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35 Wedding Shower Card Messages 


A wedding shower is exciting for everyone involved. For the bride and groom, it is one step closer to the actual wedding. Over the years, new wedding trends have changed and been added to to the list of expected wedding events. From a bridal party to a groom shower, it seems like you constantly have events to plan before a wedding. If your friend or family member is having a wedding shower, then you should get them a card. The following ideas can help with your wedding shower card messages. It is not always easy to think of what to say, so hopefully these ideas will help you out.

1. We are all here for you as you get ready for your big day. No matter what you need, know that we are always here to support you and help out. Wishing you the best and hoping that everything works out as amazing as you want it to be!

2. Your wedding day is just about here, but it will be over before you know it. While your wedding day may come and go too fast, your marriage and love for one another will last forever. May you always find happiness and joy in your relationship. Congratulations and good luck!

3. Thinking of you during this crazily busy time. We hope that the next few weeks will be as hassle-free and stress-free as possible. May your big day be a memorable one!

4. Offering you the best of wishes before your big day.

5. Congratulations! I am so excited for your big day. Here is to wishing you a lifetime filled with happiness!

6. How time flies! It seems like you were just a child a few days ago, and now you are getting married! You are all grown up and about to start an entirely new chapter in your life. May this chapter be filled with love, commitment and happiness, every step of the way!

7. Congratulations on finding that special someone! We hope that the next few weeks will be as easily sorted and navigated as possible so that you can have a stress-free big day. Wishing that you have a wonderful wedding—all the best!

8. Here is to a memorable, amazing day. We hope that the next few weeks are as relaxed and wonderful as you are.

9. I was so happy to hear that you are getting married! Congratulations to you and your soon-to-be husband! Wishing you guys the most happiness and joy in your life together!

10. Wishing you the best during your last few weeks of planning. We are so excited that the big day is nearly upon us. All the best!

11. We are looking forward to celebrating your wedding so much! Just wanted you to know that we are always here to help you out during this busy time. Wishing both of you the best!

12. Here’s the most hearty, warm congratulations possible as you prepare for one of the biggest days of your life. May your marriage showers you with amazing moments of happiness and joy. May your companionship and love only grow sweeter over the years as your passion blooms every brighter as the days go by. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

13. Congrats on finding Mr. Right! Some people spend a lifetime looking and never finding a love as deep as yours. Wishing you the best on your big day and an amazing future together.

14. Here is to your big day ahead! May the next few weeks be a time of joy and happiness. Congratulations, sweetheart!

15. May this new chapter in your life bring you as much joy as the last few years together have brought.

16. I am so happy for you two! Enjoy this amazing time in your life.

17. The big day is almost here, and then it will be the honeymoon. It might be stressful preparing for the wedding, but you have finally entered the home stretch! Congratulations—may you have many more happy times to come.

18. Wishing you all the best. With all of the planning I have seen you do, I know that your big day will be amazing.

19. We hope that your big day is as amazing as you were hoping that it would be. We are just so happy that you found (groom). Wishing both of you the best for your wedding and for your future together.

20. May your love for each other be steadfast and strong throughout the storms of life. May your love shine like a lighthouse into the darkness as it brightens every one of your days. Congratulations on finding so much love with each other.

21. From today onward, may you be even happier than we ever imagined possible. May you live a fulfilling life together as you laugh, lough and grow as a couple. Congratulations to both of you.

22. I am looking forward to seeing you dressed up on your wedding day! If there is ever anything that I can do to help, just let me know. Congratulations to both of you!

23. Soon enough, all of your meticulous planning will start to pay off. Thinking of you as we prepare for your big day. We hope that everything goes according to plan!

24. From your wedding to your marital life, our biggest wish is that you will always be happy together.

25. Wishing both of you everlasting happiness and love today, tomorrow and forever. Congratulations!

26. Your wedding day may come and go, but your love for each other will grow forever. May the years ahead of you be filled with success, happiness and joy. Congratulations to the amazing couple who proves that a match made in heaven is actually possible.

27. Wishing you the best of luck during this busy time. Enjoy your big day and may your marital life be as happy as your wedding day will be.

28. May the years ahead always be filled with love and joy. May you always find joy in your times together and grow as a couple. May God bless you. Congratulations, you two!

29. From the moment I saw you two together, I knew that you were meant to be a couple. Before we toast you on your big day, I wanted to wish you a happy, amazing life. May your marriage be a fairy tale.

30. I know that we have fallen out of touch lately, but I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I can take part in this special part of your life.

31. Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in your special day. You will be the most beautiful bride ever. I am so excited to watch you walk down the aisle and start your life together with (Groom). Congratulations!

32. Here is to an amazing ceremony followed by a wonderful, happy life together. Here’s to wishing you only the best on your special day!

33. May your companionship be based on all of the right ingredients: humor, love, understanding and romance. When times seem the darkest, may you always live, laugh and love together. May your union bring you more joy than you could ever imagine. Congratulations and may your joy as a couple live on forever!

34. Here is to wishing you the best on your special day. May your marriage bring you special memories as you start your life together. I know that it must be a terribly busy time for you now, so just let me know if there is anything that I can do to help. Love you lots.

35. We are so excited that your big day is almost here now! We wanted to wish you all the best as you finish your wedding plans and prepare for your big day. May your wedding just be the first of many happy days in your marriage. Congratulations, you two!


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