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The Best 50 First Date Ideas To Wow Your Date


Figuring out the best date ideas can be difficult. You want to be more unique than just taking your date out dinner, but you’re not sure what else would make a great date. Don’t worry, there are plenty of unique and exciting ideas to make your first, second, or twentieth date an amazing experience.

1. Coffee date

Classic and comfortable, the coffee date is one of the most tried and true first date ideas. The location is public enough that you both feel safe and confident meeting up, and the duration of the date is short enough that if you’re both not feeling it you can go home. Or, if you’re both having a good time, the date is short enough that another activity can follow. It’s a good way to just be able to sit and have a conversation without being distracted by something like a movie.

2. Dinner with a view

Dinner dates are also a classic, but to really put a twist in it, you should choose a restaurant with a nice view. Whether this be an oceanside restaurant or a venue that overlooks downtown, the resulting ambiance will make the date unforgettable. Most people expect a dinner date at some point, but having that date in a restaurant where you can see the sunset will be even better.

3. Amusement park

Definitely a fun one! Amusement parks are the kind of place you can take your date for a fun afternoon, and have have a few romantic movie moments winning stuffed animals at the games and sneaking kisses at the top of the ferries wheel. Not to mention that when your adrenaline is pumping after a rollercoaster, anything could happen.

4. Picnic in the park

A nice quiet patch of grass with a blanket and a carefully packed picnic basket will make the perfect date. It’s an understated activity but the thought that goes into it will have your partner seeing you in a whole new light. You’ll be able to have some time to yourselves and enjoy a quiet conversation.

5. Concert

Although it’s not the best for conversation, getting tickets to your date’s favorite band will be a surprise that they’ll never forget. You’ll both be so energized with the music that your connection will be stronger than ever. There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing the pumping music at a live concert.

6. Zoo

Everyone love the zoo, and it’ll be the kind of date that your partner will want to brag about. It can also be easier to get to know one another, because there’s nothing that elicits someone’s true enthusiasm quite like being up close and personal to a lion or a bear – or even getting to feed some baby goats at the petting zoo.

7. Boat ride

A boat ride can be perfect for both a slow, romantic ride, or an exciting, adrenaline pumping adventure. Depending on the mood you want to set for the date, you can enjoy a slow paddle boat or canoe ride, or go racing through the water in a jet-ski. Either way, your date will be having a great time.

8. Bowling

This classic date may be considered cliche by some, but it’s a perfect way to have a stress free, low-expectation date while also having a bit of playful, competitive fun. A little romantic competition can help make the date even more memorable for you both. It’s also a perfect way to have a double date with some friends. You’ll feel a little closer after you team up together to beat the other couple.

9. Carnival

Carnivals always seem a little magical, and there’s nothing that’s better for a date than a little magic. You can win your date a teddy bear and share some cotton candy while you split your tickets to get on some rides together. Carnivals tend to have stands with artisan crafts, so you can even get your date and one of a kind souvenir.

10. Karaoke

Who doesn’t love have a few drinks and then embarrassing themselves up at the karaoke mic? A karaoke bar date is the perfect way to loosen up and have a little fun. You can even sing a duet with your date and feel a little more romantically connected.

11. Clubbing

Drinking, dancing and music- what’s not to love? If you and your date are feeling chemistry, a dimly lit club with a dance floor may be just the place for the two of you to end up. It’s a good excuse to get nice and close while dancing. You can either dance the night away, or dance right into the bedroom.

12. Watch a game

If your date is into sports, pick up some tickets to his or her favorite team. The two of you will have a blast rooting for their team together. This is a fun, unique date idea that will give you plenty of time to get to know one another, as well as enjoy an afternoon at a baseball field or watching a hockey match.

13. Go to a movie

Another classic date idea. Movies give the excuse of putting your arm around your date’s shoulder and cozying right up. Even though you won’t be able to talk and have a conversation during, there will be plenty to chat about after the movie. It’s a great icebreaker for first dates, and afterwards you’ll still have time to enjoy the day or evening.

14. Arcades

It may be a little funny walking into an arcade as an adult, but let’s face it: no one grows out of having fun playing arcade games. The two of you will spend the evening playing games and winning tickets. At the end, you can buy your date the biggest prize that your tickets can buy, or pool your tickets together for something so cool your date will never forget what a fun time you had together.

