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8 Twin Flame Symptoms


When you are with your soulmate, there are a few signs that you are in a twin flame relationship. This deep connection causes twin flame symptoms. You may experience some or all of these symptoms. If you want to have a positive, fulfilling relationship, it is important to find your twin flame in this lifetime. To learn more about the twin flame symptoms, read on.

8 Twin Flame Symptoms

If you have not found your twin flame yet, do not lose heart. If you are not ready for your twin flame, you would not be able to recognize them even if they were standing right in front of you. Once you are ready for your twin flame, the universe will throw him or her your way. You can tell if you are with the right person by looking for these twin flame symptoms.

1. A Magnetic Attraction

When you meet your twin flame, it feels like the attraction is magnetic. Even if you are pulled away, you find that you are drawn to them and must be at his or her side.

2. Overwhelming Attraction

If you are with your twin flame, you will feel immensely attracted to them. You feel a sense of overwhelming love. If you have been in relationships before, you will know that this is a love and attraction that is like nothing you have ever felt before.

3. You Have Had Visions of Them

This is not the case with every twin flame relationship, but it common enough that we should mention it. Some people have dreams of their twin flame before they even meet them. Or you start to have dreams and visions of them after you meet, and you have no clue why these visions keep happening.

4. You Balance One Another

When you are with your twin flame, your relationship is a way of balancing your life and personality. You are like the yin and yang in eastern philosophy. Your weaknesses are balanced by the twin flame’s strengths. Likewise, their weaknesses are balanced by your strengths.

5. Your Life Has Changed

Once you meet and start to date your twin flame, your entire life seems different. You suddenly want to be a better person because of their influence. You start to dream about a future with them in it. Even if you are just going to a normal day at the office, you whistle happily throughout the day because of your thoughts about your twin flame.

6. Your Life Feels Complete

Before you meet your twin flame, it feels like something is missing. You feel like there is a hollow in your soul, but you have no clue why it is there. You may even forget that this hole exists because you grow so used to having it. When you meet your twin flame, it suddenly feels like you are complete. You do not feel like you are missing anything. Now, it feels like you can live your life completely and fully.

7. You Sense Them

Even when you are not together, you feel the presence of your twin flame. It feels like they are just a part of your heart. No matter where you are at, you sense their presence within you.

8. Your Lives Synchronize

This may happen immediately after you meet them, or it may occur gradually over a few months. Once your soul recognizes itself in another, you start to notice the ways that you are similar. Your body language, gestures and thoughts seem to be in perfect alignment. Even when you are sitting in silence, you realize that you were both thinking about the same thing.


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