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Books of Spells for Black Magic – Why We All Have Them (It’s Not What You Think)


I have a belief. I believe whatever is will come to be. That means if you open your heart, what is inside will manifest in the outside world, as you’ll create it once you set it free.

Now, the thing is since childhood we’ve learned an awful lot of “spells” (manipulation of the world around us) that have nothing to do with manifesting our heart, but everything to do with manifesting our subconscious. We control our surroundings using spells that actually harm not only those around us, but also ourselves, because we are kept living in the prison of our subconscious mind.

I am helpless => someone takes care of me

I care => someone wants me to take care of them => I want them to keep needing me

I am hard to get => someone who loves a challenge chases me

Someone’s hard to get => I love a challenge so I chase them => I get them => I no longer want them, so I push them away => they’re hard to get => I chase them

I do well => I get praise

I fuck up => I get care

I fuck up => I get attention

I act sexy => I get attention

There are so many “spells” we can charm those around us with, but the spells are the very kind of spells that will ruin our life. Black magic. It will keep us in the traps of our subconscious mind.

The issue is, most of the time we have no clue we’re doing it.

Then there’s that unnerving moment when you realize you fear someone will succeed because you think they’ll no longer want you if they do. Because if they’re successful, they can have that hot chick in Hollywood. So you put them down (“you nut – Hollywood is just a superficial game and someone like you would never fit in”), so they still feel small and are lured to still need your love and praise to feel good.

It’s those moments, those unnerving moments when we see our own black magic, that set us free. Because suddenly we have choice. We have a choice to become the white witch we want to be and live our life in accordance with our heart. We might lose people who like to stay within the confines of their ego/subconscious mind, but we will find something that serves our heart.

Ever had a friend complain, or complained yourself, that the person they’re dating has suddenly started hitting on someone who is manipulating them? Why is he going for that bitch when he could have you? Well, if he falls for her tricks, is he really the kind of man you want? Or are you just living out your subconscious patterns by keeping him in your life?

Letting go of what doesn’t serve us can be painful, because usually at some point or another we were enchanted with it. That very guy who’s now hitting on someone who is wielding black magic made us feel good. The guy that only need us to tell him he’s great, once made us feel good. And we hold onto that feeling of goodness even if the cause for it is long gone, or even if they still make us feel good sometimes we know being with them is preventing us from being with someone who’d be with us just to explore our heart. We’re scared we won’t find what we seek if we let go, so we hold onto whatever little goodness we have, or once had.

To get to the place of seeing the truth isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of mindfulness. Our sudden desire to be hard to get, or feeling helpless, or dressing like a sex kitten, or telling someone Hollywood is for losers, seems very real. Thoughts and feelings appear ever so real most of the time. But what’s the purpose behind them? There’s nothing wrong with dressing like a sex kitten, but there’s an issue is if you’re doing it to get attention for your body as you think you can’t get love for your soul. Nor is there something wrong with telling someone Hollywood is for losers, if you really believe that it is and it would hurt them going there (though I’m here to inform you Hollywood can be rather lovely). The real truth lies in the purpose behind your actions and words. Are you the one running the show, or is your subconscious running it?

Letting go is an art. Living from your heart instead of your mind is an art.

White magic isn’t easy, but I do believe it serves us a lot better.


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