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Game clues for characters 

The Board Game

Created in 1949 Clue has become a classic and one of the most entertaining board game as it drives the players through mystery and solving course which will grant  lots of entertainment as the players are involved within a commotion full of drama, action, mystery, and suspense . In this popular game, players will find themselves in the process of figuring out which of the characters committed a murder performed on the victim named Mr. Boddy and what item would the assassin use to perform such crime and where it was performed. All the characters are suspects.


Miss Scarlet

Named after a color Miss Scarlet will be represented in the course by a red piece. This suspect is the sexiest and the flirtiest of the characters within the game. She is a brainy woman that knows she is very beautiful and will not hesitate on using her beauty to her advantage to guard herself. When she was young, she captivated all the attention on which made her mother mad. In the other hand, Miss Scarlet strongly believes that her mother hides a vast amount of wealth and her mother is not sharing any of this money, the younger Scarlet will date wealthy bachelors jumping from one to another without a doubt, hoping her beauty and charm will never end accompanying her into her next will. Is there something to be careful with this female?

Mr. John Green

Known as Mr. Green and exhibited by the green piece of the board. You will encounter with a character who is a smooth talker. He comes from a family of professionally unscrupulous members. His mom announces fortunes every time she has the chance and his dad will represent a lowdown human friendly with the things that are not his. Mr. Green heard a calling in spirituality. He goes to the world setting traveling tends and asking people to give him money for the less fortunate, but the less fortunate will not know nothing about the money or Mr. Green. In one of these travels, “reverend” Green encounters Mr. Boddy with some certain dealings. Wondering if Mr. Boddy has something on Mr. Green?


Colonel Mustard

The adventurer character shown as the yellow piece will hold knowledge from a military background. In the British version you will call his first name as Michael. Colonel Mustard likes to go on hunting; this means he still practices his archery and shooting. He is a great looking and handsome man with a proud and clever behavior. Don’t even think on crossing his path because he will love to challenge you to a duel and he will be very “polite” on asking due to he is not afraid to speak his mind. Colonel Mustard has been overwhelmed by both Miss Scarlett and Mrs. Peacock and they must have a glimpse into the future because Colonel Mustard is a tough man to accuse.

Mrs. Peacock

The color of a clear sky represents also Mrs. Peacock’s dress; the blue piece on the board. She is a widow that remembers her husband’s death by consuming all of his state due to the luxury and extravagant lifestyle she maintains. She is a well-educated woman with great manners, but is this something you can rely on? Knowing that all of her husbands have died mysteriously or disappeared, could Mr. Boddy be declared as her next victim?


Mrs. Blanche White

Moving in the board as a white colored pawn, Mrs. White is the maid of the event and will not be immune against the accusations. A cleaning woman who’s appearance is commonly disparaging. She will not own an important name but she takes her domestic labor very seriously. If there is something missing from its rightful places, she better not know about it.


Professor Plum

Let him be the purple piece in the event walking along the other suspects with that purple suit. Representing a middle aged person, Professor Plum would be so smart if he wasn’t so scatterbrained. Being at any part of any day he will not remember where he has been in the last five minutes. He is a very outgoing and intelligent man with some good natured heart (if that even exists) and by being an absent minded he would steal his own things. But could he remember an assassination?


Your role

As a player you will find a scenario of possibilities that will lead to an assassination. You will have to figure out who acted on which motive and how he or she did it. A game that makes some real entertainment and difference each time you play it.


For development purposes, society itself enters in a process of formation or growth. The game Clue, as part of society’s entertainment, is subject of evolution. Know that in 2008 Hasbro has updated the board game and adapted the characters to modern activities.

-The past will not leave Kasandra Scarlet (red) alone, as she develops herself as an A list movie star.

-Someone you can pay to link you with lots of connections to help you out will be Jacob Green (green).

-A former football player who tries to get his own glory dressing in yellow named Jack Mustard.

-From a wealthy family, will use her status and money to earn popularity. The blue sapphire! Eleanor Peacock!

-A former child star named Diane White (White) is desperate to find fame again.

-A billionaire game designer named Victor Plum (purple) who embrace his new popularity.


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