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50 Best Messages to Say Sorry My Love


Ideally, your relationship will only have happy memories and lots of laughter. Unfortunately, we all live in the real world. There are financial problems, family issues, arguments and other relationship problems that can cause a fight. Once you get into an argument, the next thing that you need to do is find a way to make up with your lover or spouse. It takes a better, braver person to say “I’m sorry” first. If you want to be that courageous person, we can help. We have included a list of 50 of the best message to say sorry, my love. To make the apology more personal, you should probably modify the messages to include some of the specific details of your argument. 

1. My entire life has become amazing because of you. I talk so much of love, but I never feel like I do enough to show you just how strongly I feel for you. I have not shown you my love as much as I feel it. Forgive me for all of the times that I do the wrong thing or do not show you just how much I love you. Without your forgiveness and love, I will be nothing.

2. I find it impossible to believe that I could let this happen. All I can say is that this was a complete mistake on my part, and I am ready to take full responsibility for everything that happened. If I cam to you begging for your forgiveness, would you love me again?

3. I am so sorry that I did the wrong thing. Worse still, I apologize for all of the good things that I failed to do as well. I am sorry, my love. It is all my fault. Will you forgive me and let bygones be bygones?

4. You are right when you say that you do not deserve this and that you have done nothing to deserve it. You are even more right when you say that I acted like I didn’t care. I did not realize how you felt about the situation, and I can only blame my stupidity and idiocy for it. I am so sorry for how I have treated you before. I am back, but it is up to you if I can still be a part of your life. I am ready to give you more love than ever. All that I am waiting for is one word from you, and I will be back in your arms. Please forgive me, my love.

5. For all of the words that I have ever spoken in anger, I wish desperately that I could take them back. Every hurt or heartbreak that I caused to happen, I want to erase like it never occurred. I take all of the blame for all of my mistakes for you were truly blameless. Please forgive me. With your help, I will strive to be a better version of me and the person you deserve to be with.

6. I messed up big time when I let you cry. I was the reason for your tears, and I want to never be the reason for your sadness again. I did not understand how much I hurt you before, but please let me make it right again. I am sorry, my love.

7. I am so sorry for all of the pain that I caused you. I am sorry for every time I let you down and every time I was not the person that you deserve to be with. I will love you forever. I sincerely promise that I will treat you more special than I have ever before and show you that I am worthy of your love.

8. I am so sorry, my love. You do not deserve to be the one who is hurt when it is all my fault. I should never let you go through such pain. I admit that I was in the wrong. Now, all I can ask is that you forgive me and let me try to make amends.

9. My life is without any value without you in it. There is no good in my day if I cannot be with you for at least a part of it. I can’t take having you quarrel with me. All I want is to plead for your forgiveness and hope that you will be with me again.

10. I broke all of the rules that I set for myself. I promised myself that I would never break your heart, yet I hurt you so badly. Above all, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness. I may not deserve your forgiveness, but I hope that you are as compassionate and caring as ever. I am so sorry, my love.

11. I am sorry for every mistake and error that I committed. I am infinitely sorry for all of the harm and pain that I caused you. Having to leave you without getting your forgiveness was more than I could bear. I just pray that some day, you will send a kind word of forgiveness to me. I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

12. I never meant to hurt you, my dear. I never meant to make you upset or sad. All I can ask that you forgive me for my mistake. A thousand times I say, I am sorry. Yet, it will never be enough. All I can do is try to be a better person and one day deserve your trust in me.

13. While we may be a long distance apart, I can still feel how hurtful my actions have been for you. I may not be the person that you deserve today, but my goal is to work harder until I am the type of partner you deserve. I have shown you my worst side, and I hope that I never make that mistake again. I am so deeply sorry.

14. I am really sorry that I could not live up to your or my expectations. I wanted to be so much better for you, and I have acted in a way that makes me ashamed. If I had never crossed your path, your life would have been so much better. I ask for your forgiveness.

15. Words fail me when I try to express how deeply sorry I am. I am heartbroken and depressed for how I made you feel. I know that I have done the worst thing possible and am unforgivable. Yet, I still hope that you could some day find it in your heart to forgive me. I am really sorry, my dear, please forgive me.

16. I am so sorry that I misunderstood what you wanted. I never meant to wrong you, and I ask that you forgive me for all of my bad deeds. Forgive me, for my heart bleeds for you. I only wish that you could forgive me and let me work to re-earn your love again.

17. I am sorry for all of the bad that I have done and all of the hurt that I have caused. I would plead for your forgiveness, but I really do not think that I deserve it. If I cannot have your forgiveness, then my life will be miserable. I might not be worthy of you, but I want to be. Please forgive me. I know that it sounds impossible to do, but it is all that I hope and pray for now.

