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20 Creative Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend


Many people don’t consider reading more than a tweet, but reading is something that excites the imagination and allows you to dream about far away places. There are many reasons that reading is an excellent past time. Not only stress-reducing, but it can also be an excellent way to spice up the bedroom.

Whether you are traveling and apart from each other and don’t have much to say on the phone, or you are next to each other and are tired of staring at a television screen as your main form of connecting time, reading bedtimes stories can be a unique way to bond, get creative, and have a great stress release.

The problem with a book or story is that it is so subjective. Although having some commonalities, what one person finds a worthwhile read, another will not. When it comes to the sexes that is even more apparent. Men aren’t into love stories, and women aren’t really into science fiction (I am totally generalizing, but there is a reason why stereotypes exist).

So, if you want to read to your girlfriend and make her happy, you might have not only to endure a story you aren’t that into, but you also might have to put yourself into her shoes to find out what drives her.

The key to finding a good bedtime story is to find something that will relieve the stress of her day, sometimes turn her on and other times make her remember her innocence and first love, just to entertain her. That involves knowing what type of mood she is in and what is in her interest field and heart

These are the 20 best bedtime stories that will make her swoon, rest on your stomach and settle in. If you can find a happy medium between what you like and what she does, it will be an enjoyable time for you both. What might not sound so appealing, might end up to be your favorite story of all time. If not, remember, as hard as it is, that it isn’t always about you. If you make her happy, then you will find happiness in doing so.

#1 The Notebook – If you are on the road a lot and want to share something while away, there is no better book to read to your girlfriend before bed than “The Notebook”. A Nicolas Sparks book, it is about two characters who have the most endearing love that any girl can romanticize in her own head. Although not a one night story, you two will fall in love all over again reading the story together. It is something that neither one of you will forget for all time.

#2 Fifty Shades of Gray – Even if you saw the movie, this book will get you both in the mood together while sharing some alone time. A phenomenon for a reason, you can read all the books in the series. And then after done, you can watch the movies together. Lots of sex in your future, when you share these books together, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other.

#3 Outlander – For the history buff couple, The Outlander series comprises suspense and romance so that there is a little for you both. A New York Times best seller, it isn’t a mushy love story that will bore you to death, but a romantic, riveting and captivating book that will increase your bond and your sexual tension. If you find that you both enjoy being immersed in Highlander times, this series can be your “thing”.

#4 The Traveler’s Wife – A Time Traveler’s Wife is an endearing story about a man who travels through time and gets to experience the childhood and all the important events of his wife’s life before she has even met or fell in love with him. Not only will it keep you on the edge of your seat, but the twists and turns will also have you not wanting to put the book down unless it is to do some exploring of your own, together.

#5 Reckless – If you have ever had dreams of grandeur and wondered what it would be like to be a rockstar, and if your love could survive crazy times, Reckless is an awesome book to read together. It is an adult phenomenon that has all the sexy talk you need with the excitement that will keep you both engaged.

#6 And Then She Was Gone – For the couple who is stressed out to the maximum and just wants to find an escape to take their mind off of their day and spend time together, this is the perfect mystery. Like a roller coaster ride, it will distract you from all the things that you have to do separately by keeping you both engaged collectively.

#7 Dead Running – Dead Running is another mystery book that has all the intrigue necessary to keep you intrigued. The character finds herself running from painful memories and having two men competing for your heart. I know, it might not sound like your cup of tea, but the plot twists will make you like it more than you think.

#8 Girl Jacked – A hit mystery-thriller for you both to enjoy, this book is the first of a detective series that, if you enjoy, can lead to many nights snuggled up in bed together. Just like finding a series to watch on Netflix, this mystery series will have her looking forward to listening to you page turn night after night.

#9 Silence Fallen – Not every book has to be based on romance. A novel about a shape shifter, there are sexual overtures that will entertain a girl who likes a little something off beat. For the Vampire lover, this is a much more intense and mature version of Twilight.

#10 The Shack – A Book that has intrigue, mystery, and fast action, the Shack is a beast seller that is taking the world by storm. This book will not only have her clutching your chest from fright; it will have you entertained too.

#11 Harry Potter – Whether you have seen the series on the big screen, or not, if you haven’t immersed yourself in the Harry Potter series, then going back to revisit it as a couple, is an excellent way to feel young again. Harry Potter was entertaining when you were younger, and it still is.

#12 Shit My Dad Says – If you are looking to lighten your day a little bit and go page by page, or read it mostly in one sitting, this book is the type of laugh-out-loud paperback that will not only entertain you both but probably have you sharing about your own childhood experiences. Or it might leave you chuckling because you had a Dad just like the author of this wonderfully engaging book.

#13 Born A Crime – Why wait around to be entertained by the Daily Show when you can get a good laugh together out of Trevor Noah’s comedic genius, through his short stories. If laughter is the best medicine, you can both erase an awful day while reading this together. The perfect cure for a horrible day or week.

#14 Couplehood – A way oldie, but a goodie. Couplehood is a book about the funny things that couples do to, and, for, each other. If you have been together for a while and wanted to see the humor in the things that you do daily, that might not seem so humorous; this is the perfect book to share together to have some fun and stop taking things so seriously.

#15 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – A classic for all time, if she hasn’t ever read this book, then it will be fun seeing her reaction to this great American classic. An exciting tale, you can suspend reality for a bit together while living in another world.

#16 The Great Gatsby – Yes, some women have never read the Great Gatsby. Probably something you loved reading when you were in high school, reliving the roaring twenties and living the high life with the Great Gatsby, is an excellent way to spend an evening together, or many evenings.

#17 The Picture of Dorian Gray – A very classic book, Dorian Gray is a character who never has to age physically but keeps a secret living in his attic. Find out what it is together. Somewhere between a mystery and a psychological thriller, it is a thought-provoking book with undertones of questioning youth and beauty and what it is worth.

#18 Gone with the Wind – If you know that you are going to be together for a long time and are willing to put the nights in, Gone with the Wind is an incredibly skillful novel about the Civil War times. Although a long read, it is romantic, crass and historical all at once, giving you both a little something to entertain your evening.

#19 Tuesdays With Morrie – If you want to gain an empathetic perspective together, then Tuesdays with Morrie is the book to read. A bestseller based on a true story, it might have you both in tears. What it will do is change the way that you see life and the people around you.

#20 The Couple Next Door – A thriller about the couple next door, this book has intrigue, excitement, and sex. To get your girlfriend in the mood, this is the best suspense thriller to read. The plot twists and turns enough to keep you engaged, and the text is explicit enough to get you both in the mood. A great thriller to enjoy together, it is the perfect novel to dive in.

Reading is a pastime that we don’t often consider, especially the proposition of reading to someone else. The thing about reading is that it is calming, and unlike staring at a television screen together, you are enjoying more quality time in a more intimate matter. Whether you read a romance novel, am erotica book, or a classic, the key is to do it together.

A couple that plays together stays together. And, in the same respect, the couple that can block off some time together will end up enjoying life a whole lot more of it. If you spend every night together or spend lots of time apart, enjoy a book cuddled up together either figuratively or literally to create special memories.

Nothing is greater than resting on a man’s stomach as they read to you. A little bit of comfort combined with togetherness is the cure for feeling disconnected.


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