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100 Bird Baby Names


Birds represent freedom and independence. Famous birds like the phoenix also represent things like immortality and rebirth. Because many of the beautiful meaning behind these plumed creates, a number of parents are searching for bird names for babies. If you want your bundle of joy to have a unique, beautiful name, check out these bird names.

50 Bird Names for Baby Boys

1. Phoenix

The phoenix is a bird in mythology that was said to be reborn every 500 years. It would burn in a fire and then be reborn in the ashes. Interestingly, a number of cultures have a bird like this in their folk stories and myths.

2. Corvus

This lovely Latin name is said to mean crow. Interestingly, researchers have discovered that crows are able to communicate to each other and even have different dialects and languages.

3. Columba

We love this Late Latin name that means dove. The vowel ending also makes it easy to combine with just about any middle name.

4. Akos

This unusual baby name actually comes to us from Turkey. In Turkish, it means falcon.

5. Teal

While this may be more famous as a blue-green color, it is also the name of a kind of duck. The beautiful Eurasian teal has lovely green and blue markings on it.

6. Whistler

Whistler is actually a type of bird from Australia. It is the Australian golden whistler. In Canada, it is also the name of a famous skiing and snowboarding resort that was the host of the Winter Olympics.

7. Vireo

Vireo is an unusual name that sounds like it came from ancient Rome. In modern times, it is the name of a pretty, green-colored bird that sings lovely songs.

8. Altair

Altair is an Arabic name that is said to mean falcon.

9. Callum

Callum is a lovely name that is quite popular in England, Scotland and Ireland. This is a Scottish variation on the name Columba, and it is said to mean dove.

10. Eagle

Eagle is clearly a bird name, although it is fairly uncommon to hear it as a person’s name. With the rise in nature- and animal-inspired names, we think that it might just fit in during the near future.

11. Hawk

Hawk is another name that clearly comes from birds. In nature, the hawk is a hunting bird. Long ago, hunting was an aristocratic sport. While it may be used as a first name tonight, it was originally more common to hear it as a surname.

12. Heron

Heron is a beautiful, elegant bird. It wades in water and has long legs.

13. Efron

Efron comes to us from the Bible. In Hebrew, this word actually means bird. Famously, it was the last name of Zac Efron.

14. Arvid

This name is Scandinavian in origin and means eagle tree.

15. Halcyon

We love this name. The halcyon is known as the kingfisher of birds. In myths, it was a bird who could calm the seas.

16. Jonah

Jonah was a popular name from the Bible. In Hebrew, this name means dove. It was actually the name of a Biblical prophet who was swallowed by a whale or large fish.

17. Shahaf

Shahaf is a unique Hebrew name that means seagull.

18. Nesta

Nesta is a variation on the older name, Agnes. This beautiful name started as a girls name, but it is know a boys name as well. Since it sounds like a bird’s nest, it certainly makes a unique sounding name.

19. Fechine

Fechine is a name that comes from Ireland. This Irish name means raven.

20. Finch

A finch is a type of bird and is in a number of different bird names. Back in medieval times, this was actually a word for a foolish bird. In the dictionary, it also means to swindle.

21. Falcon

Falcon is a type of bird, but we think that would also be an amazing, strong name for a baby boy.

22. Merle

Merle is an unusual sounding name. It is a variation on the old surname, Muriel. In Old French, this word meant blackbird. It was actually a fairly common name in the 1910s and 1920s.

23. Gull

Gull conjures up images of the ocean, beaches and cawing seagulls. The word gull is actually Celtic in origin and means long-winged, swimming birds.

24. Jay

The Jaybird and the blue jay made this name popular centuries ago, but it is still heard today.

25. Swift

There is actually a group of 100 species of birds known as the swift that are known for being fast. This was also the name of the renowned author, Jonathan Swift.

26. Arnold

Arnold is a name that means eagle power.

27. Talon

Talons are the large claws of birds of prey. It comes from French originally and would be a clever name for a baby boy.

28. Bran

Bran comes from a Celtic word that means crow.

29. Horus

Horus is well known as the Egyptian god of the sun. He was famous for having a falcon head instead of a human head.

