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100 Book Club Names


If you are starting a book club with your friends, then you need to find the perfect name for your club. Often, people choose book club names based on the types of books that they read. For example, a mystery book club might name itself after Sherlock Holmes or Baker Street. You can also name your club after your city or common traits that everyone in your club shares. To help you get started on finding the perfect book club names, we have compiled a list of 100 different names that you can use.

 Best Book Club Names

1. Whole New Life Book Club: You are not just reading books. You are gaining access to a whole new life and a different way of thinking.

2. Loyal Friends: Ernest Hemingway said that “there is no friend as loyal as a book.” Use this name to show that your friends and your books are loyal.

3. R.E.A.D.: This stands for readers enjoy, authors dream.

4. Book War: You might not always agree on what you think about the different books, but you all love coming together to discuss them.

5. Closet Geek Book Club: No one in your normal life has any clue that you spend all of your time secretly geek-ing out over books.

6. A Novel Idea: This is such an adorable name for a book club. It is a play on words based on the dual meanings of the word novel.

7. Masters of Words: This is an awesome name.

8. Mixed Minds: Use this if your book club has a tendency to alternate between different types or genres of books.

9. Famished for Fiction: If you all love to read fiction books, this would be an awesome name to go with.

10. Literary Ladies: This book club name wins bonus points for alliteration.

Book Club Names

11. Terrific Morrison: If your book club tends to focus on the works of a specific author, you can use that author’s name in the club’s name.

12. The Geek Group: Cute!

13. Better Read Than Dead: This gets bonus points for rhyming.

14. Enveloped Dickinson: Emily Dickinson was a phenomenal writer.

15. Witty Whitman: Whitman is a good author to choose if your book club likes to read a lot of poetry.

16. Beyond the Book: Use this name if you do not just read books. You discuss them, analyze them and use them as inspiration for your own life.

17. The Secrets of the Book: This sounds like the name of a book club that enjoys reading self-help books.

18. Rustic Frost: This is a pretty sounding name.

19. Make Me Shakespeare: Understanding Shakespeare can take years, but it is always easier to do in a book club.

20. Literary Alliance: This is an awesome sounding book club name.

21. Wordsworth by Nature: This is another one of the names that is inspired by a specific author.

22. Coffee, Books and More: If your book club likes to discuss novels over coffee, this name will represent that fact.

23. Nascent Minds: This is a cute name.

24. Magical Coleridge: If you like Coleridge, go with this name.

25. Wordsmiths: This would be more appropriate for writers than readers, but it still works.

26. Alliance of Words: Alliance makes your name sound like something from Star Trek.

27. Paradise of Pursuit: This is awesome.

28. The Word Worms: Did you know that bookworms were an actual worm that liked to eat books?

29. The Plath to Enlightenment: This is such a clever book club name if you guys love to read Sylvia Plath.

30. Tough Eliot: Nice!

31. The Nerd Herds: This is one of the few rhyming book club names on this list.

32. Rosy Readers: This book club name wins bonus points for rhyming.

33. Summer Book Club: Before school starts, many teachers will assign a specific reading list. To get more out of your reading, turn your assignment into a group activity.

34. Bookworms: This is a fairly obvious option, although it is certainly one of the cutest ones.

35. The Joy Luck Club: This name is based on the title of an actual book.

36. The Book Chicks: Cute!

37. Ladies Corner: This is a good name for an all women group.

38. Women, Wine and Words: This gets bonus points for alliteration. Plus, it definitely shows what people can expect from your book club.

39. Reading Enchantment: Reading is enchanting, isn’t it? You could also mix this up by turning it into Enchanted Readers.

40. Red Hat Readers: This is for red hat clubs that like to read as well. List of clever Book Club Names

41. Words of Wisdom: Nice!

42. Flaming Desire: If your book club tends to focus on romances, use this name.

43. Bitter Sweet Book Club: This is a cute name.

44. Witty Women Book Club: If your book club consists of witty women, this is the option to choose.

45. The Classic Ladies Book Club: Use this name if your book club tends to focus on the classics instead of more modern works.

