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100 Badass Biker Names


Whether you grew up in biker culture or just bought your first motorcycle, it is time to get the right, badass biker name. Your nickname will often be given by someone else on your crew, but you may want to nudge the process along a bit. These names may be directly related to how you look, your bike or some detail about yourself. If you can’t think of the perfect biker name, we have a list with a number of different options that you can choose.


50 Badass Biker Names for Guys

1. Texas: Obviously, this would be a great name for a biker from Texas, but it could be figurative as well. After all, everything is bigger in Texas.

2. Forger: I’m not even sure what this means, but it sounds good.

3. Gunner: This is for the military man in your crew.

4. Gearhead: I feel like this would be a good name for the one guy who knows everything about fixing and repairing motorcycles.

5. Brewer: For the beer lover in your group.

6. Shovelhead: You could use this name, but it doesn’t sound very nice.

7. Cueball: A game of pool, anyone?

8. Mammoth: This is the perfect name for that burly guy who seems too big to even ride a bike.

9. Patriot: At least one guy in the group always has an American flag displayed somewhere on his bike or gear.

10. Army: Obviously, this could be an easy nickname for an Army guy.

11. Crow: This sounds slightly intimidating.

12. Saddle: For the saddlebags, of course!

13. Gears: Another name that works well for guys who know exactly what they are doing when they fix up their bike.

14. Big Bass: When you can’t find another nickname, this option works well.

15. Popeye: I love this nickname, and you don’t have to only use it as badass biker names.

16. Rock: This is for that really muscular and burly fella.

17. Griller: This is another nickname that sounds fairly intimidating.

18. Brute: Brute is defintely not the name for the thinker in your group, unless you are trying to be ironic.

19. Smokey: I like this nickname.

20. Capone: Capone was a legendary gangster in Chicago, and this name would fit perfectly for a mafia-like guy.

21. Chains: Easy, simple and to the point. I like it.

22. Tiny: Hopefully, you are just using this name ironically. If you actually give a tiny guy this name, he may get an ego complex.

23. Man: Choose this name if you want to have nicknames completely devoid of creativity.

24. Tank: This is for the fairly built guy in the group.

25. Snoopy: This is probably too adorable to truly be a badass biker name.

26. Ink: For the guy with all the tattoos.

27. Breaker: You don’t want to mess with this fella!

28. Bear: This is for the hairier guy in the group. He looks like a grizzly bear, but is all teddy bear on the inside.

29. Shotgun: This could refer to chugging bear or guns. You choose.

30. Hawk: I love this name.

31. Buzz: This sounds cool, but what does it really refer to? Hair cuts? Outer space?

32. Knuckles: This is the guy that you should never mess with.

33. Trucker: Probably not the most logical name for a biker.

34. Foghorn: If he has a deep voice that carries forever, choose this name.

35. Rooster: This is for the cockier fella in your biker gang.

36. Rider: An obvious choice.

37. Boulder: This is for the guy who is so big that he looks like a boulder. Or, he could just like bouldering, which is another badass hobby to have.

38. Grinder: Probably not the nickname of choice for your friendlier, more affable guys.

39. Buffalo: Buffalo sounds awesome.

40. Rubble: Choose this name for the guy that tends to turn everything into just rubble.

41. Brick: Because he’s built like a brick house.

42. Handlebar: Naming guys after parts of a motorcycle seems like a fairly obvious option to go with.

43. Butch: This is a perennial favorite for tough guys everywhere.

44. Iron: I like this name for biker guys.

45. Snake: This name would be even better if the guy actually has a snake tattoo.

46. Ironclad: If Iron wasn’t creative enough for you, try Ironclad instead.

47. Tats: This is for the guy with a lot of tattoos.

48. Mac: I feel like this would be a good name for Irish guys who want to represent their heritage.

49. Doc: This is always a fun name.

50. Eagle: This is for the eagle-eyed guy in your group or the patriotic biker.

50 Badass Biker Names for Girls

1. Stiletto: It takes one smoking hot girl to bear this name!

2. Mad Dog: I feel like a girl with this nickname is not someone prone to late nights of wine and rom-coms.

3. Bear Trap: It would be more ironic if there is a guy in the group with the nickname, “Bear.”

4. Peanut: This is too adorable to be truly badass.

5. Goldie: This is for the golden-haired gal in your group.

6. Kitty: This is just adorable, and it would be a great name for a Katherine or Mikayla.

7. Raisin: Cute enough.

8. Shorty: I don’t think I would like being called Shorty.

9. Smoke: Perhaps a name for your 4/20 friendly gal?

10. Angel: Because she looks like an angel, but rides like the devil.

11. Kiki: This is perfect for anyone who’s name starts with a C or K.

12. Kiwi: Because she loves kiwis?

13. Rivet: This has a strikingly badass sound to it.

14. Silky: I imagine a girl with the name Silky would have amazing hair.

15. Margarita: You know that a Margarita would love to have fun.

16. Fox: She’s clever and cunning, so call her Fox.

17. Garter: Garters are sexy, so why not give yourself this as a nickname?

18. Mexico: You can always name your crew after where they are from.

19. Ginger: It makes more sense to have a red-haired Ginger.

20. Foxy: This is for the foxy ladies out there.

21. Sprocket: Using parts as your inspiration always works.

22. Ducky: This is just adorable.

23. Cougar: If you have an older woman who is as fine as ever, Cougar makes the perfect name.

24. Queenie: This is for the Alpha lady in your group.

25. Archie: Mix it up with a name like Archie.

26. Tequila: You know that Tequila knows how to party.

27. Crush: This is either a super muscular gal or the girl everyone has a crush on.

28. Claws: You do not want to get in a fight with Claws, that’s for sure.

29. Panther: Panther is such a sexy-sounding name.

30. Poison: Poison sounds like someone extremely dangerous.

31. Bumblebee: Bumblebee is absolutely adorable.

32. Legs: Give this nickname to the girl with the best legs in your group.

33. Siren: Sirens used to lure fishermen to their deaths, so this would be an ominous choice.

34. Fishnet: I feel like Fishnet would be a woman with a lot of sass or daring stockings.

35. Nails: Watch out for the nails!

36. Hornet: She stings like a hornet, so be careful not to anger her!

37. Mama Bear: This is for the protective girl who is everyone’s DD.

38. Corset: You know that the girl with this name looks amazing.

39. Lambchops: I’m not even sure what this nickname would be a reference to.

40. Banshee: This might be a reference to her antics in the bedroom or in the street. You choose.

41. Pinky: This is cute and sweet sounding.

42. Bonnie: Now, all she needs is to find her Clyde.

43. Lashes: Give this to the lady with the loveliest lashes.

44. Lolita: Watch out for this girl because looks can be deceiving.

45. Black Widow: Guys might be wary about dating a woman with this moniker.

46. Minnie: Where’s Mickey?

47. Taz: A perfect name for your personal Tasmanian devil.

48. Old Lady: I know this is a popular name in many social circles, but I’ve never liked it much.

49. Speed Queen: This is for the woman who can never slow down.

50. Lead Foot: Another good name for the speed queen of the group.


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