30. Hula

Hula might make you think of a dance with swaying hips and palm fronds, but this is also a Native American name that means eagle.

31. Culver

Culver is another variation on the name Columba. This English variation also means dove.

32. Colm

This Irish name also means dove.

33. Sparrow

Sparrow is a bird name and is an absolutely adorable name for a baby name. It is often a popular name among New Age movement enthusiasts and nature lovers.

34. Crane

This is the name of a large bird that has long legs and a long neck. The word actually means to extend one’s neck.

35. Chelidon

Chelidon is the Greek name for a bird known as a swallow. In Greek myths, it was the name of the sister of Philomela.

36. Lonan

Lonan is an Irish name that means blackbird. You can use nicknames like Loni or Lonin with this name.

37. Gawain

Gawain comes from a Welsh name that means may hawk. It was also famously the name of one of the Knights of the Round Table.

38. Gannet

Gannet is a name that means goose and would be a modern take on names like Janet or Garret. I

39. Weaver

The Baya weaver is native to India and Asia. It is a type of weaverbird. It was one of the top 1,000 names in the United States during the 19th century.

40. Merlin

Merlin is actually a type of falcon. It is more famously known as the name of a fifth century sorcerer and adviser to King Arthur.

41. Manu

Manu is one of the only Polynesian names on this list. It means bird of the night. In Sanskrit,this name means man. It is famously the name of the Spanish and French musician, Manu Chao.

42. Corbin

Corbin is a baby name that was once inspired by the crow. In ancient legends, it was said to be the castle where the Holy Grail was hidden.

43. Wren

Wren is a type of bird and a popular baby name.

44. Robin

Robin is another type of bird, but it was originally the nickname used for boys named Robert. Famously, it was the name of the actor Robin Williams. k this name suits guys more, probably because of its association with Robin Williams.

45. Byrd

Byrd is a variation on the name Bird, but it has a much hipper sound to it.

46. Wulfram

If you are looking for a name that stands out and is completely unusual, this is the name to choose. This name is said to mean wolf raven.

47. Nestor

We love this Greek name. In ancient Greek myths, it was the name of a ruler who helped the Greeks to win the Trojan War. It connects to bird-related names because it sounds like the word bird’s nest.

48. Griffon

Griffon is a name that comes from the Griffon vulture. A different variation, Griffin, means strong lord.

49. Oriole

The oriole is a type of small blackbird that is native to North America. In Latin, this name means golden.

50. Faulkner

Faulkner is a name that was once the name of an occupation. In medieval times, it was the name of falcon trainers. Back in that era, falconry was a popular sport that required trainers to prepare the birds for the sport.

50 Bird Names for Baby Girls

1. Swan

This is a type of beautiful bird. It was the name of Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean. In Twilight, it was the surname of the character Bella Swan.

2. Drora

Drora comes from Hebrew and means sparrow.

3. Tori

Tori is often a nickname for names like Victoria. In Japanese, Tori actually means bird.

4. Nydia

Nydia is an unusual Latin name that means nest. It sounds like a more modern, unusual version of Lydia.

5. Suzume

Suzume is a Japanese name that means sparrow. It is a unique variation of the name Susan.

6. Rosella

Rosella is a lovely name that is actually a type of Australian parrot and a kind of Australian flower.

7. Einin

Einin is an Irish name that is said to mean little bird.

8. Branwen

Branwen sounds like an old-fashioned name, but it is becoming increasingly common. The name first appeared in Welsh mythology. The words that make up this name actually mean raven and fair.

9. Luscinia

This is a type of nightingale genus that is known for its sweet song.

10. Ava

Ava is a lovely name that dates back for centuries. It comes from a Latin word that means bird. In the United States, it was the fourth most popular name in 2014.

11. Laraline

Laraline is a Latin name that means seagull. It could be a first or a middle name.

12. Raven

Raven became a popular name following the popularity of the That’s So Raven teen show. We think that it is ready for a comeback now.

13. Jae

Jae is a feminine variation on the name Jay. In Latin, it means a bird in the crow family.

14. Gwylan

Gwylan is a lovely, unusual name that comes from Welsh. It means seagull.

