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Aquarius Woman in Love


An Aquarius woman in love is known as one of the most independent of all of the zodiac signs. While she loves socializing with intelligent, fun people, she is confident enough to enjoy her alone time as well. She has a reputation for being a loner, but this is only because she doesn’t need people to be happy. She is more than happy to go off on her latest adventure alone if no one is willing to go along with her.

This quirky, fun sign has plenty of admirers. In mythology, the Aquarius is represented by the visionary archetype. She has a need for freedom and independence. This means that she may be reluctant to settle down, although she is capable of deep, lasting love. She just has a more unconventional take on life, and she is not willing to settle for a lover who does not spice up her life.

Aquarius women Traits In Love

Overview of an Aquarius Woman in Love

An Aquarius woman in love sees past the masks and facades of the world. When she watches a fluffy, mushy rom-com, she never thinks that that type of love is real. She knows that the Hollywood romances are just a fantasy and wants the real thing. Her unconventional attitude means that she is the last one you would ever find in a storybook romance. He wants a lover who will follow her on any adventure and allow her complete freedom. Love is a meeting of minds, and she needs an equal to balance her.

The Aquarius woman is known for having strong humanitarian instincts. When she sees someone in need, she feels obligated and driven to help them. This can be difficult for her partner because it seems like she has time to help everyone except her lover. The success of a relationship can often hinge on whether you support her in her humanitarian endeavors or hold her back.

When it comes to showing affection for others, an Aquarius woman is not prone to public displays of affection. She feels uncomfortable by openly displaying her affection, and she probably won’t be the person who says “I love you” first. She assumes that you will know how she feels by her actions, and she is not going to profess her love for you unless she is 100 percent sure that she in love. Since it can take her time to realize her love for you, be patient.

An Aquarius Woman in a Relationship

When it comes to a relationship, an Aquarius woman will seem like a die-hard flirt. When she finds an interesting person, the first thing she wants to do is talk to them. Often, she does not even realize that she is flirting. Because of her reputation as a flirt, many people do not realize how capable the Aquarius woman is of deep, lasting love.

This isn’t to say that she won’t flirt when she is in a relationship. In most cases, she won’t even realize she is doing it. An Aquarius woman needs a partner who realizes that her chatty attitude is just her personality and not some deeper problem.

When you are dating an Aquarius woman, you can expect a life filled with adventures and fun. She wants to try everything once and experience everything that life has to offer. If you like to stay home and watch Netflix on the weekends, you probably want to find a different partner. She might hang around for a while, but she will eventually grow bored. An Aquarius woman wants a relationship that gives her room to grow and fun adventures. If she feels like you are tying you down, she will cut her losses and move on.

Downsides of an Aquarius Woman

In romance, an Aquarius woman marches to the beat of her own drum. It isn’t that she doesn’t have rules; her rules are just the ones made by herself. She does not live by society’s idea of what is right or wrong. While she will never do anything that she thinks is wrong, this does not mean that she will follow anyone else’s rules. She follows her own intuition and passions in life. For her lover, this can be difficult because you expect one thing, but she does another. Even when you try to change her mind, she will most likely stick to her guns.

Another negative is her tendency to just move on. If she feels restless or suffocated in a relationship, she develops an uncontrollable urge to leave. Unfortunately, she does not always do this the right way. She knows that the relationship needs to end, but she is afraid of harming you with a break up. Instead of just ending things cleanly, she might engage in an infidelity to prompt the break up. The good news? As long as you are adventurous and interesting, you don’t have to worry about this.

Last, an Aquarius woman always needs to have her freedom. She is completely unwilling to be held down in her relationship. She is independent, and she needs to do what she wants at times. If you do not give her enough space, she will fly away from you. As long as you give her her freedom, you won’t have much of a problem.

The Right Man for an Aquarius Woman in Love

When it comes to a partner, the Aquarius woman needs someone who is fun and interested in going on adventures with her. She cannot tolerate a partner who is needy, clingy or pushy in any way. If she feels like you are constraining her or holding her back from her dreams, she will move on without giving you another thought. She wants a man who is charming and intelligent like she is.

This all adds up to an unconventional, enjoyable relationship. Your Aquarius woman needs a partner who is her equal intellectually, socially and physically. She is sociable, but confident enough to be on her own as well. When she loos for a mate, she will also want a man who has these qualities. Are you willing to go on adventures with her? Are you able to spend time alone at home while she is off saving the world? As long as you have a good sense of confidence and independence, you might be just the man the Aquarius woman is looking for.

An Aquarius Woman in the Bedroom

“Boring” is the last thing anyone would say about the Aquarius woman. It might take her a little while to get comfortable with you, but you are in for some fun once she opens up. Once she can relax around you, she will be willing to try new positions, exciting locations and fun ideas for your lovemaking. Don’t stick to missionary style forever because she wants to spice things up.

An Aquarius Woman in a Nutshell

This woman is charming, captivating and truly interesting. She is known as a deep thinker who is in a constant process of re-inventing herself. If you let her, the Aquarius woman will open your mind to the world and give you new ideas to think about. Brave, brilliant and generous, her heart is just as large as her ambitions. She is the warm-hearted woman that makes for a loving partner if you can convince her to settle down.


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