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Aura Colors and Their Meanings


Every living thing on earth gives off a special color, also known as an ‘aura’. This is because living things emit energy, and this energy gives off a special color that can only be seen by gifted individuals and healers who are specifically trained to see auras. Our auras are important because they contain a mass amount of information about ourselves, including what we are thinking, how we are feeling, what dreams we have, and what others feel about us. Every color has its own meaning and knowing what your color says about you is important to leave more about yourself and understand what areas of your life may need fixing.

Aura Colors

There is a variety of colors when it comes to auras, and everyone will have a variety of different shades when it comes to their auras. And while no one will have a single color in their aura, it’s not uncommon to have one main color that’s surrounded by less vibrant hues. We are going to break down the colors and their meanings:

Rainbow: Rainbows are not seen very often, and can be described as a burst of a multitude of colors that resemble an actual rainbow. Rainbow colors are typically only seen in healers and other who are trained to work with energy forces.

White: A white aura is known to represent newness as well as purity. These type of auras are commonly found in very spiritual individuals, such as a pastor or priest, and have been said to be seen around angels in history. It can also represent an individual who is getting ready to ascend to another realm.

Black: When black is seen in your aura, it has highly negative connotations. A black aura means that you are holding on to a lot of negative feelings and you have not forgiven someone- you’re likely holding on to a grudge. This may also represent that there is a certain disease in your body. When having black auras, it would be best to look inside yourself and see what negative feelings you’re holding on to that you need to let go, and you may also want to see a doctor to find out if you have any diseases.

Gray: A gray aura simply means that you are unable or don’t want to trust anyone.

Brown: Brown auras represent an individual that can’t let go of something and someone who is afraid of sharing their true selves with others.

Silver: A bright shade of silver means that you are physically healthy and strong and you have a deep spiritual connection/

Gold: Gold means that you have angels surrounding you and protecting you at all times.

Bright Yellow: You have a fun loving nature about you and you go after what you really want.

Dark Yellow: This aura is mostly found in students who are struggling to achieve their goals. They are tired of studying but still stress themselves to get the best grades.

Lemon Yellow: Lemon yellow represents loss, whether it’s a death in the family, the loss of an important job, or loss in health.

Pale Yellow: You are excited for the future and have plenty of hope in what may come to be.

Bright Orange: With this shade, you are sending off an aura that shows you are in great health and having an amazing, happy life. You’re enjoying all aspects of life and have probably overcome something substantial, such as an addiction.

Orange/Red: This combination of orange and red means that you are very confident in yourself.

Orange/Yellow: With a blend of orange and yellow, you let off that you have a very scientific mind and tend to be a perfectionist. You enjoy the struggle of a difficult project and love to challenge your mind in every aspect.


Dark Red: You can survive any challenge against all odds.

Bright Red: You are a very passionate individual in all aspects, whether it’s sexual or in a competition.

Foggy Red: A foggy shade of red represents your deep anger towards someone or something.

Dark Pink: Dark shades of pink indicates a very immature individual that lies regularly.

Pink: A pink aura simply means that you are a very loving individual and enjoy nice things in life. A lot of pink surrounding your aura can indicate that you are in love with someone.

Royal Blue: This aura means that you’re a very giving and generous individual who may be clairvoyant.

Dark Blue: You’re very uncertain of your future.

Light Blue: You are a truthful individual who will go far in all aspects of life that pertain to communication.

Forest Green: Healer.

Yellow/Green: This blend of colors is reserved for those who are great communicators, such as a writer or musician, even someone in the sales field.

Dark Green: You are a jealous individual who never wants to take responsibility for what you’ve done in life.

Turquoise: Strong healers, typically found in doctors.

Violet: You are typically someone who dreams about changing the world and you have the power to do so.

Indigo: With this aura, you are able to see into other worlds and are very wise.


Now that you know about aura colors and their meaning you may want to visit a healer or someone who is trained to see auras to discover what your colors say about you. You may learn something new and exciting about yourself, or you may find out that there are certain things in your life you need to change and fix.

It certainly is very exciting to discover your aura and learn about auras and their meanings. Now we have to ask: have you ever been told about your auras? What were your auras? Share your experiences with us below!


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