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Angel Kiss Birthmark


New parents may be alarmed when they notice a bright red or pink mark on their new, precious bundle of joy. But angel kiss birthmarks are NOTHING to worry about- and we are here to tell you why.

What is an Angel Kiss Birthmark?

An angel kiss birthmark is basically a small patch on the baby’s skin that is red or pink in color. It is typically found on the eyelids, the nape of the neck, or the forehead- and when the mark is found on the nape of the neck as well as the forehead, it is referred to as a stork bite. You may also hear some individuals call an angel kiss birthmark a ‘salmon patch’. Angel kiss birthmarks are EXTREMELY common and found in plenty of newborn babies.

What causes an Angel Kiss Birthmark?

An angel kiss birthmark is simply just visible blood vessels. When a baby is developing in the womb, blood vessels are pushed up near the skin and are supposed to faded once baby is born, but sometimes these stubborn capillaries hang around a little bit too longer, thus presenting themselves at birth. These blood vessels, which show through a child’s skin, will get darker when the baby is crying or is too warm. The darker hue will fade once baby has calmed down or is less warm. There is nothing you can do to get rid of the birthmark and there is no way to diagnose the birthmark prior to birth.

Will they disappear?

The good news is that most of the time an angel kiss birthmark WILL disappear on its own, usually within the first 2 years of life. However, stork bites on the nape of the neck may sometimes last a lot longer, well into adulthood. This birthmark will typically be hidden by hair, but if the individual still has a pink or red birthmark on the face that is bothersome or not able to be hidden with makeup or hair, you may have options. Visiting your dermatologist is the best option if you’re struggling with an angel kiss birthmark. They may be able to give you some type of cream to help fade the red mark, although it is unlikely that the mark will be removed altogether with this treatment. Your best treatment option is laser treatment which will fade or completely remove the mark.

Do you need a diagnosis?

Any birthmark or skin discoloration on your baby should be checked out by a doctor to ensure there’s nothing wrong with it. However, angel kiss birthmarks are extremely common in newborn babies and your doctor will probably make the diagnosis at the first doctor visit, or ‘well baby check’. They will not need to do any biopsies or anything of that nature to diagnose your child with an angel kiss birthmark; and as we have said before, angel kiss birthmarks are not dangerous and are nothing to worry about.

So when it comes to having a baby and giving birth to your child, if you notice an angel kiss birthmark on your baby, do not fear. These birthmarks are completely harmless and should fade within the first 2 years of life. Your doctor will be able to determine the angel kiss birthmark by the first baby checkup and you will not need any prescriptions or medications to deal with the birthmark.

Were you born with an angel kiss birthmark? Do you still have the mark, or did it fade? At what age did your mark fade? We would love to hear your stories below!


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