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70 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends


Sending wishes to someone on their anniversary needs to be heartfelt and uplifting. A wedding anniversary is an important milestone in anyone’s life, that’s just common knowledge. You don’t want to make it seem dull, unkind or insincere. If you don’t have time to think of something on your own, find you’re not really good with words or need to put a little more heart into your wishes then we have the perfect list for you. Here are 60-70 wedding anniversary wishes that you can send to your friends on their special day:

Happy anniversary my dear friends! Sending the two of you many bright blessings on this wonderful day!

I wish only good things to come on this glorious day. A beautiful reminder of the perfect day when you got married. Never for a minute have you let your love fade. You, my friends, are the real inspiration for true love.

Marriage is much more than just a piece of paper. It’s about loyalty, understanding, compassion and faith. You are the shining example of this! Congratulations on your anniversary.

What a beautiful twist of fate that you both stumbled into each others lives. I am sending you all my love on this amazing day!

I don’t think anyone makes love look easier than you both do! Congratulations on another happy year together and many more to come.

Every moment you have shared together has been full of beauty and romance. Wishing you many more lovely moments to come. Happy anniversary!

It takes time to build the kind of relationship that’s almost entirely perfect. You seemed to have done it all in one year! Happy wedding anniversary.

The two of you give me incredible hope that real love exists for anyone. May your love continue to shine on and on. Please accept my congrats on this special day.

I am so elated to hear your vows have rang true since day one! Following through on them can be difficult, but you’ve made it look like a breeze. Happiest of wishes on this happy day of your wedding anniversary.

Marriage is extremely tough and full of mistakes, but you’ve made it seem flawless. Many blessed wishes on this day to you both!

Life is full of many surprises… Good and bad. It’s full of sadness and hardship. It’s also full of happiness, laughter and love. I believe your marriage will continue to project the latter of these things. Congratulations on making it another year and happy anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to two of my greatest friends. Finding your soulmate is the greatest blessing in life. I’m so happy that you have found each other.

I wanted to wish a very happy anniversary to you today. My heart warms every single time I think of the amazing love you two share. I hope for it to continue to grow and triumph, even many years from now.

They say that loving someone is the greatest treasure you ask for. I hope you cherish your treasure until the end of time. I hope your days are filled with ultimate goodness. Happy wedding anniversary to you.

Not only are you lovers, but you are best friends. That makes it even more magical. What a beautiful life you will continue to lead together. Wishing you a very wonderful wedding anniversary.

There isn’t a single soul who can see the future, but I have a feeling the two of you will never part ways. Your love is too powerful for that to ever happen. I am wishing you the best today as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Your love for each other is of the utmost intensity. Anyone who glances at you can feel it in their bones. That’s how fierce is it. Congrats on today, the day of your wedding anniversary. May your love continue to burn brighter and brighter each second.

When you get married you learn to overcome any obstacle as a team. You two make the most perfect team I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon. Happy anniversary to two of my most loved friends!

It is an absolute treat to be able to send you happy anniversary wishes today, my friends. It has been a lovely experience  to witness your love flourish year after year. Here’s to many more coming!

Counting on each other through all of life’s up and downs is such an important thing in any good marriage. I’m glad that the two of my best friends can count on each other no matter what. Best regards and happy anniversary.

Happiest and warmest wishes are being sent to you today. What a beautiful day to celebrate with the love of your life. A wedding is something to be remembered for ever with special anniversaries. It is the best day of your life and you can relive it every year. Congratulations.

Congratulations are in order. Here’s to a day full of celebrating an undefeated love. Happy wedding anniversary. I’m wishing you a beautiful day. Sincerely, your good friend.

I’m so proud to call such a precious couple my friends. You make married life look like nothing but smooth sailing. Happy wedding anniversary.

Patient, kind, honest, amazing… These are all words that describe you and your spouse. The love you share is undeniably wonderful. Sending warm wishes on your wedding anniversary today!

You would win the  “perfect marriage” award if there was one, my friends. You would be the first pick in a heartbeat, that I’m sure of. Congratulations on making it a year! It’s just the beginning in your beautiful journey together. Happy anniversary.

When you first met, no one had the slightest idea that your love would prevail at any cost. Sending sweet thoughts your way as you celebrate your wedding anniversary today.

There will always be times where you feel like giving up. But as long as you can rely on each other to keep one another motivated, your love will remain unbreakable. Happy anniversary day of your wedding. May you continue to prosper and love ‘til death do you part.

True couples will always lift each other up no matter what the situation. Just like you two do. Happy wedding anniversary my dearest friends.

I remember when you’d sworn off love forever. When you believed romance was impossible. Look at you now, friend! Many years later, you are here with the love of your life. Happy one year anniversary!

If anyone truly deserves happiness, it’s you. I’ve never met two people more deserving of love in my entire life. Watching the two of you before you found each other was like watching a train-wreck happen. Now here you are back on track and happier than ever. Congratulations on one year of marriage!

Happy wedding anniversary to two amazing people. I wish you a beautiful, long and stress-free life together. One full of pure joy and love every day. Best wishes, [name].

One year ago, your promised to care for each other until the end of time. Congrats on making it past the first milestone! Happiest anniversary wishes on this beautiful day.

Dearest friends, I’m happy to be by your side to celebrate this wedding anniversary with you. Nothing gives me more hope for love than watching the two of you grow. You are truly an inspiration to romance.

On this wonderful day, I’m sending all of my love. A wedding is never forgotten, as long as the love still thrives. Since you are thriving more than ever, I thought I’d wish you a happy anniversary.

