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25 Birthday ideas for husband


When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your spouse, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sure, you know everything about them, what they like and dislike, but sometimes that can make it even harder as your options are greatly narrowed down. Of course, giving a gift card is the easiest gift to give, however, when it’s someone like your husband, a gift card is way too impersonal, you need a gift that’s well thought out.    creative birthday gift for husband

Being married comes with a couple ground rules with one of them being about gifts. You can’t re-gift something for your husband or send him an e-card. Regardless if it’s his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day, gifts symbolize your love and appreciation for that person. With this being said, there are endless gift ideas for your husband which are both creative and adjustable to your budget. Let’s look at the twenty-five best gift ideas for husbands.

Boudoir Photos

You probably will have so much fun taking these shots but he’s going to be drooling when he opens up this gift. Though it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, that doesn’t mean you should lose the flame between each other. Boudoir photos are extremely creative and sexy, focusing on keeping the flame sizzling in the relationship. They’re extremely romantic and though are great Valentine’s Day gifts, can be given any time of the year and trust me, your husband will not object to it.

Gift Subscription

Perhaps your husband is fascinated with sports cars or socks or superhero memorabilia. Now, gift subscriptions are amazing because they’re specific and are designed to focus in on that one interest. With gift subscriptions, you’ll be able to make sure that he receives this gift every year, and you get to decide how often he will receive his subscription as it can be sent to him every month, every couple months or on an annual basis.

Customized Gift Basket

If there are a couple small things he’s been eyeing, why not create a gift basket of them for him. Or, you can fill the basket with some of his favorite things such as alcohol, cheese, win, dried meats and other snacks. You’ll probably end up eating them as well, so it’s a win-win. You can even prepare a picnic with the gift basket full of his favorite meals.

Lottery Cards

Just because you don’t have a big budget for his birthday doesn’t mean he can’t be a winner. Lottery cards are a great gift to give if you’re on a small budget. In addition, they’re also really fun to use and plus, who knows, he may even win some money out of it. Not bad, right?

High Tech

Birthday ideas for husband

Not all men love watching sports and power drilling holes in the wall. Some men are more tech-minded and love to see the new gadgets that are on the market. If he’s a techy guy, then you already know that getting him an electronic such as a drone would blow his mind. Wireless headphones, laptop accessories or special apps will lose him for hours as he’s busy tinkering around with them. Finding the right tech item may be challenging in the beginning but look at his daily activities and see if there’s any technology that’ll help him throughout his day.

Homemade coupons

This is certainly a creative way to make a birthday gift for your husband. Make him a coupon book, full of coupons he can use. They can be cute, funny or sexy ideas which will spark his interests and needs. For example, you can have a coupon for one sensual couples bath, serving him breakfast in bed, a coupon for couples massages or one night watching his favorite movie. The coupons can also be based on you taking over daily activities he does such as taking out the trash, washing the car, sleeping in.


If you’re a collector of images, why not make a scrapbook or photo book for your husband, containing all your special memories. These photos hold significant meaning to them and your husband may laugh and tear up while flipping through the pages. It’s about showing the life that you’ve shared together and the many more years to come. If you want to hit his soft spot then a photo book is going to do the trick.


If your husband has an artistic eye or love to do adventurous activities, then he’ll love being able to record it from his perspective. A Go-Pro is a great accessory to have as he can record anything, at any time. He’ll be able to make videos out of his collected material or simply watch himself do crazy sports and activities. This is a great gift for a husband who is an artistic, adventurist or an outdoor enthusiast.

Surprise Work Lunch

If it’s his birthday and he didn’t get the day off that doesn’t mean you can spoil him. Why not surprise him on his birthday with having either food delivered to his work or taking him out to lunch. Just because he has to work doesn’t mean he can’t have fun on his big day, right?

Sporting Events

unique birthday gifts for husband

If your husband is a fan of football, hockey, handball or tennis, then why not take him to a game? For sure he has a favorite team and he’s probably told you that a thousand times so why not take him to the game where his team is playing. You’ll get to see him dressed up in his team’s jersey and fall in love with you all over again.

Surprise Party

Now, not everyone loves surprises but if he’s a party guy that loves to socialize with family and friends, why not have them all in one place to celebrate his big day? If it’s his birthday, a surprise party is a great gift, especially if he already has everything. Depending on your husband, you can even do a themed party as well. He’ll be amazed that you managed to pull it off with him knowing, plus, he’ll be touched to see all the people he loves come out to see him.


If he’s a fan of poetry and you’re a good writer, then you can write a love poem for your husband. In addition, you can even print it out and have it framed. Listen, it doesn’t really matter how you present it to him, the point is, you wrote him something honest and full of love. It can be a haiku, sonnet, or really any style that you’re comfortable writing in – it’s all up to you.

Now, if he’s a fan of poetry but you’re not a writer then you can always find a poem which represents how you feel and either read it or give it to him. Poetry is a great way to express your feelings to your husband on this special day.

