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Being young is hard, but growing up is much, much harder. We all do it at our own pace and in our own way. Sometimes we catch ourselves ultimately wishing that there was someone there to help us out along the way and guide us through our toughest times. We sometimes wish that we had someone to tell us how to overcome the most difficult obstacles that we face in our time here on Earth. However, not all of us our blessed with those people that can give us the proper advice that we find ourselves needing.

That’s not saying that we don’t have important people surrounding us that are able to help us out in life. Even so, we are always still searching for answers to questions that we might have. We might need advice on things that no one seems to be able to talk us through. This is normal. And this is something that certainly comes along with being a young girl especially. Women are often misguided at young ages and have no one to rely on to tell them the things that they need to hear. That’s why there is this page, written for young girls, to help them out on their journey through life.

Life tends to throw us many curve-balls. We might think that these curve-balls get tossed our way when we are older, but we would think wrong. These ups and, primarily, downs can come at anytime in our short lives here and, yes, they do often times come when we are younger. The hard part about having terrible things happen when we are young? Well, as teenagers especially we are not really sure, nor are we equipped, with how to handle these tribulations. Whether it be a parent’s divorce, an eating disorder, boy troubles, drama at school, etc. We might be frantic for advice, for answers, for support…

Luckily today we have gathered a list of advice for teenage girls that might be on this page searching for it. 

Advice For Young Girls

Lighten up. Try not to take everything so seriously: No matter what you are going through, it will pass and you will someday not remember what you were upset about in the first place. There is a saying that goes, “If you won’t be mad about it a week from now, is it worth being mad about at all?” That’s the kind of thing you need to ask yourself before focusing on something negative for a long period of time.

Don’t do anything if your gut is telling you not to: Your gut is one of the most important things to listen to when you are young. You might not understand it yet, but it is what instinctively guides you into knowing right from wrong. You don’t want to learn a life lesson the hard way by going against what your instincts are telling you. It’s not worth it.

Be open minded: One day you might wake up and regret not doing all the things that you really wanted to, because your mind was so closed off to the rest of the world. You may think that you’re being safe by keeping yourself guarded, but you’re really just passing up opportunities that you might never get back in the long term. Experience is everything in life and as you grow older you will understand that more. However, right now you just need to keep an open mind in life to discover the beauty in itself.

Don’t let peer pressure be a thing: Although you want to keep an open mind you still want to stand up for yourself by saying no to things when you feel peer pressured into them. You might sincerely regret trying something awful because ‘your friends’ convinced you to. You can never take back those awful moments. You can only relive them in your mind forever. Follow your moral compass at all times. It will guide in the right direction.

You are responsible for the person that you become: It’s important to hold yourself to the standards you create. When you grow up you will not be able to blame anyone else but you for the way that you turn out.

Your body is your body: You should never let anyone else tell you how to feel about the way that you look. You are in charge of your self image. Letting someone else get into your head and make you think you are any less beautiful than you are is like poisoning yourself for life. Don’t let it happen. Stay true to how you feel about yourself in the first place.

Don’t let drama bring you down: One day you are going to wake up and realize that you are not in high school anymore. When that finally happens you will be confused as to why you ever let anyone else’s petty bologna tear you down. You might feel, at the time, that the drama you are dragged into is the end of the line for you. It might feel as if your whole world is ultimately crashing down. It’s not. You will overcome this. Just take a deep breath and remember that everything is temporary. Even some huge scandal you are involved in.

Watch out for fake friends: In life you will always have snakes plotting behind your back. This is not just something teenagers go through by any means. However, teens tend to take it harder when they find out that their friends have more than one face to them. That is why it’s important to be cautious of who you surround yourself with. Don’t hang out with someone just because you think they are ‘cool’. Give them up the moment they show signs of being shady. You will thank yourself later for doing so.

Your parents do not define you: Whatever troubles they have or how they feel are not your problem. You are your own person. They may have a lot to say about you, but in the end  you are not them. You don’t have to own up to their mistakes or glorify their behaviors. You don’t have to be what they want you to be or feel how they want you to feel. You are you. Remember that always.

