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50 Bad Boy Names For Baby


Girls love a bad boy, so it might not be that surprising that some parents want to find a bad boy name for their child. They may want to raise a rebel or a trendsetter. Or, they might want a name that conveys a certain counterculture element. Whatever the case, we have 50 bad boy names for baby to get you started on your search.

50 Bad Boy Names for Baby

1. Rocco

Rocco is certainly a tough sounding name for a baby boy. While you do not hear this name fairly often, it is actually the 423rd most popular name. It was also the name of the child of Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

2. Ranger

Ranger is certainly an unusual name. It actually means forest guardian, which is probably why park rangers got their name. We think it certainly has a baby boy ring to it.

3. Shooter

Shooter is quickly becoming a trendy name. It was the nickname of the husband of Drea DeMatteo, Waylon Jennings Junior. It was also the name of the son of Julian Schnabel.

4. Jett

We think that Jett is the perfect name for a baby boy. It is a name that conjures up the sounds of hard rock and heavy metal. It is also the name of a semi-precious stone that is black in color.

5. Buck

Buck is a name that dates back to the 18th century. It is often used as a nickname for a young man. Technically, a buck is a male deer.

6. Buster

Buster was the name of a character in a children’s cartoon, but we also think that this would be a quirky, unusual name for a baby boy.

7. Stone

Stone is a hard, hip sounding name that makes you think of the trendy magazine, Rolling Stone.

8. Rowdy

Rowdy was once a term used to describe a lawless backwoodsman. While this would certainly be a bad boy name, don’t be surprised if you end up having a baby that is too tough and lawless to handle.

9. Fox

Fox is certainly an unusual sounding name. Fox was the first name of a man character in the X-Files, but it also has a long tradition of being used as a baby name. If you like short, one-syllable name, this is a good option to choose.

10. Axel

Axel is such a trendy, hip name. While it technically means father of peace, it is probably more famous as the name of the Guns N’ Roses, Axel Rose.

11. Brendan

We love this bad boy name. It actually comes from a Gaelic name that means brave, which is a good meaning for a baby boy’s name.

12. Gunner

Gunner is more often heard as a nickname, but it could be a name as well. This name is said to mean a bold warrior, and it is growing more popular in recent years.

13. Power

The meaning of this name is fairly straightforward. We think it would be an unusual name for a boy, but not a bad one.

14. Striker

Striker is super macho, aggressive and hip. The name has a certain rough and tumble quality to it.

15. Wilder

Wilder is certainly a name that we think is perfect for a bad boy. This name actually hit the top 100 list this year. It is said to mean to cause to lose one’s way.

16. Breaker

Breaker is another name that is perfect for a bad boy in the making.

17. King

While this is a bad boy name, it also has a good history behind it. This name is a nod toward the famous Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

18. Maxen

Maxen was once the name of a Spanish general during the fourth century. Today, this sounds like such a hip, unusual name for a baby boy.

19. Hunter

We love the name Hunter. While it has a macho meaning, the name has a softer ring to it. It became popular as the name of the famous journalist, Hunter S. Thompson.

20. Damon

Damon is a name that means stoic strength. You could also modify this to the name Damien. In pop culture, the name Damon conjures up Damon Salvatore, who was a vampire in the Vampire Diaries television show.

21. Phoenix

A phoenix is a bird that burns into ashes and is reborn every 500 years. This mythical bird makes for a meaningful name that is both historic and hip at the same time.

22. Draven

Draven was the name of a character in In the Shadows. It was also the Wiccan name of one of the members of the popular band, Linkin Park.

23. Jagger

Jagger was popularized by a celebrity, but it also means carter.

24. Blade

Blade is a name that appears in popular movies and video games, but it certainly has an aggressive ring to it.

25. Neo

Neo can be used for girls or boys, but it certainly has a New Age, trendy ring to it.

26. Ransom

Ransom is such an unusual name. Many people hear this name and think of kidnapping someone and holding them for ransom. As such, it is an excellent bad boy name.

27. Boris

Boris is actually an old English name. It is still fairly popular in Europe and means to fight.

28. Ryder

Ryder is quickly starting to grow in popularity. More recently, it hit the news when Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson named their son Ryder.

29. Maddox

Maddox is certainly a trendy name. It was actually the name Angelina Jolie chose for her son back in 2002.

30. Ernest

Ernest was a name popularized long ago by Oscar Wilde’s play, the Importance of Being Earnest. Supposedly, it is a name that is only given to liars. What do you think?

31. Wolf

Wolf is another animal name like Fox that has been popularized in recent years. Originally, it was a shortened form of the previously popular name, Wolfgang.

32. Harley

Harley is a traditional English surname, but it is sometimes heard as a baby boy or girl name today.

33. Denim

Denim is a hip, trendy name, although it is actually the name of the material that goes into your favorite pair of jeans.

34. Racer

Racer is an unusual name to hear, but we think that it is going to become popular in the future. Director Robert Rodrigues chose this for his son. His other children are named Rebel, Rocket and Rogue.

35. Tyrell

Tyrell is a popular name that is heard in many English speaking countries. We think that it would be a great bad boy name for your child.

36. Flash

Flash would certainly be an unusual first name, but you could also use it as a nickname.

37. Ace

An ace is a great card to get, and you always want to ace your tests in school. Because of this, Ace would be a great name to give a little baby.

38. Dash

Dash is a name that sounds like it came from a comic book. It is actually an Anglicization of the French surnames Dashiell or de Cheil.

39. Talon

This name actually comes from French. In French, this name means the large claw of a bird. This gives it a menacing edge and a hip feel.

40. Dagger

A dagger is a dangerous weapon, so this name certainly has a dangerous sound to it.

41. Mekhi

If you want an edgy, unusual variation on the more traditional Michael, go with this option. We doubt that there will be any little boys at the playground who have this unusual name!

42. Butch

Butch was popular a few decades ago, but it still sounds like a fairly old school name. We think that it will become more popular among hipster parents today.

43. Diesel

Diesel is certainly a badass baby name. It could come from the denim brand or the fuel. It is also the name of an actor in Hollywood.

44. Zane

Zane is a Hebrew name that means gift from God. In Hebrew, it is actually a variation on the more common name, John.

45. Joaquin

Joaquin is a name that is quite popular in South Africa. It is starting to be more popular in Hollywood because of the actress, Joaquin Phoenix. This is also the name that the actress Kelly Ripa gave to her son.

46. Jax

Jax is a name that you probably recognize from the television show, the Sons of Anarchy. It was the name of the president of the motorcycle club, Jax Teller.

47. Lars

Lars was the name of the Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. We think that it certainly gives it a bad boy ring.

48. Malcolm

Malcolm was a royal name in Scotland and was actually the name of four different Scottish kings. In the United States, Malcolm X was a rebellious Civil Rights advocate and a polarizing figure.

49. Sargent

Sargent is a military sounding name, but it is actually a popular first name as well. If your son joins the military, his name and title could one day be Sargent Sargent.

50. Rebel

Rebel is certainly a rebellious, bad boy name. Unfortunately, it is also connected to the Confederacy and the rebel cause, so it might not have the meaning that you were originally hoping for.


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