18. I would be wrong again if I blamed my actions on an excuse or tried to justify my behavior. I know that I am the one in the wrong here and am the bad guy. All I ask is that your heart will understand my pain as I plea for forgiveness. I am so sorry. Please forgive me, my love.

19. I broke your heart, and I readily admit my faults. I cherish you completely, and I am so sorry that I did not live up to my expectations of myself. I should have been a better person, and I want to start turning over a new leaf today, if you will let me. I love you. Please forgive me.

20. The last time I checked, there was no one in the world as guilty as I am. I have done the worst thing possible and betrayed your faith in me. Please forgive me this once. I am a dunce who makes stupid mistakes, but I rarely make the same mistake twice. I promise that I won’t do that again.

21. Do not be through with me completely yet. I know that you have every right to ignore me and move on, but I cannot live without you. You have every right to be unbelievably angry at me, and I do not deserve your forgiveness. I know I should let you move on to someone better, but I can’t help loving you. I plead with you: stay with me forever, please.

22. Nothing makes me more depressed than knowing that you are sad. I am so upset with myself for being the cause of your pain. I am sorry that I let you go through such suffering and sadness. I promise to love you forever. I may not be able to promise that I will always make you happy, but I promise that I will always strive to bring you happiness.

23. I am so sorry, love, for all of the wrong that I did. I see myself as the source of all your sadness and anger, and I deserve this reputation entirely. I promise that I will never let myself commit such a mistake again. I am committed to making things right with you.

24. I must be candid. It was all my fault. I am so sorry for all of the things that I did wrong and for blaming you for telling me so. You were right, and I promise not to do the same things again. My body and soul are in pain. Please, let me try to be the right man for you again.

25. They say that sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you. They were wrong. I know that I hurt you with my words, and I am so sorry. You are the dearest to my heart, and I promise that I will never break your heart again. Without you, I am nothing and completely lost.

26. I know that I should have done better. I did not live up to your expectations of me, and this was never what I wanted to have start. All I can ask now is that you will give me a chance to make things right again. Please forgive me.

27. I take all of the blame for everything that happened. I am begging you not to let me go—it will only cause more harm. Please forgive me, please.

28. I am so sorry. You mean so much to me, and I just ask you to forgive me. I will get down on my knees to beg for forgiveness if you will just give me your mercy.

29. I betrayed your faith and trust. My heart aches, and I am so sorry. Please forgive me for my sins and give me another chance.

30. It is not worth it. More to the point, I am not worth it. I do not deserve you, but I am so desperately in love with you. I am not strong enough to leave you, so you are the one who will have to say when it is over. No matter how many mistakes I make or how unworthy I am, I will never leave you.

31. Watching your pain is like hell for me. I caused the pain, but I can do nothing to change it. Please, my love, forgive me. I will do my best to make things right again.

32. Today was the worst experience that I can ever imagine. I hurt you, and I have no way to erase the pain. Please forgive me.

33. I know how angry you are at me, and I know that I deserve your anger. I come begging you to forgive me for all of the wrongs that I have committed.

34. I apologize for all of the harm and hurts I have caused. It would be so lovely if I could go back in time to undo them. I beg you to accept my humble apologies.

35. I never thought that I would hurt you like this, and I am so unbearably sorry. Please forgive me.

36. I am sorry for all the hurt I caused you and for making you cry. I am so sorry, my love.

37. There are not words to express how sorry I am. I plead with you, with everything I have within me, to please forgive me.

38. I understand why you are angry with me, and it is selfish to ask someone as wonderful as you to forgive my mistakes. Please forgive me.

39. You were right for calling me heartless and cruel. It fits what I have done, and I am sorry. Please forgive me.

40. This has been too much to bear. I made a grave mistake, and I promise never to do it again. I am so sorry for it all.

41. I am a selfish, cruel and horrible person. Please forgive me, and I will try to be a better human being.

42. I am sorry that I made you sad. Your days are terrible because of me. It is my fault, and I only ask for your forgiveness.

43. I wish I had an excuse or an explanation, but I don’t. I am so sorry, my love.

44. My heart weeps for the pain I caused you. I wish to make you whole again and re-earn your love.

45. Please don’t see me as a devil. Next to your angelic soul, anyone would look evil. I strive to deserve you, but change takes time. Please forgive me and be patient with me.

46. I am so sorry for breaking your faith and trust in me. I can’t change what I did, but I can try to be better in the future.

47. I may not be able to take back what I did, but I can try to make amends. If you forgive me, I can start to be the person you deserve.

48. It is difficult for me to understand the depths of your hurt, but I know that I am the cause of all of it. I am the guilty one, and I am sorry, my love.

49. You deserve so much better. Please forgive me.

50. If you could understand how terribly I feel, you would forgive me right now. It feels like I am in the depths of hell. I know that I am at fault for all of your pain, and I can’t bear being myself. I am so sorry for all of the hurts and pains I have caused. If I had one wish, it would be to make things right again.


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