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75 Bee Puns


These bee puns are just un-bee-lievable! Whether you are a beekeeper or just think that honeybees are the cutest insect ever, these bee puns and jokes are for you. This list of puns is sure to take out the sting of an awkward moment of boring social event. You can use the bee puns on this list as they are written or use the puns to inspire your own jokes!

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75 Bee Puns

1. What happens when a bee burps next to the queen? It gets a royal pardon.

2. What do you call a bee that has messy hair? A frizz-bee.

3. What do they call a bee that cannot keep quiet? A blabb-bee.

4. What is yellow and black and can fly at 30,000 feet up? A bee on a plane.

5. What candy do bees like bet? Bumble gum.

6. What do you do when you find a limp wasp? You just take it to the waspital. Or, you step on it again.

7. What do you call a swarm of tiny queen bees? The royal wee.

8. What is worse than bee-ing a fool? Fooling a bee.

9. What do unionized bees always ask for? They want more honey as well as shorter working flowers.

10. What buzzes, is yellow and black and flies along the bottom of the ocean? A bee on a submarine.

11. Where does a bee store all of its cash and valuables? Within its honey box.

12. What is a bee’s favorite kind of gun? Bee-bee guns, of course!

13. Why did the bee have to go to the dermatologist? It had hives.

14. What is the last thing that goes through a bee’s mind as it hits your windshield? Its stinger.

15. What do bees write on their Valentine’s Day cards? Honey, Bee Mine.

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16. What sounds like zzub-zzub when it flies? A bee that is flying backwards.

17. What do you call a bear without an ear? Just a B.

18. What do you call it when a flee rides a bee that is on top of a racing dog? A flea taking a greyhound buzz.

19. You have a bee in your hand. What is in your eye? Beauty because beauty is said to be in the eye of the bee-holder.

20. Where does a bee store all of its old hives? In a wax museum!

21. Why do male bees never get invited to parties? Because they keep droning on and on about themselves.

22. What are the smartest kind of bees? Spelling bees, of course!

23. What doe a bee use to make her hairstyle? Her honey comb.

24. Why do bee always buzz? Because they don’t know how to whistle.

25. What do you call a baby bee? A little hum bug.

26. What do bee wear when it starts to rain? A yellow jacket.

27. Why was it always so hard to understand the baby bee? It was just a little mumble bee.

28. What is a bee’s favorite classical composer? Bee-thoven.

29. What is tiny, yellow and black, and always drops stuff? A fumble bee.

30. What television channel do Canadian bees normally watch? See, bee, see!

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31. What does a honey bee never want to have in her wardrobe? Yellow jackets.

32. Why do bees always seem to have sticky hair? Because they always use honey combs.

33. What do you call a bee that was born in America? A USB.

34. What kind of bee will keep you healthy? Vitamin bee.

35. How do bees earn money? They have to cell their honey.

36. Why did the beekeeper have to move his business out of town? Because he was creating quite a buzz.

37. What do you call a bee that was born during the spring? A May bee or a May bee not.

38. Where did Noah store his bees? In his archives.

39. What is a bee’s favorite novel? The Great Gats-Bee.

40. What is the honey bee’s favorite kind of flower? A Bee-gonia.

41. Why did the queen kick the male bees out of the hive? It was fall and the males kept droning on and on.

42. What do you call a bee when it always eats too much? Chubb-bee.

43. What did the bees do after they made their hive? They threw a house swarming party for everyone else.

44. What did the basketball team do after the honey bee scored the winning shot? They gave him a hive-five.

45. Why should you never play hide-and-seek with a swarm? Because they will always end up bee-hind you.

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46. What is a bee’s favorite Beatles album? Let It Bee.

47. Why did the bee hive hate the wasps? They thought that the wasps were wanna-bees.

48. What do you get when you blend a bee and a doorbell together? A real hum-dinger.

49. Why did the hive go to the blood bank? They heard that it needed bee positive blood.

50. What is a bee’s favorite musician? Sting.

51. Why was the bee fired from the barber shop? He’d only give buzz cuts.

52. What is the best part of a bee’s relationship? The honey moon.

53. Who can protect the hive’s queen bee? Her hub-bee.

54. What type of sport did the hive like to play? Rug-bee.

55. Why was the killer bee so dangerous? He had a large buzz-ooka.

56. What is a bee’s favorite pop band? The Bee Gees.

57. Why was Mommy Bee so nervous? She was putting her son and the school buzz for the first time.

58. Why was Tommy the Bee in trouble? He wouldn’t bee-hive at school.

59. What is the worst thing about getting stung by bees? Tomorrow, you’ll have to handle those hives.

60. Why did the bee have to sit alone at the bar? Everyone else thought that she was a bit snob-bee.

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61. How did the bee know when it was time to get married? When he found his honey.

62. Why do bees always get the best promotions? They are always so buzzy at work.

63. What type of jewelry should you buy a female bee? A ru-bee ring.

64. Why are bees great at geometry? They know what a rhom-buzz is.

65. What is the shortest distance between two buzz stops? The bee-line.

66. Where does a queen bee go to eat hum-burgers? Burger King.

67. Why are bees always humming? They keep forgetting the words to the song.

68. What do you call it when a bee talks of poetry? It waxes lyrical.

69. Why do bees love the summertime? Because it is always swarm outside.

70. What do you call a bee who is a sore loser? A cry bab-bee.

71. Who is a bee’s favorite explorer? Christopher Colum-buzz.

72. These bee puns really sting. That’s for sure! I don’t understand what all the buzz is about!

73. What is a bee’s favorite female singer? Bee-yonce.

74. What do you give bee students on the first day of class? A sylla-buzz.

75. Who is the bumblebee’s favorite painter? Pablo Bee-casso of course!


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