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80 Best Funny and Unique BBQ Team Names


A BBQ team is possibly the best team or sport that there is. You get to create amazing dishes with your friends. Afterwards, you get to taste test the final product. In many parts of the United States, BBQ is more than just a dish. It is a way to show off your cultural identity and to put your ingenuity to work. As you create your BBQ team, you need the right BBQ team names to show off what your team is all about. The following 80 BBQ team names can get you started on your journey.

funny names for bbq smokers

1. All Sauced Up: That’s the way to be!

2. Blind Mullet: This is a fun option.

3. Daddy Mac BBQ: Nice!

4. Second Hand Smoke: This is a clever play on words.

5. All Fired Up & Kicking Ash: A cute choice to go with.

6. Beer-n-Bones: Perfect!

7. Eat de Bone: This is a pun on “eau de cologne.”

8. The Woodhouse Grill: A simple, basic option.

9. Hawg Boss: Nice one!

10. Oink ‘n’ Doink: This is so cute.

11. Cosmic Cookin’: Because your BBQ is out of this world!

12. Four Hawgs: Obviously, you might have to change the number based on your number of teammates on the BBQ team.

13. Fat Willies Barbecue: You can change the person’s name to someone on your team.

14. Hot Grill on Grill Action: Clever, very clever.

15. Pigsicle BBQ: Nice.

Ideas for Funny BBQ Team Names

16. Feed the Munchies: That sounds delicious.

17. Backdraft BBQ: The alliteration makes this BBQ team name easy to remember.

18. Two Men and a Pig: Excellent.

19. Backstreet BBQ: Backstreet is back!

20. Kill It & Grill It: This one rhymes.

21. Dixie Pigs: Nice.

22. Ring of Fire: This is an awesome option.

23. Big Red’s Barbecue: Cute!

24. Chubby’s BBQ: This is a fun name.

25. All In Smokers: Because you put your all into your BBQ.

26. Git-R-Smoked: Nice one.

27. Porch Smokers: This is a fun option.

28. Bringing Mexi Back: If you cook Mexican-inspired BBQ, this pun would work. Plus, it comes with its own theme song.

29. Border Wall Smokers: Do you support the wall or want it to go up in smoke? This name could really be used either way.

30. Where There’s Smoke: There is fire!

31. Shakers and Bakers: Nice.

32. Wing Nutz BBQ: The “z” makes this name sound trendy and hip.

33. MasterBasters: This is certainly not a family-friendly BBQ team name.

34. Bigfoot Mountain BBQ: Nice.

35. Rocky Mountain Oysters: That’s one dish you could BBQ.

36. BB-Who?: This is a cute play on words.

37. Barbie Q’s: This would be one of the best BBQ team names for a ladies’ team.

38. Sauced Up: If you had one too many beers while you grilled, this is a good name to go with.

39. Here for the Beers: Some people care about their BBQ. Others just want an excuse to drink. Which group are you a part of?

40. Mad Grillers: This is awesome.

41. Up in Yo’ Grill: Cute!

42. Critter Smokers: That is certainly true.

43. 6-Pack BBQ: What type of six-pack are we talking about here?

44. Jalapeno Grill: Say this aloud and you will quickly see the play on words.

45. Naw Da Bone: Nice.

Funny and Creative BBQ Team Names

46. Getting Sauced: This is a cute option.

47. Filipino Jalapenos: This certainly has a ring to it.

48. Blowing Smoke BBQ: This is a fun one.

49. Big Knuckle’s BBQ: Excellent.

50. American Piggers: This is a cute, fun option.

51. Hawg Dawgs BBQ: This gets bonus points for rhyming.

52. Seriously Smokin’: The alliteration makes this name even better.

53. Fatty Shack BBQ: Cute!

54. Holy Smokers: Awesome.

55. Spice, Spice, Baby: This is a play on, “ice, ice, baby.”

56. Grill Crazy: This is way better than being girl crazy!

57. Nicely Done BBQ: Excellent option.

58. Heavenly Hawgs: This is so cute.

59. Wire Nut BBQ: This is an easy choice to go with.

60. Hell Raisin’ Jalapenos: This is a fun BBQ team name.

BBQ Team Names

61. Hot Sauced: Adorable!

62. Seasoned Smoke BBQ: Nice one.

63. It’s Getting Chili in Here: Let’s bring on the chilies!

64. MooCow BBQ: Yum.

65. Backdraft BBQ: This is a cute choice.

66. Jalapeno Hotties: Nice one.

67. Old Dog BBQ: They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right?

68. Ribbed for Your Pleasure: Clever.

69. Stoke & Smoke BBQ: This one gets bonus points for rhyming.

70. Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits: This is adorable, but a bit too long.

71. The Smoke ‘N’ Barrel: This is a cute option to go with.

72. Too Sauced to Pork: That’s unfortunate.

73. Pork Butt and Chicken Legs: Nice one!

74. Dirty Porkers: Keep it simple with this BBQ team name.

75. Who You Callin’ Chicken?: This is a cute team name.

Funny and Catchy BBQ Team Names

76. We Bawk the Bawk: But can you talk the talk?

77. Pork and Knives: This is based on the documentary name, Forks and Knives.

78. All Fired Up: That’s for sure.

79. Puff, Puff, Sass: This sounds like a good name for a group of sassy ladies and is a pun on the phrase, “Puff, puff, pass.”

80. Hell Hath No Fury: Like your BBQ!


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