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100 Bearded Dragon Names


If you are thinking of owning a bearded dragon, then you may need to find the perfect name for your new baby. This article will help you make a decision regarding your new lizard’s name. Read through this article for 100 bearded dragon names.

100 Bearded Dragon Names

1. Ruby: This valuable, fiery gem is prized by dragons in mythological lore.

2. Goliath: A creature of enormous size and strength.

3. Trogdor: This name belongs to the being known as The Burninator.

4. Beardzilla: Reveal the power of the “beard” of your dragon.

5. Rex: Meaning king, this was the title of the great Tyrannosaurus.

6. Ares: The name for the Greek god of war.

7. Hydra: A mythological creature known for its regenerative abilities.

8. Merlin: A powerful wizard who advised King Arthur.

9. Jaws: A famous shark made famous by the movies of the same name.

10. Titan: The class of beings that brought forth the gods in Greek mythology.

11. Smilie: These lizards are known for their charismatic smiles.

12. Snapdragon: A beautiful flower known for its clusters of dragon-like faces.

13. Blaze: Evokes and image of the fire and fury of the dragons.

14. Zippo: A famous, high-quality brand of lighters.

15. Wyrm: An ancient dragon of incredible power and ability.

16. Sentinel: A guardian known for its vigilance.

17. Ridgeback: The Norwegian Ridgeback from the series, “Harry Potter.”

18. Puff: Frolicker of the autumn mist in the land of Honahlee.

19. Snoot: Because bearded dragons have such cute noses.

20. Spike: The neck of the bearded dragon is covered with spiny scales.

21. Carbon: The element that, when exposed to great pressure and time, turns to diamond.

22. Magma: The word for lava while it is still underground.

23. Bolas: A magical dragon with the ability to traverse the planes of existence.

24. Fabio: A male model known for his long hair who appeared on novella covers.

25. Arizona: Known for its deserts and habitat for bearded dragons.

26. Daisy: A flower, which would be an ironic name for a spiny lizard.

27. Professor: A nickname for an educated, intelligent person – or lizard.

28. Fluffy: Ironic, because lizards do not have fur.

29. Bones: Lizards have bones inside of their body.

30. Mojave: The name of a famous desert that is habitat to the bearded dragon.

31. Leonidas: An ancient Spartan archagetai, or king.

32. Fox: Another type of animal, though it is a mammal.

33. Smaug: A fictional dragon from the series, “The Lord of the Rings.”

34. Annihilator: This word denotes the destruction and obliteration.

35. Dinosaur: The clade, Dinosaura, make up the ancestors of modern reptiles.

36. Hornsby: The name acknowledges the importance of the beard of the lizard.

37. Napoleon: The name of numerous French military leaders.

38. Reptar: A fictional character from the television show, “Rugrats.”

39. Basilisk: The powerful reptile from the series, “Harry Potter.”

40. Lezard: The French word for lizard.

41. Cthulu: A Lovecraftian cosmic entity considered a Great Old One.

42. Muscles: The organ of the body associated with strength.

43. Falcor: The luckdragon from fictional series, “The Neverending Story.”

44. Pendragon: The last name of King Arthur and his father, Uther.

45. Geico: The name of the lizard mascot of an insurance company by the same name.

46. Karma: Karma, karma, karma, chameleon.

47. Charizard: A fictional character from the series and game, “Pokemon.”

48. Blackbeard: Bearded dragon beards turn black when displaying for dominance.

49. Jade: A valuable stone often used for artwork and jewelry.

50. Gojira: The Japanese pronunciation of Godzilla.

51. Tiamat: The mother of all chromatic dragons.

52. Donatello: A character in the fictional show, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

53. Cupcake: A cute name for a lizard.

54. Spot: A traditional name for a dog, which can be humorously used for a lizard.

55. Herps: Herpetology is the study of reptiles.

56. Precious: A name to show how much you value your bearded dragon.

57. Chimera: A monster from Greek mythology, and sibling to the hydra and Cerberus.

58. Nessie: The nickname for the Loch Ness Monster.

59. Balerion: The largest dragon in the fictional series, “Game of Thrones.”

60. Mushu: In the movie, “Mulan”, this is the name of the guardian of the main character.

61. Draco: The name of the dragon in the movie, “Dragonheart.”

62. Spyro: The protagonist dragon in the video game series of the same name.

63. Typhon: In Greek mythology, he was the father of many monsters.

64. Echidna: The mother of many monsters in Greek mythology.

65. Nidhogg: The dragon which chews on the roots of the World Tree in Norse mythology.

66. Agave: A type of desert cactus.

67. Twain: A historical figure known for his satire.

68. Whiskers: An ironic name for a reptile that doesn’t have whiskers.

69. Beast: Denoting strength and ferocity.

70. Dizzy: Bearded lizards sway and nod.

71. Huffy: In displays of dominance, these lizards puff out their neck.

72. Stubs: Their neck may look like beard stubble.

73. Waddles: Lizards often walk with a waddle.

74. Ngarrand: The Australian aboriginal word for bearded dragon.

75. Gex: The protagonist lizard of a video game of the same name.

76. Lincoln: An American president known for his beard.

77. Chomper: The way these lizards eat may look like chomping.

78. Eclipse: A celestial event that evokes magical thoughts.

79. Thor: A powerful god of Norse mythology.

80. Dart: For bearded lizards that run quickly.

81. Lotus: Some lizards are fairly relaxed, like a meditative monk of Buddhism.

82. Alpha: When lizards want to be the boss of everyone.

83. Terminator: For how lizards hunt their prey.

84. Bahamut: King of the good dragons, known as the platinum dragon.

85. Claurung: This is the father of all dragons in “Lord of the Rings”.

86. Yoshi: Mario’s faithful steed and friend.

87. Gyo: A mountain dragon from Korean mythology.

88. Trevor: Nevelle Longbottom’s frog in the series, “Harry Potter.”

89. Cleopatra: An ancient ruler of Egypt, who was known for her beauty.

90. Chubs: For particularly fat bearded dragons.

91. Spartacus:A Thracian slave who led a rebellion against the Roman Republic.

92. Norbert: The name of Hagrid’s dragon.

93. Chops: Like the beard style known as mutton chops.

94. Saffron: For the lizard’s yellow-orange coloration.

95. Behemoth: To indicate the size of a particularly large lizard.

96. Ulysses: Ulysses Grant was a general and president who was known for his beard.

97. Bender: A robot character from the television series, “Futurama.”

98. Darwin: A famous scientist who is known as the Father of Evolution.

99. Vegas: A famous city located in the Nevada desert.

100. Rocky: The natural environment of bearded lizards.


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