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Why Women Get Mad and How to Deal With Angry Women


Too late, you realize that you have made a life-altering mistake. Somehow, something you said made a woman angry, and now you need to know exactly what to do. When a woman gets angry, it can be terrifying. If you are in a relationship with her, your life just took a terrible turn. Now, you have to figure out how to placate your partner. Otherwise, you will be left sleeping on the couch and confused about why you are in the relationship in the first place.

When someone is angry at you, it is natural to get angry in response. After all, you feel like you are in the right. You wouldn’t deliberately do something you thought was wrong or get someone else angry at you. You may fume, yell or rush away in anger. Unfortunately, none of these response will help you learn how to deal with angry women. While your first instinct is to get angry in return, it is the last thing that you should ever do in an argument. Once you respond in anger, you have lost the argument. You can only make your case if you remain calm, so you need to take a deep breath and figure out your next step.

Why Women Get Mad

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Anger is an emotional response. While you can train yourself to control your anger and remain calm, many people do not have this quality. Often, anger happens when the person feels powerless in a situation. They are frustrated and lashing out because they feel helpless and unable to change the situation. There are many reasons why that anger can get started, which means solving the problem is not always easy.

Sometimes, anger happens for a well-deserved reason. If you cheated on her girlfriend, it would be unfair to expect her to be calm and rational. Likewise, standing her up for a date or constantly being late to dates will make her angry, and you deserve for her to be angry at her. In other cases, the reason why she is angry can vary. She may get angry because you were rude to her or do not treat her right. She could also get angry because she wants to be left alone or has an extremely bad day.

Other common reasons why she is angry may be related to the relationship. Her frustration may be because she feels like she doesn’t really have a shot with you and feels upset. She may also get angry if she feels like you do not care for her or love her as much as she cares for you.

Some of these reasons are easily managed if you can figure out the exact cause. If you are just learning how to have a relationship, don’t try to guess at the cause. Ask her why she is upset and what you can do. If she is emotionally mature, she will tell you why she is angry. It is important that you listen to her carefully and recognize her feelings. Even if it seems like she is angry for no real reason, the reason feels real to her. You have to accept her feelings and her reasoning because nothing is worse than your lover dismissing your feelings as irrational or wrong. Once you understand the cause, you can start figuring out a solution to it.

How to Deal With Angry Women

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There are many reasons why women get mad and how to deal with angry women varies depending on the cause. We will cover the most common causes and how to address them.

1. You Did Something Wrong

No one likes to be at fault, so this is a hard one to admit to yourself. Sometimes, you did something wrong that made her angry. You might not even realize what you did wrong. Perhaps you forgot to call her because you were busy all weekend. Maybe you haven’t been showing enough attention or forgot an important date. If you have been dating for a while, you may have done something that annoys her that you have talked about together before.

The cause doesn’t matter; your actions do. At this point, your first step is to patiently listen to her and hear her side of the story. Don’t jump in and defend yourself. You can defend yourself after you have listened to her. The first step is to understand her side and make sure she feels like you are listening and understanding her.

When you do start to say your side of things, start with sentences like, “I’m sorry that you feel ____. I didn’t realize that you would feel this way, and I really did not mean for it to happen. I just thought ____.” If you are at fault, admit it. Good relationships are based on honesty, and good men own up to their mistakes. Plus, she is more likely to forgive you and move on if you recognize the role you played and want to make amends.

Once you have explained your side without making her angrier (good luck!), you two can begin to discuss a solution. Ask her what she wants to see going forward and the type of behavior that would make her happy. Then, tell her what you can do to fix the problem. Once you decide on a solution, make sure that you follow through and actually do it, or you will make her even more upset later on.

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2. You Do Not Care Enough

Many relationships exist where one partner loves more than the other. The best way to handle this is at the start of the relationship. If you are only looking for a fling or a casual relationship, make sure that you tell her that. She still might fall for you later, but you can justly tell her that she knew that you were not completely available.

Make sure that your actions support what you say. If you tell her you only want a sexual relationship and invite her to meet your parents, she is naturally going to assume that you changed your mind. Don’t be a jerk, but you should also avoid giving her unrealistic expectations about the relationship. If you don’t want a committed relationship, tell her that and make sure that your actions support what you say.

In this type of scenario, a woman gets angry for three main things.

– You told her what you want, but she wants to change the relationship and is upset that you don’t.

– You were not clear on what you want, so she is frustrated because you are not living up to her expectations.

– You were clear on what you want, but you did not follow through on that.

In the first situation, be unyielding in the argument while remaining compassionate. You told her what you want and acted on it. It is her fault for expecting more than you can give. If she has to break up with you, then that is her choice. Stick to your guns.

In the second situation, you need to clarify your situation. You were not clear before, so her anger is entirely your fault. She thought you might want more or something different, so you need to calmly tell her what you expected. If she is angry, it is entirely understandable, so be as empathetic as possible.

In the last situation, be compassionate and comfort her. Explain why you did not follow through or what changed in the relationship. Make clear about what she can expect from the relationship. In the future, you will have to make sure that you stick to what you said so that she does not end up confused or frustrated.

3. She Had a Bad Day

It is natural for people to get upset when they had a bad day. It seems like nothing went right, and she arrives home with the hope that you will brighten her day. If you play video games or ignore her, then she will turn all of her anger and frustration from the day on you. To have a healthy relationship, both partners have to learn how to read the other’s emotions and respond to them quickly.

When you sense that she has had a bad mood, ask her if she wants to talk about it. See if you can do something like a massage, a foot rub or cooking dinner. If you are proactive in this situation, she won’t get angry at you at all. Instead, she will see you as her peaceful refuge from the rest of the world.

Why Women Get Mad and How to Deal With Angry Women

Never, ever get angry in response. If a woman is frustrated and angry, take time to really listen to you. Unless she is accusing you of something that you did not do, there is no point in getting angry. Keep your composure, listen to her and then calmly explain your side of things. If this results in a break up, then that is fine. There is no reasons to become angry or escalate the fight because you can solve the problem by just talking. If she is violent or emotionally unstable, then you should break up with her anyway because she is not the type of person that you should bother dating.


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