Don’t worry about money: You might feel the obligation to go out and start working right away when you become of age. That’s great that you have the ambition and drive to do so, but don’t feel pressured by it. Take your time deciding what is best for you. The last thing that you want to do is overwhelm yourself by carrying too much on your plate. A job, school and having a social life can be hard to juggle all at once. So make sure the things that you are doing are the things that you want to be doing before you commit to them.

It’s okay to cry over a boy: Especially when you get your heartbroken for the first time. You might feel weak for letting someone pull one over on you like that. You’re not. It’s not your fault. Now you know better what to look out for in the future. Yes, you may get your heartbroken again and again. It’s going to suck. There’s no doubt about it, but one day you will find someone who brings you tears of joy instead of tears that come with pain. You just have to be patient.

Don’t worry too much about love: Sure, it’s okay to want to get married and settle down as soon as possible, but hold off until you are done doing all the amazing things that you can with your life. A husband and kids can wait. There really isn’t a rush. When you graduate be sure to take time to do things for yourself before you start to dedicate yourself to someone else. Travel, see the world, experience things and make money! These are the kinds of things that will make life worth living. And these are the things that will eventually make settling down so much more rewarding.

Be weary of what your heart and head say: They like to cross paths and cause you to be confused a lot. Sometimes you will feel like following your heart and sometimes you will run in the direction your head points you in. You must listen to both at one time. In the end you need to trust, again, what your gut instinct is telling you. Put all three together and you will have your answers. But following just one is never a good idea.

Don’t stress too much about grades: Yes, you should absolutely put your best effort forth, but ruining yourself over grades is such a terrible thing to do. Doing your best is all that life asks out of you. In the end, the slackers and you might end up in the same university anyways.

High school is not forever: Although it may feel that way right now, it’s definitely not. You want to focus on figuring out who you are, without allowing the opinions of your peers to interfere with who you are or who you want to love. Being yourself is the most important thing in life.

Help others: High school can be a vicious place. It can be a place that makes you want to turn your head when others are hurting, but you shouldn’t. Doing things for others will help you to keep perspective on your own troubles, help you to create skills you need as an adult and build confidence in yourself. You will also be helping to do those things with the people that you end up helping. It’s more than worthwhile.

Be your own best friend: People in life will come and go. You will make a friend and lose that friend. This is a pattern destined to be repeated. Nothing in life is permanent. So it’s important to make sure that first and foremost you are your own best friend. It’s crucial that you are there for yourself at all times, because in reality there will not always be someone there by your side cheering you on. Sometimes you will have to do it yourself. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have people to support you, but sometimes it will feel as if you are all alone. That’s when being your own support will really come in handy.

Don’t compromise: On anything. This includes your dignity, your goals or your future. Especially for temporary happiness like crappy relationships or terrible friends.

Love yourself: Always be sure to do this while also putting your mind, as well as your heart to work on doing what you want to do with your life. Don’t let anyone else stand in the way of that.

Family is forever: Boys and friends will come and go. High school will pass. Grades will become nonexistent. Whatever is worrying you will eventually fade away, but your family is always there no matter what you do. They will be there with you until the end.

Remember to have fun: Life is short. Living for the moment is so important because you are never sure whether you’ll get one moment or a thousand before your time is up.

Be your own motivation: But also find someone to look up to and help you through life. Everyone needs a good role model, but don’t forget that depending on yourself for inspiration is the best way to find inspiration at all.

Respect yourself: This is of the utmost importance. The only respect that matters is the respect that you give to yourself on a daily basis. This is where you self esteem will always come from. Not from your parents, not from a boy or a friend. No, the respect that will dictate how you feel everyday for the rest of your life is the respect you create on your own.

Make choices wisely: Because every single choice that you make will have a consequence. Some consequences will be good while others will simply be horrifying. So take everything into careful consideration before moving forward with a choice. It’s going to be important that you do so.



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