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Aries Woman in Love


The Ram is the catalyst of the zodiac chart. As the first zodiac sign, she is the one who jumps headlong into the year and charges ahead. An Aries woman in love is filled with enthusiasm and an eager nature. She has a naturally ambitious attitude and quickly works to accomplish all of her goals. At work, she is the person who kick-starts a new project and leads the way. This fearless leader loves challenges and is full of energy. People are naturally drawn to the Aries woman because of her dynamic personality and charisma.

Aries Women Traits In Love

This is one zodiac sign that loves challenges and adventures. She wakes up as the sun rises each day just to get a head start on everything that she wants to accomplish. If she had her way, each day would be filled with exciting, rewarding events. An Aries woman is playful and loves to find thrilling events to fill her days. Like other fire signs, the Aries is full of passion. She loves to be the seductress in any game of love and enjoys a chase. She needs a partner who is equally passionate, interesting and strong, or she will quickly lose interest. For an Aries to stay in a relationship, she needs to meet her equal in the sheets and in the streets. Since she likes to get her own way, you can expect more than a few arguments along the way.

An Aries Woman in Love

An Aries woman loves adventures and new things. Because of this, she is the woman who goes where no one has gone before. Don’t be surprised if the Aries woman is the one who makes the first move. You probably won’t even realize it. She is charming and mesmerizing when she is at the top of her game. Other people find her to be intriguing and love to be the focus of her intense personality.

Don’t expect to be her only conquest because an Aries loves to play the game of love. She loves to flirt and is often accused of being too flirtatious. Don’t hate on her too much though because she is the type of woman who knows what she wants. When she finds the perfect partner, she will challenge you and make a move. Known for being a person of extremes, she makes the world a more colorful vibrant place.

When an Aries woman is in a relationship, she loves being the focus of your entire attention. She likes to be caressed and romanced. While she might come on strong at first, she has a vulnerable side that few people see. She might not have time to thank you for it, but she does notice and remember all of your kind gestures.

Jealousy and possessiveness is a turnoff to an Aries woman. She hates to be possessed or controlled by the person that she is with. The Aries woman in love likes to have her freedom and independence. If she feels restrained, she will leave the relationship and move on to someone who gives her the space she needs. At the same time, she can be jealous at times. This jealousy generally stems from insecurities, so it only takes a little love and reassurance to put her on an even keel again.

If you have managed to entice an Aries woman, you are quite lucky. The hard part is keeping her attention. Since she likes excitement and thrilling adventures, she is not going to stick around for a partner who would rather spend the weekend napping. She wants to experience the world and everything that it has to offer. An Aries woman is more than capable of living independently. If you do not go along for her adventures, you will find out just how independent she can be when she disappears one day.

This fiery sign is active and assertive. She has a competitive streak and likes to win. At the same time, she tends to treat everyone as her equal unless they prove to be otherwise. She is also quite direct and straightforward in life.

The Downsides to the Aries Woman

An Aries woman in love might be fun and seductive, but there are downsides as well. At times, she can be too direct. It seems like “tact” is not in an Aries’ vocabulary. While she might be too direct at times, her approach can be endearing at times.

Another common problem with an Aries is her difficulty in understanding others’ needs. She is independent, confident and highly capable. She thinks that other people are her equals, so it confounds her when other people cannot do the same things as her. When others fail, she is at a loss. She is so driven that she can accomplish almost anything, so it is impossible for her to understand when other people can’t.

When it comes to settling down, good luck. An Aries woman can settle down, but she won’t settle for just anyone. She wants a partner who is exciting. She loves the thrill of the hunt and the chase, so she finds it difficult to give up her fun in exchange for a stable, committed relationship. You have to be quite special to make her commit. Once she is committed though, you don’t have to worry about her.

The Right Partner for an Aries Woman

When it comes to an Aries, opposites do not attract. She needs a partner who likes adventures as much as she does. More importantly, she needs someone who has a strong character like her. If you are full of excuses or show too much weakness, she will immediately realize that you are not the person for her. She wants someone who has a backbone and a desire to accomplish things in life. It is safe to say that empathy is not her strong point. She has climbed Everest to accomplish her dreams, so she will never truly understand why other people cannot just do the same.

Since she is so straightforward, she is not well-suited for an overly sensitive partner. A Pisces, for example, is generally not the best option. People who are intuitive and feel things deeply will find themselves at a loss when confronted by the Aries’ blunt, tactless attitude. While her personality is quite endearing and possesses a charming naivete at times, it is not for everyone.

The best partner is someone who is as passionate and enthusiastic as she is. If you like adventures and trying new things, then the Aries woman in love might be the right person for you.

An Aries Woman in the Bedroom

Get ready for the time of your life! As you might expect, this seductress is a tiger in the bedroom. She loves the thrill of seducing you and getting you into bed. Skip the traditional gender stereotypes because an Aries is in a class of her own. She is willing to try sex in unusual places or with kinky toys. She might not want to try it twice, but she is generally game for trying anything once. Eroticism and passion are extremely important to her. The only thing potentially more important is your ability to keep up with her intense, mesmerizing energy in the bedroom.


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