15. Yonina

Yonina is a female version of Jonah. It means dove.

16. Morrigan

In Irish myths, Morrigan is a war goddess who is associated with the raven.

17. Aderyn

Aderyn is a Welsh name that means bird. You can also use the nickname Addie with this name.

18. Circe

Circe was a character in Homer’s The Odysseus. She was a sorceress who enticed Odysseus. The name comes from a Greek word that means bird.

19. Aya

Aya is a Hebrew name that means bird.

20. Celandine

Celandine is now used as the name of a pretty flower. In Greek, this name means swallow.

21. Branwen

Branwen is a lovely Welsh name that we think should be much more common than it is. While Bran means raven, wen means fair.

22. Aghavni

Aghavni comes from Armenian and is said to mean dove.

23. Lark

Lark is a clever, unusual name. More recently, it was the name that Mia Farrow and Andre Previn gave to their daughter back in 1973.

24. Philomela

Philomela was a character in Greek myth who transformed into a nightingale to protect herself from a lecherous man. In Greek, this name comes from words that mean love and song. Thus, it means lover of song.

25. Starling

Starling is a small bird that is found in most parts of the world.

26. Phoebe

Phoebe may have been the name of a character on the show Friends, but it actually dates back thousands of years. Phoebe was the name of the Greek goddess of the moon. It means bright and is also the name of a kind of American bird.

27. Alouette

Alouette is a French name that manes skylark. It originally appeared in a children’s song, but it has remained somewhat popular over the years.

28. Faigel

Faigel is a Yiddish name that is said to mean bird.

29. Paloma

Paloma is the Spanish word for dove. It was the name artist Pablo Picasso gave to his baby girl.

30. Sephora

Sephora might be a famous brand of makeup, but it is also a simplified version of the name Tzipporah. In the Bible, she was the wife of Moses. In Hebrew, this name means bird.

31. Zippora

This is a Hebrew name that means bird.

32. Evelyn

Evelyn is an Irish name that means beautiful bird.

33. Jemima

This name comes from the Old Testament. In the Bible, she was one of the daughters of Job. It was also a popular name among the Puritans.

34. Loa

Loa is a type of Icelandic bird.

35. Deryn

Deryn is another Welsh name that means bird. It was more popular in the 1950s, but we think it deserves a comeback.

36. Kestrel

This intriguing name is rare to hear today. It is actually the name of a king of falcon that is well known for flying unbelievably smoothly.

37. Jaret

Jaret is a pretty name that is rare to hear today. We think this bird-related name would be perfect for a baby girl. able.

38. Gwennol

This lovely Cornish name comes from a word that means swallow.

39. Palila

Palila is a name that is Hebrew in origin. This rhythmic Hawaiian name has a melodic sound and means bird.

40. Usoa

Usoa is from a Basque name that means dove.

41. Avis

Avis is another bird-inspired name that sounds similar to the name Ava. In 2013, Daniel Baldwin named his daughter Avis.

42. Dove

Dove is a bird that is unknown as a symbol of peace.

43. Rhea

Rhea was the name of a Greek goddess who was known as the mother of Zeus. It was also the name of a bird that was the cousin of the ostrich. That bird is known for being unusually large and flightless.

44. Sarika

Sarika is a name that comes from Sanskrit. The name is an exotic name that would be lovely for your baby girl.

45. Jarita

We love this Sanskrit name for its uniqueness and natural beauty.

46. Parastoo

Parastoo is a name that comes from Iran. It means swallow. This name easily lends itself to adorable nicknames like Parisa or Pari.

47. Chenoa

Chenoa is from a Native American word that means white dove.

48. Feather

If you want a bird-inspired name that clearly shows its origins, check out the name Feather. While you rarely hear this name today, it was the name of one of the characters in Walter Mosley’s novel.

49. Linnet

Linnet is a lovely name, but is actually the name of a type of bird. A linnet is a tiny bird that is a part of the finch family. We love how hip and modern this name sounds.

50. Bird

If you want something even more obvious than names like Feather, you can just call your daughter Bird. While this would be unusual, it is actually not an unheard of choice. Famously, the First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, went by this name. Her actual first name was Claudia though.


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