15. Stand up comedy

Nothing relaxes someone more than a good laugh. A stand up comedy show is a unique idea that will leave your date both relaxed and in a really good mood. Some shows even off dinner, but if not you can always grab a bite to eat after and keep the date going well into the evening.

16. One hour class

Take a glass painting class or a pottery class with your date and enjoy spending time together creating art. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by their art, so this will be a perfect opportunity for you to get to know your date a little better.

17. A short walk

You know how the old saying goes: “I like walks along the beach…” Well, this is perfect for a dare idea. Whether you’re taking a stroll through the park or kicking off your shoes and walking along a sandy beach, you and your date will be able to get to know one another better while enjoying the nice sunny day.

18. Wine tasting

Visiting a vineyard for a wine tasting tour can make for an incredibly romantic date. The tour through the vineyard will be sure to spark good feelings in you and your date. If neither of your are into wine, many breweries also offer tours and tastings, though that may be more fun than it is romantic.

19. Live jazz

Whether you’re at a club or an outdoor concert, there’s something incredibly sensual about the sound of slow jazz music. Coupled with a bit of wine, you and your date will be able to feel the chemistry between. you almost right away.

20. Beach

A day at the beach can be a lot of fun- plus, what’s more exciting than seeing someone you’re attracted to in their swimwear? You’ll both be feeling the chemistry after you’ve finished playing in the waves. If you’re not up for a whole day at the beach, you can also take your date for a walk in the shallows and collect shells.

21. Aquarium

On a hot day, it can be nice to visit the aquarium as an alternative to the zoo. You and your date will have so much to talk about while exploring the depths of the ocean, while also getting to know one another better.

22. Museum

A museum date is perfect for the artsy types. If you’re looking for a date that will be both romantic and broaden your horizons, then this is perfect. A day spent at the museum can be enjoyable for the type of people who aren’t into the more adventurous date ideas.

23. Farm trips

For a fun, relaxing countryside date, a trip to the farm is perfect. You can take your date apple picking or enjoy a quiet hayride in the brisk Autumn weather. You can also just enjoy a long walk through some wooded acres of land and spend some quiet time alone together.

24. Open or musical

This is one step up from a movie. It’s the same concept of having an excuse to sit close in the dark, but it’s a more exclusive experience that will leave your date dazzled and unable to think about anything but how cool your date together was.

25. Ice cream parlor

Oh a hot sunny day, your date will absolutely love having a cool treat at the ice cream parlor. You can eat in and have a quiet place to chat, or walk around town or the park, or even the beach while you enjoy your ice cream. Or, you can even get really cliche (and romantic!) by sharing a giant banana split.

26. Themed restaurants

These are always fun, and one that has a romantic atmosphere can really make a first date memorable. Of course, if you know your date is more adventurous, a fun themed restaurant can do the trick as well.

27. Fishing

The one only works if one or both of you actually know how to fish. You could enjoy a romantic time down by the later teaching your date how to throw a line. You can also consider renting a boat and taking it out into the water for a more exciting fishing excursion. For the ultimate adventure, book a deep sea fishing tour and spend the day on the water.

28. Gallery

Artistic types will love a date at a gallery. It’s quiet, intimidate and romantic. They’ll be appreciative of both the art, and the thoughtful gesture of you bringing them to some place that they will deeply enjoy. Art exhibitions may have only certain dates they’ll be up, so make it extra special with a trip to a once in a lifetime exhibit.

29. Planetarium

This is a unique date idea that you date will absolutely love. There’s nothing more peaceful than staring at the stars, and you’ll be able to cozy up in the dark. More planetariums also have laser light shows, so keep an eye out for those if you’re looking to make your date a little more exciting, rather than strictly romantic.

30. Cool and eat restaurant

If your date doesn’t normally cook, this could be a fun experience for the both of you! Or, it could be show off your skills. Either way, you’ll both have fun and then be able to enjoy your creations together.

31. Watch a movie at home

For a low cost date, why not invite them over to watch a movie at your house? It’s a great way to both have fun and be a little intimate with one another, being able to snuggle up under a blanket and sneak a few kisses. This isn’t recommended as a first date option, only if you’ve gotten to know your date pretty well!

32. Horseback riding

For a bit of excitement and fun, horseback riding is great for everyone. You can enjoy a guided trail ride, or book a couples ride together. Horseback riding can make anyone feel just that much sexier, and get the chemistry between you both really flowing.

