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10 Alpha Male Characteristics of Powerful Men


Social interactions between people have been defined and redefined through human history. Alpha males, the stereotypical representations of the leading male figure of a group, have remained relatively stable over the ages. It is important to note that cultural differences are present when describing alpha males.

Alpha males hold a variety of characteristics, many of which can be viewed in a positive or negative light. Because of the subjective nature of these descriptions, it is important to understand that certain attributes are beneficial at certain times. For example, a strong leader is beneficial when tribal warfare is present, but less so when a lazy bully is delegating work on a group project.

We will explore the positive and negative connotations of alpha male characteristics. What matters is a balance of positive and negative traits. For example, the difference between a confident person and an arrogant person is the types of actions that the person takes. Both terms will be used in this article to give a wider understanding of the characteristics.

Alpha Male Characteristics

1. Leader/Autocratic

The quintessential characteristic of an alpha male is leadership or the ability to get others to do what they want them to do. This is normally do to a natural charisma that influences people in subtle ways. An alpha male may choose to direct people into positive action, to develop group dynamics and finish successful projects. Excessive leadership may turn to autocratic behavior, where the alpha male requires and demands that people listen to him.

2. Assertive/Aggressive

This quality allows the alpha male to share his feelings, goals and desires. Normally, it is beneficial to be assertive and willing to give an opinion or thought. This allows the alpha male to directly forge the world that he lives in. However, when an assertive alpha meets a hurdle, they often become aggressive or even mean. This can result in raised voices, posturing and aggressive gestures. This is the main reason why men who have these characteristics are often seem as rude or unkind.

3. Determined/Ambitious

Goals and success are strong drivers of an alpha male. Often times, begin determined is what makes a person extremely successful. This is why many alphas are business owners or are professionals in a difficult career. On the other hand, this determination often devolves into ambition, mostly just for power. When an alpha male begins to seek power for the sake of power, they make begin to use or abuse others for their own personal gain.

4. Competitive/Cruel

Stereotypical alpha males like to be seen as victorious. Because of this, they are often found competing or prizes or glory. Competition may have its place, but when the alpha male begins to lose, they often show their more negative qualities. Cruelty and viciousness can come to the fore when the natural competitive spirit of the individual seems to be at risk of failing. An alpha male should work hard to develop his ability to control his negative side.

5. Charismatic/Deceitful

Charisma is another common trait of alpha males. It is in their nature to be able to charm people, often due to their natural or unnatural good looks. With this attribute, the alpha male often gets his way because he is speaking with people who want to help him reach his goals. When people do not instantly listen to him, he may start speaking in a deceiving manner. He likely has experience talking in a variety of different ways, so be on the lookout for cues to a change in attitude and demeanor.

6. Intelligent/Cunning

Many alphas are intelligent and use their intelligence to serve their own purposes. This trait often manifests in association with leadership or charisma. Because the alpha is communicative, they have excessive experience in speaking in an intelligent way. Those who are not intelligent or who have unacceptable intentions, may choose to follow a path of cunning or subversion. It is not unusual for an alpha to undermine other competitors through intellectual superiority.

7. Athletic/Brutish

The life of an alpha often leads them to be athletic. Sports bring glory, and glory is what many alphas seek. This goal of attention may lead alphas to attempt to become the strongest, fastest and most successful player on a team. This translates into life after education, and they often will be physically inclined throughout their life. Those that choose to follow this route to the extreme often find themselves hiding their inadequacies behind masses of muscle. Choosing excessive exercise over education can turn anyone into a brutish behemoth.

8. Calculative/Cold

Being calculative and strategic is an attribute an an intelligent alpha. Like chess players, alphas often move through the world a few steps ahead of others. When around competition, they often will become cold or shrewd. This defense mechanism helps them counter the ego gained by other alphas. When around people that they see as nonthreatening, they may be cold to reduce interactions with people that they do not want to speak with.

9. Risky/Reckless

An alpha male is a risk taker. Risk taking can be exciting and offer rewarding reputations or rewards. This can make spending time with an alpha enjoyable. However, when risk takers and adrenaline seekers continue to push their limits, they eventually become reckless. This recklessness often is dangerous or outright stupid. Be careful when spending time with a reckless individual, as they often are unsuited for the challenge of helping others who have been hurt.

10. Persistent/Stubborn

The actions of an alpha are taken because they lead to a goal. When those goals are not met, the alpha male continues to strive for those goals. When people get in his way or tell him to change his mind, they simply become obstacles to be hurdled or avoided. This leads many people to describe these men as stubborn or unreasonable. This may be the case, but the alpha has no interest in forsaking the task that he has set in his mind.

Alpha Males Around Men

An alpha male wants to be just that, the alpha male. When around men that exhibit similar behaviors, their good traits often turn into bad traits. This is because the most aggressive and dominant male of the group often is treated as the alpha. This can cause excessive problems in groups of friends, as each person has different goals in mind.

When around men that do not pose a threat to their position in the group, the alpha male often is enjoyable and pleasant. This does not men that he actively thinks that he is better than the people that he is around. It likely means that he is comfortable and does not need to concern himself with maintaining his position.

Alpha Males Around Women

The alpha male is often on the lookout for women to impress. This is probably due to the excessive hormones that are running through his body. He may become aggressive to other men and suggestive to the women. This behavior often brings out negative qualities toward mean and positive qualities toward women. It is not uncommon for alpha men to claim that they are concerned about chivalry and honor.

This approach often pushes women away, especially as the modern woman is no longer looking for a domineering partner. The behaviors exhibited by an alpha male may lead to rejection, and when one is rejected, they often turn into self-destructive spirals. This instability is a sign of an unbalanced partner.

Developing Positive Alpha Male Characteristics

Because people seem to have an interest in becoming an alpha, there is reason to explain possible ways to develop the positive attributes of an alpha male. Many people believe, mostly alphas, that these qualities are natural and not trained, but they would be incorrect.

Intelligence, whether through formal education or street smarts, is due to experience. To gain experience, one should attempt to explore roles in their life that they have not taken before. If taking a class, attempt to pass without flaws. To learn more about common sense, live a life that is more part of the analog world. The digital world is not the proper place to develop the types of intelligence that the stereotypical alpha male has.

Charisma, like intelligence, is developed through practice. Spend more time with strangers and people that you are uncomfortable with. Learning the tones of voice and ways that people speak will help to develop the same skills that make an alpha so successful. In time, the natural adaptation of the mind will help to develop these behaviors.

Strength, the physical hallmark of an alpha male, is trained like intelligence and charisma. Certainly, a gym membership will help any individual develop the muscles that they wish to develop. Sports and other athletic events will help in this regard. Additionally, the excessive hormones that run through the veins of an alpha will be developed in this manner.

Finally, there are many other attributes that can be developed. The ability to handle pain and other unpleasant situations may enhances by developing your constitution. Skills, such a knot tying and athletic prowess, are often supported by practicing dexterity. Of course, wisdom is important, so be certain to learn how to apply intelligence to better adapt to certain situations. To round out everything, try learning how to have quicker reflexes, better willpower, and stronger fortitude.


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