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Black Panther: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning


The black panther is a popular totem and spirit animal. In the wild, this beautiful creature is actually quite rare. Known as a predator, this animal can be quite dangerous. You can find black panthers in Africa and Asia. Depending on where they are, they may look similar to a leopard or a jaguar.

Black Panther Symbolism

Over the years, panthers have been a popular symbol in art, culture and literature. In stories like the Jungle Boo, they have been portrayed as the terrible evildoer. In more recent years, the black panther has enjoyed a better image as modern humans fall in love with this creatures natural beauty. Today, the black panther is associated with a number of meanings and symbols when it is a spirit animal or totem.


Black Panther: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

The black panther is typically thought of as a protective, strong and powerful creature. This makes sense because the black panther is impressively strong. While the panther only weighs about 64 to 100 pounds, it is able to completely strangle its prey by using its jaws. Other cats like the cheetah rely on speed to catch their prey, but the black panther uses its strength and cunning. This creature will lie in wait for its prey before ambushing it when the time is right.

While the black panther can be terrifying for its prey, it is quite protective of those it loves. It is fiercely protective of its children and territory. This creature is also well-known for its power and strength.


The Symbol of the Black Panther in Different Cultures

Panther Spirit Animal

Throughout history, many different cultures have used the black panther as a symbol. In Europe, the panther often appears on monuments and tombstones. In the Austrian state of Styria, it was actually adopted as the official symbol.

In ancient Rome, the panther was often used on tombstones. Sometimes, the Romans would carve the panther onto gateways and entrances as a way of guarding the home or building. In Australia’s New South Wales, the phantom panther has attained a legendary status. No one is certain that it really exists, but many locals claim to have seen this mysterious predator.

Meanwhile, ancient Egyptians actually had a goddess who looked like part of a panther. Bastet was half cat and half woman. She was known as the goddess of warfare and was typically painted black. The ancient Egyptians worshiped this goddess and built great temples to her.

Later, the ancient Greeks made a similar goddess known as Ailuros. This was the goddess of warfare and protection. In more recent years, the black panther is often poached for its fur. Some people kill it out of fear or because it eats livestock. While the panther is admired by many, it faces a growing risk of extinction in modern life. Like many animals, its natural habitat is being reduced by human civilizations.


The Meaning of the Black Panther as a Totem

Symbolic Panther Meaning

When the black panther is your totem, it brings along a lot of strength and power. It is considered the ultimate symbol of strength. If someone is born under the totem of the black panther, they will most likely become mentally and physically strong. Other people notice their stability and moral strength.

The black panther is also said to represent intuition. In the wild, the panther will lie in wait for its prey. It has an intuitive sense of when the prey will arrive. The panther knows how to rely on itself to get food. It will ambush the prey before the animal can even protect itself. People who have the black panther as a totem receive similar qualities. They know what their opponent will do next and can find the weakest link when the time is right.

The black panther is also a symbol of bravery. This spirit animal is said to bring boldness and courage to life. The panther is always willing to do extra work to get what it wants. People with this spirit animal are able to get what they want no matter what obstacles are in their way. Known for its strength, this spirit animal is physically and mentally strong. Individuals with this spirit animal listen to their own intuition and don’t rely on other people’s advice. They have learned through the panther that they should rely on their own skills to get what they want out of life.

People who have this spirit animal are natural leaders and protectors. When you are with one of these people, you never feel like you are in danger. Unfortunately, this means that people under this totem may be more aggressive than they need to when they want something. At times, this can end up costing them more than it benefits them.

This totem is also said to be inspirational. As a natural leader, they inspire other people to do their best and to strive for what they want. The black panther awes those people around it with its power and inspirational aura. For centuries, this totem has been a symbol of magic. The black fur inspires fear and wonder in all that see it. Long ago, shamans often wore the panther’s fur around them to represent their leadership, magic and power.

The black panther is also said to represent darkness because of its predatory nature and dark fur. In some cases, this spirit animal can teach you how to fight the darkness. With the panther’s strength, you are able to get the courage and bravery you need to take the next step in life. People with this totem get the panther’s adventurous spirit and bravery. The panther is also said to represent feminine energy. They are able to pick up on the smallest details through their sharp senses and alert minds.

Panther Animal Totem

The Black Panther in Your Dreams

If you dream about a black panther, it may be a sign that danger lurks around you. This is especially true if the panther is stalking you in the dream. It means that there are people around you who are not actually trustworthy. If the panther attacks you and you live, then these people will not be able to triumph over you.

In more positive dreams, the black panther represents courage and power. If this spirit animal crosses your path, it shows that you are protected from all bad things. It can also remind you to focus on the good things in life and let go of the bad things. You have the strength and courage you need to succeed, but you have to follow your inner intuition.


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