
156. LANnisters Pay Their Debts: They do.
157. E=MC Square Dance: This is a funny wifi name.
158. Full bars: I wish.
159. Wi-Fry Chicken: Excellent.
160. Changed to Protect the Innocent: Awesome.
161. Ludwig WAN Beethoven: Perfect for music majors.
162. Click and Die: Way to be blunt.
163. For Porn Use Only: That’s fairly limiting.
164. Mom, Click Here For Internet: If you set up your mom’s internet and she can never seem to remember her wifi network’s name, this would be a hilarious option to go with.
165. Free Wifi For One Night Stand: I think that choosing this name is probably the definition of the word desperate.
166. Help, I’m Trapped In A Router!: That sounds like an issue.
167. Please Connect for Identity Theft: No one will want to connect to your wifi now.
168. Come On And Slam and Welcome to my LAN: This is definitely an older reference.
169. No Wi-Fi For You: That’s no fun.
170. The Triwizard Internet: Hopefully, the Triwizard Internet will be much safer than the Triwizard Tournament.
171. Virus Distribution Center: Watch out!
172. Dora The Internet Explorer: Cute.
173. Click Here For Viruses: This is one way to deter wifi users.
174. Surveillance Van: Clever.
175. Y No You Get WiFi?: I don’t know.
176. WIFIght The Inevitable?: Why, indeed.
177. Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi: Someone had to say it.
178. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable: This is a clever option.
179. Silence Of The LAN: Nice.
180. Join My Bandwidth: This is a fun choice.
181. One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor: This is a funny wifi name.
182. Life In The Fast LAN: The irony is that you probably aren’t living life in the fast lane if you spend a lot of time living life in the fast LAN—but that’s probably a good thing.
183. The Wireless-G Spot: Nice.
184. Don’t You Wish Your Wifi Was Hot Like Me: This wifi name makes you want to start dancing.
185. It’s a Small World Wide Web: This is another funny wifi name that is a play on song lyrics.
186. Look Ma No Wires: Nice.
187. Witness Protection: If you are setting up your wifi for a friend or sibling you would like to tease, change this to the “Witless Protection” instead.”
188. Connection Failed: I hate getting this message.
189. One if by LAN…: And two if by sea!
190. No Connections Available: This is another autoresponse that I hate to see.
191. Harry Bot-ter: Hopefully, you won’t be encountering too many bots, although this is certainly one of the better funny wifi names.
192. Two Girls One Router: This is a play on one of the worst videos ever.
193. Cunnilinksys: Say it aloud, and you’ll instantly get what this name is supposed to be a play on.
194. Virus ‘R’ Us: Ouch.
195. You Click, I Pay: That is a rather droll, straightforward interpretation of it.
196. Wifi Art Thou Romeo: It is I, Juliet.
197. Battle of the Bandwidth: This is a clever option to choose.
198. Connect Automatically: The irony is that they won’t be able to connect automatically if you have it password protected.
199. Guess Where We Live: If only you could solicit responses from people who
200. Martin Router King: This is an unexpected way to pay tribute to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.