46. Page of Pages: This would be a great book club for children. They could use a knight and a page for their emblem.

47. Novel Newts: This is another book club name that would be great for children.

48. Word Worms: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

49. Circle of Sisters: Cute!

50. Wives Turned Philosophers: If everyone in your group is a married woman, then use this name to show it.

51. Sassy Divas Book Club: Because all of the divas in your club are sassy!

52. Skim-Scan Book Club: This is one of the most fun names on this list because it is so enjoyable to say it aloud.

53. Armchair Adventurers: Some people buy plane tickets and spend thousands of dollars to go on an adventure. You get the same adventures, but they are in your mind from the comfort of your armchair.

54. Book Buzz: This is simple and cute. Plus, it is easy to remember because of the alliteration.

55. Wise Words: Alliteration is always a good way to make your book club names a bit easier to remember.

56. Hooked on Books: You are not hooked on phonics. You are hooked on books.

57. Ladies of the Lake: This is taken from a classic story.

58. Flattery Words: Cute!

59. Cover to Cover Book Club: This is a clever option. I think it would be fun to change the lyrics to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s popular song to “I like big books and I cannot lie” and use it as your theme song. There is actually a librarian on YouTube who already did just that!

60. What’s in a Name?: This book club name is actually taken from a line in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

List of clever Book Club Names

61. Black Dots Book Club: Cute!

62. Between Friends Literary Group: Because you keep your discussions between friends.

63. Books & Beyond: This sounds like a play on the name of the retail store, Bed, Bath and Beyond.

64. Movable Feast Book Club: Your books are a feast for the eyes and for the spirit. Unlike other feasts, it is fairly easy to move.

65. Literary Ladies: Cute!

66. Happy Bookers: This is a fun option.

67. Famished for Facts: This name uses alliteration and is great if you like to focus on non-fiction books.

68. Between the Covers: This is such an adorable book club name.

69. More Than a Book Club: A book is not just a book. It is an endless adventure, new information, romance, excitement and a window to another world all at once.

70. Great Beginnings: Awesome.

71. Afterthoughts Book Club: This gets points for having ABC as the acronym. Plus, your book club members discuss their afterthoughts after reading each book.

72. ChickLits: Chick lit is a genre, but it could also be the name for a group of ladies who love reading literature.

73. Diamonds in the Rough: Other people might not think as much of your diamonds in the rough as you do, but you know that they are great.

74. Great Expectations: This is from the title of a popular Charles Dickens book.

75. Novels at Night: For book clubs that like to meet at nice.

76. Epiphany’s Circle: This is one of the cuter book club names on the list.

77. The Bookies: This is absolutely adorable.

78. Wine and Wit: This name really says it all.

79. Safari Book Club: Use this if you use books as a way to go on your own adventures.

80. Dare to Dream Book Club: Books are an opportunity for you to build your dreams and explore the dreams of other people.

Book Club Names

81. Ladies’ Lair Book Club: Cute!

82. Little Black Book Club: This is an adorable name.

83. The Book Cover Girls: Are you a cover girl or a book cover girl? Who knows?

84. Divine Eyes: This is how your eyes feel after reading an amazing book.

85. The Good Book Club: This might be a fairly simple name for a book club, but it really says everything that it needs to.

86. The Urban Reader: This is a good option if you have a book club that tends to meet in the city.

87. Just Read: Do you need anything more than a good book? The key to happiness is finding a good book and just reading it.

88. The Book Bags: Bags could be a pun, or you could just take this book club name at face value.

89. The Reading Cafe: This would be a great book club name if your group likes to meet in a cafe to read and discuss the book.

90. Clue: The Mystery Lovers Book Club: If your club prefers to read mystery novels, this is an excellent option to choose.

91. The Mighty Pen Book Club: This comes from the popular saying that the pen is mightier than the sword.

92. Gals and Books: This might be a bit easy, but it works.

93. Sherlocked: If you love reading mystery novels like Sherlock, this is a perfect name to choose.

94. The VIP Book Club: The VIP stands for Very Important Pages.

95. Baker Street Books: This is another book club name that comes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

96. The Sensational Readers Club: Cute!

97. Just for Fun Book Club: If you prefer to read for just fun, say it with book club names like this one.

98. Page Turners: Because you only choose books that make you want to keep turning the pages.

99. Knights of the Novel: This is a cute option and works great if you want to have a mascot as well.

100. Tattered Page Book Club: This is a fun option to choose as your book club name.


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