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61 Bread Puns


Bread is delicious and one of the main foods in diets around the world. If you love eating bread or happen to work as a baker, then these bread puns are you. We have compiled a list of some of the best bread puns and jokes that you can use. You can also use some of these bread puns to inspire your own unique jokes and one-liners. Bread Puns

Bread Puns

1. Did you hear the little loaves playing hide-and-seek earlier? They kept yelling, “Bready or not, here I come!”

2. Did you hear about the man who quit his job at a bakery? They said that it left him loathe of bread.

3. I don’t want naan of that. Neither do I!

4. They fired the loaf of bread from her job. They say that she kept breaking down and would rye on the job.

5. You knead me in your loaf. This one kind of works, but loaf is just a little too different from life.

6. Young Billy had to mail a loaf of bread at the toast office today. Nice.

7. Did you hear? The pilgrims rode the May-Flour so that they could bake bread as they went to America. This is a cute option.

8. I’m a wrapper, so I get a lot of dough. A bread wrapper, that is.

9. You’re toast. This bread pun is just a bit too obvious.

10. It’s too bad the man couldn’t quit his job at the bakery. He really kneaded the dough.

11. Ciabatta stay away from me because I don’t want naan of that. That’s one way to tell someone to keep away.

12. The young loaf of bread ended up getting fired from his job because he kept loafing around. Poor guy.

13. The mother helped her child bake bread because it was a labor of loaf. True enough.

14. The tiny bag of flour got in trouble, so his mother sent him to bread early. He kneaded to be punished.

15. Do you know what you call it when you place beef between two slices of bread? You get a bull-only sandwich.

16. A young slice of bread came up to his crush. He told her that he was really falling in loaf with her.

17. That wide loaf has a decent bread-th. Nice.

18. Why did the butter keep talking? Because he felt like he was really on a roll.

19. In the 1970s, hippies loved going to a Grateful Dead concert and getting toasted. That’s certainly the truth.

20. The young woman decided to become a professional baker. She realized that it could help her earn her bread and butter.

21. It’s too bad that bread puns are always so crumby. Mmm . . . crumbs.

22. When I tried taking a picture of my bread load, it came out grainy. I think that that is a common problem.

23. Everyone needs to eat bread because loaf is what makes the world go round. Loaf truly is.

24. The bag of flour was so confused.He thought that he saw his friend the loaf yeast-erday.

25. Why did the slice of bread leave her boyfriend? She thought that he was just too knead-y.

26. How did the baker cut four loaves of bread at the same time? By buying a four-loaf-cleaver.

27. What was the main job of the bread truck? To haul buns.

28. The two slices of bread decided to leave the bakery. I heard that they wanted to grow mold together.

29. Did you hear what happened with the sourdough bread? It really rose to the occasion today.

30. What did the mother bread tell her baby roll? You really are the apple of my rye.

Bread Puns

31. Did you hear that the diet clinic was doing great business? They say that it’d really take your breadth away.

32. Why were the kids throwing flour and bread at their school? They wanted to rise to the occasion.

33. Did you hear about the bread party? It’s scone be a lot of fun, and wheat love for you to join us.

34. The cheap baker only paid his employees a flourly rate. Cheapskate!

35. Wholey-grain! You really bread my mind! Nice.

36. A new bakery in town began ding extremely well. They said that business was definitely on the rise.

37. Did you hear about the sign on the bakery that got everyone talking? It said “I knead dough to live.”

38. Challah if you see me in the streets. Will do.

39. The bread baker won the girl over because he kept giving her a flour. How sweet!

40. You know why I love bread puns? Because they never go stale.

41. Did you know that bread that you make into buns is always relaxed? Yes, they just like to roll with it.

42. Did you hear about the secret guild of bakers? They say that they only trade recipes on a knead to know basis.

43. Why did the two slices of bread disappear in the middle of the night? They wanted to e-loaf together.

44. The bread did not believe that he could work at his job much longer. He was feeling too crusty.

45. You better watch out before you play a game with any bread? Baguette ready to lose.

Bread Puns

46. Thank you for helping me. Biscuit’s the yeast I could do.

47. The baker just felt this incredible knead to make bread. That’s certainly the truth.

48. The two loaves of bread could not wait to stare through the delivery room window. They wanted to see their new bun-dle of joy.

49. The young lady had to throw her toaster in the trash. She was diagnosed as black-toast intolerant.

50. I had thought of a lot of good bread puns, but they seem to have gone a rye. I know the feeling.

51. What did one bread say to another after a long day? Don’t worry because tomorrow will be butter.

52. The manager at the bread store told the baker that he had to stop loafing around. The baker said that it was his job.

53. Do you know why bread hates warm weather? It just makes things too toasty.

54. Before I break down and rye, I just wanted to say that I loaf you. Aww, thanks!

55. Why did the aging piece of bread have to retire from playing football? His career was finally toast.

56. Do you know how to get a raise at the bread factory? Try buttering up to the boss.

57. They say that the local baker is the breadwinner of his family. True enough.

58. How do you make dog bread? You use collie flour.

59. Why was the baker in a serious panic? He thought that he was in a loaf or death situation.

60. Why are bread puns the greatest? They never grow mold.

61. Why did the baker keep putting too much flour in the bread? Because he was a gluten for punishment.


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