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100 Baby Duck Names


Ducks are by far one of the best pets out there. They are adorable, personable and easy to care for. Plus, you can even eat duck eggs. While they require special care, these pets are also a lot of fun. If you plan on getting a pet duck, make sure to brainstorm some duck names for your new pet. Ranging from cute to funny, these names are perfect for starting your name hunt.

1. Ducky: This naming option might be a little too obvious.
2. Duchess: Use this for a female duck.
3. Turducken: This name does not bode well for the duck’s longevity.
4. Daffy Duck: This is a famous cartoon duck!
5. Twinkie: This would be an adorable option for a rubber duck.
6. Charlemagne: This would be an awesome name for a duck.
7. Peach: This would be ideal for a female duck.
8. Echo: This name is absolutely adorable.
9. Huey: This is Donald Duck’s nephew.
10. Bubbles: Bubbles is one of my favorite duck names.
11. Caesar: This is another fun name for a pet duck.
12. Fleur: In French, this name means flower.
13. Christie Beakley: You can’t go wrong with this duck name!
14. Duck Dodger: Cute!
15. Goldilocks: Perfect for a golden duck.
16. Bob: This would work for a male duck.
17. Hazel: A sweet option for a female duck.
18. Quack Attack: Awesome!
19. Dewey: This is another one of Donald Duck’s nephews.
20. Quackerjack: Clever!
21. Saxon: You can’t go wrong with this duck name.
22. Cleopatra: Another great choice for a female duck.
23. Fowl Play: Perfect for a duck who is always getting into trouble.
24. Daphne Duck: You can’t go wrong with this duck name.
25. Squeakers: Great for a duck who squeaks more than he quacks.
26. Hunter: This name is a bit ironic for a duck.
27. Tutu: A great option for a female duck.
28. Mallory: Adorable!
29. Louie: This is the last of Donald Duck’s nephews.
30. Banana: Ideal for a banana-colored duck.
31. Alfred: I love this male duck name.
32. Pansy: Flower names are always a great choice for duck names.
33. Foie Gras: Uh-oh.
34. Plucky Duck: Fun!
35. Splash: Perfect for a duck who loves to swim.
36. Captain: Another cute option.
37. Genevieve: This is a fun option for a duck.
38. Seducktive: This is an amusing, clever option.
39. Scrooge McDuck:
40. Suds: Use this for a duck who is always in the water.

41. Scotch: A fun option for a male duck.
42. Lilac: Another duck name that comes from a flower.
43. Aflac: This would be an excellent duck name.
44. Donald Duck: This is a popular cartoon duck.
45. Daisy Duck:
46. Copper: This is a great choice for a male duck.
47. Precious: This would be an excellent duck name to go with.
48. Duck Norris: This is such a clever option.
49. Periwinkle: This is an adorable name for a duck.
50. Blubber: Perfect for a chubby duck!
51. Snowflake: This would be ideal for a white-colored duck.
52. Gordo: If your duck is on the chubby side, then this name would make perfect sense.
53. Opal: Cute!
54. Ducktape: Nice one.
55. Swimmer: An excellent option for a duck who is talented at swimming.
56. Ruffles: You can’t go wrong with this duck name.
57. Submarine: Another great option for a duck who loves to swim.
58. Vlad: This would be an excellent name for a duck.
59. Holly: This would be a pretty duck name for a female duck.
60. Sitting Duck: A sitting duck is never a good thing to be.
61. Ollie: This is one of the best duck names.
62. Plucker: Perfect for a plucky duck.
63. Waddles: For a duck who has an adorable waddle.
64. Beatrice:: This is a fun duck name for a girl.
65. Bellamy: You can’t go wrong with this duck name.

66. Eggspresso: This is a clever option.
67. Jelly Bean: This is certainly a cute name.
68. Dory: An excellent name for a girl duck!
69. Rupert: Adorable!
70. Bill: Because ducks have bills.
71. Snickers: This is a jolly-sounding duck name.
72. Raisin: This is a fun choice for a duck.
73. Dillard: A great name for a male duck.
74. Lame Duck: Poor duck!
75. Honeydew: This is a cute option.
76. River: Fun!
77. Duncan: This sounds like a true duck name.
78. Duckbeak: This is a cute, clever name for a duck.
79. Webby: Adorable.
80. Marigold: Another great flower name that doubles as a duck name.
81. Hedge: Cute!
82. Webster: I love this duck name.
83. Marshmallow: An adorable option for a white duck.
84. Charlotte: Use this name for a girl duck.
85. Finn: This is a simple, fun name for a duck.
86. Fowlball: Clever!
87. Puddles: This is a fun choice.
88. Penny: This is a sweet name for a female duck.
89. Admiral: This is another great name for a duck.
90. Flamingo: You will probably give your duck a complex if you give him this name.
91. Snowball: A great name for an all white duck.
92. Gretchen: This is such an adorable duck name.
93. Dudley: This would be a very formal name for a male duck.
94. Quacker: This is an obvious choice.
95. Feathers: This would be a creative choice.
96. Molly: A simple, adorable duck name.
97. Baxter: Use this for a male duck.
98. Drake: Nice one!
99. Harper: This is one of the duck names you could use for a male or female duck.
100. Runner: Perfect for a duck who loves to run everywhere.

There are countless ducks in cartoons and films who would also be great duck names. Try looking at your duck and thinking about his or her personality. Is he super sociable or a shy duck? Does he love to swim? Sometimes, you can use these character traits as a part of the duck’s name. The color or breed of the duck also work pretty well. Don’t feel too limited by just duck-related names though. There is no reason why you can’t use your favorite names for your duck. If we missed out on any of your favorite duck names, make sure to leave a comment at the bottom with all of your top options.


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