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Best Time to Text a Girl


You have a crush on a girl, and you just want to know if she likes you back or not. You did manage to get her phone number, so you are hopeful that she could like you. Either that, or she was just being polite. Whatever the case, your goal is to text her, find out if she is interested and woo her heart. Now, you just need to know the best time to text a girl. Should you text her during the day or late at night? Is any time of day better than another time of day?

First, we should cover when you should not text her. If you know that she is busy or has her phone turned off, don’t send her a text. Yes, she would still get the message later, but this option would put you into emotional turmoil. For example, you text her at the start of the school day, but you know that her phone is on silent while she is at school. Throughout the entire day, you are anxious because she might just sneak away to check her messages. Has she seen it yet? If she doesn’t check her phone before leaving school, then you spend the entire afternoon and evening nervously waiting to find out if she will text you back.

In this type of scenario, you may make some bad choices. You may suddenly text her again to see if she got your message. Then, you might make the mistake of texting again and again to see if she got the message. It sounds crazy, but it is a common mistake. You become so nervous about texting her that you end up coming off as compulsive or needy. This is the last thing that you want to do. If you want to woo her heart, you have to be smart. Text her when you know that she will actually have a chance to respond within a few hours—at the very least, avoid texting her when you know that she cannot respond.

Skip the Late Night Texts

Texting a girl late at night can end up backfiring on you. Even if you are completely sober, she might assume that you are drunk texting her and do not really mean what you say. Plus, it can be rather inconsiderate. Many people go to bed fairly early if they have to wake up for work or school. If you text her late at night, it could wake her up. The last thing you want to do is make her grumpy by waking her up in the middle of the night. Even if she thinks you are serious, she will be less inclined to message you back if she is annoyed with you.

Try Texting After the Work Day

If you want to increase the chances that she sees the text and has the time to respond, text her after the school day or work day is over with. If she planned on responding to you ever, then this timing will make it more likely that she can actually answer. Plus, she will be able to answer in a timely enough way that you do not become so nervous that you over-text her.

Don’t text at exactly five because it will seem like you were counting down the minutes until the work day is through. Sometime between 5:30 and 8:00 is probably the best choice for the first time that you text her.

What to Do Next

After you have texted her, don’t do anything at all. You just have to assume that she will get the message and hope for the best. If you text her again, it can come across as needy instead of confident. The last thing you want to do is annoy her, so just wait.

If she does like you, she may wait a few hours before she responds just to avoid seeming over-eager. Don’t read too much into a quick or a slow reply. A quick reply may mean she didn’t think it through because she only sees you as a friend, or she may be eager to talk to you. A slow reply could mean she is busy, forgot to respond right away or doesn’t want to seem too eager. Don’t read too much into how long it takes her to reply. Just wait for her answer and then text her back. You can text her back immediately after she responds if you want to because you can assume she wants an answer if she message you back. Also, you want her to think that you like her, and responding immediately to her texts is a sign that you are interested. If she never actually responds to your initial text, then you can always send another message in a few days just in case she didn’t get your message. If she doesn’t respond to that one, then you can safely assume that she does not like you back.


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