A Watch

If you husband loves having a nice accessory to tie his outfit together, then you can’t go wrong with a watch. If he already has a watch, don’t worry, you can never have enough watches. If he’s an outdoorsy guy, you can get his a water-resistance, shock-proof watch that he can wear when he’s hiking or biking. If he’s a man that loves to wear a good suit, get him a simple and classic watch that he can wear dressed up or down. Plus, if he has time management problems, this is a great gift to get him connected to time.


Some men are strictly against receiving any gifts and other men have everything they could ask for already. So, what are you going to do then? Well, you can always donate money to your husband’s favorite charity organization in his name instead. It always makes someone feel good when they help other people and doing it on his special day will make it even more memorable.

Cooking Class

Does your husband love food? I mean, is he a foodie? If so, then taking him to a cooking class will knock his socks off. You can take him to a cooking class at a culinary school or have him cook a meal with a personal chef. Either way, he’ll get to learn a couple new tricks in the kitchen which will pay off in the long-run. I mean, you’ll be the lucky girl who gets to eat it!


birthday ideas for husband

If you know his favorite band is coming out, then why not buy the tickets and take him to the show. You can start with a nice dinner, have some drinks and then end the night with him watching a band that he loves with his wife by his side. What more could he ask for?

Love Letters

This is a great way to express your feelings for him in a creative and also budget-friendly way. Love letters can be used for any occasion, whether it’s his birthday, anniversary or Christmas. You also have an endless amount of ways to write a love letter. It can be a traditional letter or a cute flipbook, showing the different reasons of why you love him. If you want to give him an honest and heartful gift, writing him a love letter will certainly do just that.

Weekend Getaway

Not all men like to receive gifts, some would rather have an experience shared with their partner instead. Well, if this is the case, then why not go on a weekend getaway? Surprise them with packed bags and head to another city or state for the weekend. Research and book ahead of time if there are specific things you’d like to do. Maybe he’s into visiting wine country, surfing at the beach, visiting museums or simply exploring a new town. Whatever it is that he likes to do, a weekend is just enough time to get it done. There are an endless amount of things to do as you can even take him on a helicopter ride around the city and end the night in a beautiful bed and breakfast.

Grooming Kit

If your husband is a fan of beards or takes very good care of their facial hair in general, then you should definitely consider getting him a shaving and grooming kit. The kit should include aftershave, shaving cream, shaving gel, shaving balm and razor. Of course, if your husband has a beard, then you need to look for beard oil, balm or moustache wax. He’ll appreciate the care and concern you have over his beard because trust me, he really invests a lot of time in making sure his facial hair looks good.

Scavanger Hunt

Some husbands love to hunt for their gift, love to be presented with a challenge before getting what they want. So, why not create a scavenger hunt? Now, this will definitely take some heavy planning on your side as you’ll need to leave connecting clues in places that your husband will recognize or visit. Of course, the end of the scavenger hunt will end up with the grand finale gift which can be an actual gift, you in bed or dinner at his favorite spot. At the end of the day, he won’t really care about the prize, it was more about the hunt that was the thrill.

Outdoor Activities

If your husband is an outdoor enthusiast, then he would love a gift that’s revolved around spending time in the great outdoors. Now, you can do something which is connected to his favorite activity such as hiking or biking, but you can also pick something that he’s always wanted to try but never did, such as surfing. It’s a great way to spend quality time together while also experiencing the beauty of nature.


If your husband is a handyman, well, why not add to their collection of tools. There are an endless amount of tools you can get him such as a tool organizer, toolbelt, engraved tools or a magnetic wristband for screws, nuts and bolts. If you want to amp it up, then you can upgrade your husbands standard tools by getting him a cordless drill or a laser distance measurer. Sure, he has the traditional tools but getting the high-tech ones will certainly help him out with his DIY projects. Any man who has his own tool shed and workshop will appreciate the thought that went into buying him the perfect tool for his collection.

A Hotel Night

So many you both don’t have the time or budget to have a weekend getaway in another city or state but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a getaway in your own town. Rent a nice hotel room for the night, get the robes on, order room service and enjoy spending time together. If you have children, you’ll be able to leave them with a babysitter but won’t have to worry about being far away. A real win-win, right?

Beer Making Kit

best romantic gifts for husband

Some guys love wine while other love beer. But if your man is a beer fanatic, then he’ll love a beer making kit or a visit to a local brewery. If your husband has a true appreciation for beer, then let his mind explode by giving him the power to make his own beer and really test his hand at one of his favorite beverages to drink.

Some breweries will host brewing class but you can also purchase your husband his own beer making kit that he can play around with. But if you’re looking for a smaller gift, there are tons of beer-inspired gifts such as beer scented soap and personalized bottle openers.

Couples Massages

Now, most people enjoy being able to lay back and relax. So, why not get couples massages? This way, you get to spend time with your husband while also getting some of the perks from his birthday as well. If your husband is someone who needs to take a load off their feet, then a day at the spa is a great gift for him as you two will both leave the spa feeling refreshed and relaxed.


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