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Best Online Dating Headlines for Males


You just signed up for a new dating site, but you still have not gotten any clicks on your profile. In many cases, the problem is just what is on your profile and how you have set it up. Pick a good, recent picture, rewrite your bio and create a good username. Then, you need the best online dating headlines for males. Your dating headline is one of the first things that ladies will see when they notice your profile, so it has to be eye-catching. If your profile is not getting a lot of love, your dating headline could need an update. The following ideas are some of the best online dating headlines for males. You can use them as they are written or adjust them to include some of your own hobbies, interests and personality traits.

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The Best Online Dating Headlines for Males

1. Adventures needed . . . inquire within. If you want to keep it simple, some of the best online dating headlines for males are in this format. The ellipse forces the reader to stop and pay attention to what you are saying. You can also change the word “adventures” to whatever passion or interest suits you the most.

2. Breaking Free From the Status Quo. If you live an abnormal life, you need someone who is outside of the status quo. Plus, the “breaking free” is an action verb that helps get the reader to notice your dating headline.

3. Magic 8-Ball Says: Pick Me. This is a really cute way to try to get a woman to click on your dating profile.

4. Pick me! Pick me! While it might appear a little needy at times, this is definitely a cute way to get someone to click on you.

5. Normal? Fun? Single? My kinda lady. Sometimes, guys right out a giant list of all the specific qualities they want. When you do this, it really limits your options. Really, how many gluten-free, vegan equestrians are there? Keep it simple by starting with the very, very basic requirements in a date. You never know, someone who has different hobbies and interests might be just what you are looking for.

6. Only animal lovers need apply. You could also switch “animal” to words like “cat” or “dog.”

7. Let’s just throw a dart at a map. If you love to travel and want to date a fellow traveler, this dating headline shows that you are ready to have adventures and see the world.

8. Cuddle Master There are an unbelievable number of profiles that say things like DTF. You don’t want your profile to be one of them. Even if you want a one-night stand only, you need to keep it classy if you want women to date you. With “Cuddle Master,” you show your cute side and that you are interested in more than just sex.

9. They said that geeks will rule the world, but I’m still working 9-5. This option is cute and shows that you are geek, employed and humble about it.

10. 9-5 refugee on the run from boredom. This is another option that shows that you are employed, but it also shows that you are looking for fun and a deeper meaning to your life.

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11. Have strong knees and willing to fall for you. This is seriously corny, but it could work for the right lady.

12. The best weekends are made from nature and adventure. If you want to attract a woman who loves the great outdoors, hiking and experiencing nature, then a dating headline like this one would work great.

13. Let’s take a hike. This is play on the phrase, “take a hike,” but it is also a cute way to show that you love nature and hiking.

14. Looking for a Vulcan I can mind meld with. If you are a Star Trek fan or a sci-fi fan, this is an adorably cute way to show that you are looking for a long-term partner who is interested in the same things.

15. Makeups great, but personality and smiles make the date. This one gets bonus points for rhyming. Plus, it shows that you are not just another superficial guy who wants a DTF date.

16. Totally willing to lie about how we met. This is a funny way to joke about online dating.

17. My kayak has room for two. If you want to find a kayaking partner, this would certainly work.

18. I stopped worrying about finding the right woman and started caring about becoming the right man. This is one way to show that you realize that finding the right woman means that you have to be the right man and her equal.

19. Free 30-Day Trial. This is a cute, clever option.

20. Picnics are my favorite. If you can’t think of anything else, this would work.

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21. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. If you want to attract a music buff, this John Lennon quote would be a great headline.

22. Got a raisin? No? What about a date? This is a little corny, but it might catch the right woman’s attention.

23. I have no rhythm and can’t dance, but I’ll look silly trying for the right woman. It’s always good to show that you don’t mind looking ridiculous and having fun.

24. If my dog likes you, we’ll get along. If my cat likes you, I need to a new date. This is a funny way to show that you are an animal lover.

25. I haven’t met a book I didn’t like. This is a good way to find a fellow book lover.

26. Microbrews, hiking trails and sunshine make me happy. Showing your interests in the headline can help you find someone who matches your personality well.

27. I’ll walk the line. This Johnny Cash line can help you find a fellow fan.

28. I have a green thumb and I know how to use it. Use this if you love gardening and want a fellow nature lover.

29. I might not be perfect, but I can follow directions. This shows that you are always willing to change to make the woman of your dreams happy.

30. I can cook and do massages. Need I say more? It might sound a little cocky, but a cook and masseuse is always a great date.


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