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Best Online Dating Headlines for Females


Your dating profile is important. If you want people to respond to your profile, it has to capture their attention and showcase everything that you have to offer. These best online dating headlines for females can help you immediately capture the attention of Mr. Right and get him to click on your profile.

Online Dating Profile Headlines

The Best Online Dating Headlines for Females

1. I am illegally blonde! This dating headline is perfect for blondes who are also fans of the movie Legally Blonde.

2. Ask me about how I made a million dollars in less than an hour. You might not be able to actually answer this question, but it is bound to make someone click on your profile.

3. Earn your whiskey, sip it neat. Your favorite drink can say a lot about you.

4. Looking for someone who can deal with new age, female Einstein. Nice!

5. You know how to whistle don’t you? This is a quote by Marie Browning in the film, To Have and Have Not. With a quote like this, you are bound to attract a fellow film buff.

6. Flip flops, the smell of sunscreen, and someone like you. This sounds like a recipe for a perfect life.

7. I can drink coffee at 9:30 and still go to bed at 10:00. Sometimes, the best online dating headlines for females include an interesting fact about yourself or a unique talent.

8. I solemnly swear I am up to no good. This Harry Potter quote would be a great way to attract a fellow reader.

9. Dog + Hiking Boots = My Kind of Day. Your dating headline can show the type of date and lifestyle you want to have.

10. Brainy lass seeking smart connection! This is definitely one of the more simple dating headlines.

The Ultimate List of Online Dating Profile Quotes

11. Sometimes, I miss nap time and recess. I unfortunately have to agree with this. I wish adults had nap times and recess.

12. My apartment smells of rich mahogany. This is a quote from Anchorman, so it is a good way to find someone who is interested in similar movies.

13. Up for a challenge? Use this to find a guy who can keep up with your active lifestyle and to deter guys who can’t.

14. Not looking for short term. This should definitely deter any guys who are not interested in a long-term relationship.

15. Can you keep up? This is away to show that you have an active lifestyle and need a man who can keep up with you.

16. You think you know but you have no idea. This is a quote from MTV’s television show, the Diary.

17. I might not be your first girlfriend, but I can be your last. This is both a true statement and eye-grabbing. If you cannot think of any other option, this could be one of the best online dating headlines for females that you can use.

18. Some people chase dreams, I make mine a reality. When your reality is better than your dreams, you know that you are doing something right. A dating headline like this shows that you go after what you want in life and don’t wait for anything to be given to you.

19. I’m a bookworm because tapeworms are gross. In addition to showing how much you love to read, this dating headline also makes the reader suddenly pay close attention to what you are saying.

20. Great cook wants to add some spice to your life. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I really think that good cooking attracts men and women alike. If you are great in the kitchen, you will definitely be able to find a man who can appreciate your unique skills.

POF Headlines for Women

21. Your last online date. If you want to keep your headline as simple as possible, an option like this would certainly do the trick.

22. Not a Damsel in Distress This isn’t the 1800s anymore. Modern women go after what they want and make their dreams come true. A headline like this shows that you don’t need a knight in shining armor to save you. You just want a partner who can be your equal and stand with you through the good times and the bad times.

23. Don’t Trip When You Fall for Me This is a bit too corny, but it is still a fairly cute option to go with.

24. Looking for that special spark. If you absolutely have no clue what to use as your headline, this one would be a decent option.

25. Only bookworms need apply. This is the perfect way to attract a guy who loves to read as much as you do. You can also replace the word “bookworms” with whatever your favorite hobby is or the quality that you absolutely expect from a date.

26. Do you have any figs? No? What about a date? This is certainly a cute way to catch a guy’s attention and get him to click on your profile.

27. Free 30-Day Trial If you want to keep your profile as short and simple as possible, this is a cute way to do it.

28. I believe soulmates are not just matching shoes. If you believe that true love and soulmates really do exist, this is an amusing way to show it.

29. Looking for someone to out-geek me. When you find someone who is just as unusual as you are, it is really love at first sight. You can also modify this to include any hobby, passion or interest that you are really interested in.

30. I kissed a frog and nothing happened. Online dating is my second try. In the fairy tale about the Frog Prince, a frog turned into a prince after he was kissed. Since that does not actually happen in real life, we use online dating. This is a fun, eye-catching dating headline that you can use to catch someone’s attention.


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