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6 Money Saving Tips For Beauty And Fashion Lovers


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Have you heard of the term ‘frugalista’?

A girl or woman who loves to use high-end makeup, hair care products and wear trendy dresses but doesn’t want to get a hole in her pocket can rightly be called by this name.

Why so?

Well, frugalista is nothing but a combo of ‘frugal’ and ‘fashionista’. Interesting! Right?

If you think that you have the same aforementioned liking then you are certainly a perfect frugalista! But, you might have got perplexed many times regarding what could be the right money-saving tips. In this piece of writing, you will get a clear idea of what you can possibly do to save some of your real bucks.

Read on

1. Prioritize the online coupon sites

Most of you prefer shopping online nowadays. And, undoubtedly, there are many ways to get discounts on beauty products while buying beauty products online. Among all of them, exploring the deal sites which can let you grab exclusive coupons and offers from the premium brands is one of the best money saving tips. In fact, Maulik Patel, CEO of Dealslands.co.uk, said, “making use of the coupons during sales will help you get the items at the cheapest rates, and you can easily save up to 50% on various items”.

So, make sure that you are looking for a perfect coupon which can save you a lot before finally placing an order for beauty products or any fashion accessory.


2. Sign up for free reward memberships

You might have got calls from the cashiers of various fashion and beauty stores asking you to sign up for their free reward programs. At the very first moment, it might have seemed to be pretty disturbing for you but signing up for some of them is really worth it!

For example, let’s check out an excellent example of the Ultamate Rewards Program by the famous store Ulta Beauty. By signing up for this, you will get to relish a number of perks like a free gift on your birthday, a coupon worth $ 250, a series of coupons will be regularly delivered in your inbox for $ 3.50 off a purchase and so on. This could be one of the best money saving tips that you can ever come across.


3. Consider PPI while shopping

Whether beauty supplies or fashion accessories, it is a very common thing that you purchase multiple things together. In such a scenario, the best money saving tip could be checking out the price per item while buying the products.

For instance, when we consider the PPI of dollar store cotton swab, it is approximately $ 0.0040. Now, when it comes to a boxful of 500 cotton swabs at Target is no more than $ 2.89. Here, simple mathematics says, the PPI of Target cotton swab is $ 0.0038. It doesn’t at all seem to be a significant amount of money to you. But, it is true that this amount doubles up with time and finally, the money that you will save in the long run really matters.

It is a precise money saving tip indeed. Right?


4. Purchase in bulk

The premium beauty stores often make sure that they are offering their large bottles of products at a discounted price. This is the time when you should stock up on your favourite products and save a lot of money. You might consider this as the most common tip to save money but many times, we forget it and end up breaking our bank for looking fashionable and beautiful.


5. Ditch expensive salons and spas

This tip of save money really works!

You need to implement it religiously and you will definitely be benefited. You must look for various beauty schools in your area which offer the same services of salons and spas at an affordable price. Making use of such places could be as exciting as getting discounts on beauty products and beauty supplies!

The people who offer services at such places are the students who are getting trained to become licensed beauticians, massage therapists etc. As they are constantly monitored by their instructors, you can be completely assured that they will do their best. So, this is one of the best money saving ideas when it comes to keeping yourself maintained.


6. Visit the thrifty stores

When it comes to finding deals on fashion needs then to shop from the thrifty stores could be one of the best saving tips. These stores are the best places to buy such things which you will wear for a pretty lesser number of times. In thrifty stores, there’s a possibility for you to bring your old clothes and earn a bit of money while selling them.

Wrapping up

Is saving money really too tough while staying trendy and groomed always?

No! Right? All that it takes is just being smart enough and follow the aforementioned money saving ideas.

Don’t wait anymore! Be the exceptional frugalista of the town soon!



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