What a year! Full of the sweetest of emotions and wonderful passion! It’s a beautiful thing to find the perfect partner. Happy wedding anniversary to the most perfect couple I know.

Wonderful wishes to you on this spectacular day of pure happiness and light. A wedding anniversary is nothing to pass over. Happy anniversary and may each day is full of laughter, love and loyalty.

Nothing is more important that celebrating the love you share with someone. Anniversaries are beautiful reminders of the best moments of your life. Here’s to a happy one and tons still on their way.

Happy wedding anniversary! What a fabulous day to celebrate. Please let me know the secret to maintaining such an indestructible love. How do you still seem so head over heels, even after all this time? It’s quite compelling! With love, [name].

The love you have is the kind you dream about in fairy-tales. It’s the type of love you see on the movie screen or read in a book. How blessed you are to have that type of love. Happy wedding anniversary to a magical couple.

May your happiness remain until the world stops turning. May your love conquer anything it’s path. May your kisses stay filled with fire and your laughter stay true. Happy wedding anniversary!

How many tears shed? How many laughs shared? How many hugs given? Being married is a special thing, with no amount of effort left behind. Happy anniversary! May you share many more moments, whether easy or difficult, in the future.

You have toughed it out battled each and every moment together with one of the fiercest loves I’ve ever seen. May you continue to be warriors together. Happy anniversary and best wishes on this intimate day.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage! Here’s to your wedding anniversary and the bun in your oven! May your new family live a life full of warmth. Your dearest friend, [name].

When I look at the love you share I see nothing but true desire. Finding the perfect one isn’t easy to do, but I’m happy you did it! That way I can keep wishing you a happy anniversary as you celebrate the day you had your wedding each year.

May the love between you bring tons of joy. And may that joy be something no one can destroy. Happy wedding anniversary!

From strangers to friends and from friends to spouses… A beautiful timeline of events. Here’s to another happy year spent in the married life. Happy anniversary!

The nourish a love like your is such a grand feeling. I hope you continue to appreciate every minute. Happy wedding anniversary!

Watching the two of you grow a beautiful family has been such a pleasure! I am absolutely green with envy that your marriage has prospered so much. Happy anniversary, friends, may you continue to find happiness in the life you’ve built.

The darkest of times was before you two connected. Now life is full of sunshine and brighter than ever. I hope you have a great time celebrating the day you got married. Happy anniversary!

May you marriage continue to blossom like the most beautiful flower. May your cups always keep flowing, your home always warm and your hearts always beating for each other. Happy anniversary to two of my sweetest friends.

May your love never fade no matter how long you’ve been married. May everyday feel like the first day of your honeymoon. May you remain newlyweds for eternity. Best wishes to you and yours as  you celebrate your marriage today. Happy anniversary.

I still remember the first time you talked about your first date. Now here you are, many years later and celebrating a marriage anniversary. Sending my best regards on this glorious day.

May sunshine always break out to shed a light of understanding on any mistakes you make. May it bring warmth to every dark, rainy moment. May the aftermath bring a rainbow to display your love in a marriage as limitless as yours. Happy anniversary friends.

Happy wedding anniversary. Although years may continue to past, let your love always last. Your friend, [name].

I hope you wake up each day with smiles and giggles. I hope that each day grants you the opportunities you desire. Happy anniversary of your wedding.

The greatest blessing known to man is a one true, romance. Finding the perfect match is no easy task and can take time. I am glad you waited patiently to find each other. Look at the joy your patience has ultimately brought you. Happy wedding anniversary to my best of friends. May you celebrate one every year with triumph and satisfaction.

The wrinkles on your face don’t signify age, they only highlight how your marriage has stood the test of time. May you continue to love one another until your last breath. With love and blessings, happy anniversary.

There is nothing in this world that is truly perfect. However, your marriage is about as close as it gets. Happy anniversary. Sending my love.

Your love is one as deep as the sea, as powerful as a hurricane and as strong as the biggest boat to ever sail. Happy anniversary dearest friends. May many more arrive with pleasure.

It takes only a split second to fall in love, but an entire lifetime to prove it was true. Happy anniversary.

Congratulations on the toughest marriage I know of! Who knew my two greatest friends were meant to be together? May you celebrate the memory of your wedding with grandeur and contentment.

They should throw festivals in honor of your marriage, so everyone can see what true happiness looks like. Happy anniversary to you on this beautiful day.

How amazing it was of you to nurture your love into something so big and warm. Let’s all raise a glass to this amazing bond between two wonderful souls. Happy anniversary, from all of us. Cheers!

Marital bliss is not easy to achieve, but you made it look effortless. Time and time again your love never fails. It is a romance for the history books. Happy anniversary, may you celebrate with passion!

Anniversaries are days meant to look back fondly on all of your greatest memories. They are days filled with pride, celebration and pure heartfelt happiness. Congratulations on another year with your soulmate.

One day a year is not enough to celebrate all the glory of your marriage, but we will have to do our best! Have a fantastic anniversary day.

A passionate adventure, a beautiful escape, an epic journey, a heavenly ride… These all perfectly describe your destiny as a married couple. Wishing you a great time on this, the day of your wedding anniversary.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve been married, 5, 20 or even 50 years to celebrate such a beautiful milestone in your life. Each year is just as precious as the last and will continue to be unless your love fades away. Have a very special anniversary, from me to you.

Dear friends, even though difficult times have come, circumstances grew grim and you’ve faced tough times… You have proven that your marriage can rise from the ashes of any situation. Happy anniversary.

Your relationship was built on the strongest foundation, the sweetest words and the most mesmerizing bond. Happy anniversary.  


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