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3 Month Relationships: 20 Things A Girl Can Do


During the first couple of months of a relationship, you are in the infatuation stage. Hormones in your body increase the sense of closeness you feel and give you that “spark” of young, new love. Once you reach the 3 month relationship stage, things start to change. You start to open up more and become an “us” instead of just one person.

This is a blissful stage in a relationship. It is the point where you no longer have to feel quite as awkward around your partner and can really get to know him or her. At the same time, you are starting to figure out if this relationship is right for you. During the first three months of a relationship, infatuation-related hormones can make you fall in love and obsess over your partner. As these hormones start to die down, you start to find out if this relationship is actually right for you or not.

Letting Your Hair Down in a 3 Month Relationship

When you first start dating someone, you can be uncomfortable just being yourself. You know he or she likes the way you look and act, but would they actually appreciate everything about you? Right now is the time to find out. This is the time where you can start being yourself. Don’t worry about driving them away. At some point, you will end up being yourself and seeing if the relationship still works. It is better to find out sooner than later, and the three month mark is a good time to find out if this is a match made in heaven or not. We have a list of the 20 different things that you can start doing at the three month relationship mark as you figure out if this is the right relationship for you or not.

1. Use “We”

Now is the time to start using phrases like us or we. When you have reached the three months relationship mark, you are ready to start considering your relationship an actual relationship. Interestingly, using “we” or “us” more often has been linked to longer, happier relationships. Basically, it is a subconscious, psychological recognition that you are a team and a couple instead of just individuals. This type of attitude carries over into all aspects of your relationship and gets you to treat the relationship like you are a couple instead of just yourself.

2. Get Slutty

At the start of the relationship, you may have been afraid to bring up certain sexual topics because you did not want your partner to think badly of you. At the very least, you may have been afraid that your sexual desires would not match up with his (or hers). Now, it is a good time to start showing off your secret sexual desires. You have been together long enough to respect each other and open up, so go for it!

3. Be Yourself

For your relationship to work, you have to be yourself at some point. Stop pretending to like certain things just to impress your partner. Now, you can start to relax and just be yourself.

4. Cry When You Need to


In an early relationship, you don’t want to show your feelings because you might drive him away. You are afraid of crying because you want him to see you as a stable, confident woman. Everyone has a bad day though, and you are now at the point in the relationship where you can be unafraid of showing your feelings.

5. Admit That You Don’t Work Out

Early on, you probably said you did plenty of things like working out without actually doing it. This is the time to admit that you don’t actually like hitting the gym that often.

6. Stop Getting the Salad

An addendum to the last tip is to stop getting the salad. If you love salads, that’s fine. If you are getting it because it is the cheapest thing on the menu or you are insecure about eating a juicy steak in front of him, then stop getting the salad. It is completely understandable that you want him to think of you as a healthy, svelte partner, but really—you have to eat what you like at some point in the relationship.

7. Text Whenever

When you first start dating, texting can be stressful. You want to text enough to show that you are interested, but you don’t want to come across as needy. Now, you can text whenever you want. He knows you like him and he also knows what to expect from you. If you send a text asking how his day is going, he won’t wonder if you are overeager or jealous. He’ll know that you just wanted to talk to him and see how his day was going.

8. Wait to Have the Talk

While you are getting more comfortable with each other, this might not be the time to talk about your sexual history. Discussing the number of people you have slept with can make your partner feel insecure or wonder who those people were. Like anything though, this depends entirely on your personal relationship. If you don’t think that it will be a problem, then go for it.

9. Get Dessert!

Stop worrying about appearing thin or healthy all the time. If you want dessert, get it!

10. Stop Worrying About Makeup

If you love wearing makeup and dressing up every day, go for it. If you want to have a lazy day and watch Netflix with your lover, then skip the makeup and relax. Don’t jump out of bed to fix your face before he wakes up. Now is the time to start showing him the real you.

11. Introduce Him to the Family

The first, second or third dates are not the time to introduce him to your family. Instead, wait until you have been together for a couple of months. With any luck, your crazy family won’t drive him away after he has fallen in love with you. Right now is a good time to start introducing him to your family and friends.

12. Tell Him Your Sexual Fantasies

If you want to spice up your sex life, right now is a good time to let your sexual requests known. Tell him your fetishes. You may be surprised—he may have been just waiting for you to make a move.

13. Watch the Shows You Actually Like

For months, you have been secretly hiding your addiction to Gossip Girl or Elementary. Whether you have a secret love of Lifetime or the History Channel, you can’t hide it forever. At the three month relationship mark, it is time to just tell him about your secret love for your favorite shows.

14. Be Grumpy . . . Within Reason

Obviously, you can’t be crabby all the time. No one wants to be with someone who is constantly a downer. At the same time, you can now officially start to show your true feelings. If you had a bad day at work and your family keeps calling for help, let him know how you feel. This is a good idea for another reason as well. If you are grumpy and don’t tell him why, he may think that it is something that he is doing. By sharing your feelings and why you feel that way, you can prevent potential miscommunication issues.

15. Tell Him When Things Are Not Fine

Early on, you were afraid of telling him how much you hated his ex-girlfriend hanging around or his habit of being grumpy with you when he had a bad day. Stop telling him that everything is fine when it is not. Don’t go overboard and go crazy with it, but let him know when things are not actually fine with you.

16. Stop Playing Games

We personally think that playing games like hard to get are not particularly effective and tend to start your relationship out on a lie instead of honesty. If you did play games, this is the time to stop. You can also stop worrying about if you are over at his house too much, spend too much time on his social media or act too clingy. You are in a relationship now, so you can relax and act like it.

17. Stay in on the Weekends

You have gone out to clubs, bars and concerts to show how much fun you are and grow closer together. Going out every weekend can be tiring and can put a strain on your pocketbook. If you want to stay in and cuddle on the weekend, just tell him that!

18. Wear Your Normal Underwear

If all you have is sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret (lucky you!), then that is fine. If you have comfortable underwear you want to wear more, go for it. You have been together long enough that you don’t have to wear a corset or a teddy just in case he sees you naked that day.

19. Go Out With the Girls

Early on, you may have been afraid that going out with the girls would make him think that you are not interested. You were worried about turning him down too often for a date. Now, you can relax and have a girls’ night out. Just make sure to tell him what you are doing so that he does not worry about where you are.

20. Get Mad If He Hurts Your Feelings

Before, you did not want to get angry when he hurt your feelings because you did not want to seem crazy. Now, you can start to tell him how you really feel. If you have been brushing off your hurt feelings, tell him how you feel and what he is doing to hurt you. He probably does not realize he is doing it, so let him know so that he has an opportunity to change.


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