33. Nature walk

If you and your date are both the outdoorsy type, then a walk along a hiking trail with a picnic at the end could be just the thing to kickstart your date into a romance. There’s nothing quite like taking a hike and then being able to rest and look out over the view.

34. Game of pool

Take your date to a pool bar and enjoy a few drinks, then play some one on one pool. This will foster a playful, healthy competition between you two, and nothing makes a date sexier than betting a few kisses to the winner. This is the perfect activity to tack on to the beginning or end of another activity.

35. Historical tours

Taking a tour through a historical site can be both romantic, relaxing and fun. You’ll be able to get to know one another while learning a bit more, and you’ll even be able to buy souvenirs at the end. This will guarantee that your date will have fond memories of the time you spend together.

36. Special events

Does your city put on annual events that are only for a limited engagement? Then this is the perfect place to take your date to. Not only will you both have fun, you’ll have fond memories and think of one another each time this particular event rolls around. Your date will be sure to be unique and enjoyable.

37. Fortune teller

While these types of places always seem like a scam, you’ll still be able to have plenty of fun if you’ve got some spare time. It’s a unique idea, one that your date will surely remember for some time. And who knows- maybe your fortune will come true! It’s a great way to bond and get to know one another a little more.

38. Ice skating

If neither of you are very good at ice skating, you’ll both have a fun time wobbling around on the ice. Or, you can teach your date how to skate and have an excuse to hold hands for an hour in a cool ice rink. This is the perfect date for both winter and summer time, and a great opening act for the finale of a romantic dinner.

39. Visit a factory

Ice cream, chocolate and cookie factories are perfect for bringing your date to. They’re fun, they host guided tours, and at the end there’s always plenty of samples of treats for you to enjoy. Your date will definitely remember this day for a long time.

40. Flower show

This is a perfect romantic date idea. If your date is fond of flowers, see when the next flower show is around and take them to see all different kinds. You can even buy them a bouquet, and it’ll be romantic instead of cheesy or cliche.

41. Hot air balloon

While this may seem like a date idea straight out of a movie, you can definitely make it feel like your date is the leading man or lady with a hot air balloon ride. It’s unique, exciting and entirely unforgettable.

42. Cook dinner at home

If you’re looking for something that’s both romantic and shows that you care, a home cooked dinner for your date will make you seem both romantic as well as capable of taking care of them. You can even cook dinner together at home and have fun with it! Its both a cheap and personalized date idea, because you can cook their favorite meal for them.

43. Old fashion eateries

Whether you got to an old fashion ice cream parlor, or a 1950s diner, this is a date idea that will put a fun and unique twist on going out to eat. These places always have a unique style to them that will transform the ambiance of your date into something just a little more romantic than usual.

44. Haunted house

If is Halloween and you and your date are both up for a little fright, find the nearest haunted house and have a go. You’ll be holding hands by the end, and the adrenaline pumping will make you both feel closer than ever. It’s a good excuse to stick close together.

45. Bookstore

If your date loves getting lost in the aisles of books, try taking them to a bookstore. For extra fun, take them to an old or used bookstore where you’ll be able to pick out the most unique titles among all the donated books.

46. Rifle range

If you and your date both love a little action, then head down to the local rifle range. Your adrenaline will be flowing, and it’ll be the perfect activity to work up an appetite – or even some chemistry. If anything, your date will definitely remember the fun had with you at the range.

47. Indoor sport

Things like laser tag and paintball aren’t just for kids anymore. There’s plenty of indoor sports areas that you can take your date to and have a little healthy competition. Or, you can work together against another team and get a little closer while working together to win.

48. Hang out by the water

If you live alongside a river, a lake, or even the ocean, you can always have a nice quiet date alongside the water. Pack a picnic basket and take your shoes off to wade in the shallows. A nice warm afternoon spent by the water will endear your date to you immediately.

49. Old fashion pub

An old Irish or Fish and Chips pub is a fun alternative to going out to a bar. You’ll be able to enjoy the ambiance of the pub as well as some unique and themed meals. It’s a nice way to spend the afternoon or evening getting to know one another.

50. Rent a helicopter

If you’re really looking to impress your date, book a helicopter tour. Your date will have an amazing time flying through the sky in a rented chopper. If it’s a bit scary, then now is a perfect opportunity to hold hands. This is the kind of date that they’ll want to tell everyone about for years.


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