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Butterfly: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning


A butterfly is more than just a beautiful insect. This powerful creature is a symbol of personal transformation. When the butterfly is your spirit animal or totem, it can bring great changes in your life. Often, this beautiful creature arrives to warn you about paying attention to your life. You may be about to start a period of personal transformation and growth, and the butterfly is there to guide you through it.

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Butterfly: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

This beautiful creature is often considered a symbol or renewal and rebirth. It starts out its life as a caterpillar before making a cocoon. Later on, the butterfly emerges from the cocoon as an entirely new creature. This transformation is symbolic for the type of transformation the butterfly can bring into your life.

When the butterfly is your spirit animal, it is a sign that life is continuously unfolding. Change is inevitable. It is what you make of the change that matters. You may have an old relationship ending, a new promotion at work or a dream that you have been thinking about putting into action. Whatever is going on, the butterfly is there to tell you about the transformation and guide you through the new cycle in your life. Like the butterfly, you are able to navigate these transformations with lightness and grace.

The Butterfly as a Symbol

This creature is typically associated with powerful transformations because of its unique metamorphosis. This transformation can be in your personality, your stage of life or something specific in your life. Often, the butterfly is used as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It represents the playful side of nature and the lightness of being.

This magnificent creature can also be a representation of the psyche or the inner world of the soul. It often is a sign that you have to elevate yourself from earthly matters. Instead of focusing on material things, you have to tune into your spiritual and emotional state. This beautiful insect can also be a reminder that you have to find joy in your life. When you have a happy heart that is free of guilt, you can experience an extreme lightness of being.

As a symbol of joy and lightness, the butterfly may appear in your life when things look the worst. You may be experiencing an inner conflict or a state of depression. The butterfly is trying to tell you that you need a different perspective in life. Take some time to stop and smell the roses. As a totem animal, the butterfly reflects the need to lift yourself from the heaviness of daily life, stress and tension. Return to the lightness of being that you had as a child.

When you can truly connect to the butterfly, it will bring bliss into your life. It grants you a sense of joy and feeling alive. You have to lighten up sometimes. There are so many things that are outside of your control in life. You can’t spend all of your time worrying about everything that could happen. All you can do is make the best of your current life and what you do have the power to change. Express yourself as colorfully as the butterfly and remember to lighten up sometimes.

Throughout the world, the butterfly is often a representation of the soul. In ancient Greece, the butterfly was said to represent immortality and the soul. In Chinese symbols, it was also said to be a sign of immortality. Meanwhile, the Japanese once thought that a white butterfly was a symbol of souls that had previously departed this world for the next.

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The History of the Beautiful Butterfly

Early Christians once believed that the butterfly was a symbol of the soul. Meanwhile, Native American tribes like the Hopis and Navajo actually had dances that celebrated the butterfly. In one Hopi tribe, unmarried girls would put a butterfly in their hair to show that they were available. Many other Native American tribes saw the butterfly as a sign of joy, change and color. It was thought to be a sign of resurrection, bliss and transformation.

In Gnostic art, the butterfly was crushed under the heel of the angel of death. Later on, the butterfly gained a different meaning because of how it was attracted by flames. It was said to represent the ability of being purified by fire. Sailors even believed a superstition that seeing a butterfly before getting on a ship was a sign that you would die at sea.

In some parts of England, people believed that butterflies were the souls of children who died young and came back to life as a butterfly. Another English tradition said that it was important to kill the first butterfly you see each year or you will have an entire year of bad luck. In Scotland and Ireland, seeing a yellow butterfly was a sign that those people who were near death would have a place in heaven.

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Butterflies as Totems

Since the butterfly is a sign of transformation, it represents an ability to move from one idea, lifestyle or state to another one. When the butterfly enters your life as a spirit guide, it shows that you are about to embark on major life changes. These might be changes in your environment since the butterfly’s biggest changes are in its external environment. At the same time, these changes could also be a sign of how your personality, perspective, ideas or personal habits might transform.

If you need support, you can always call on the butterfly. This insect will stay with you as you are undergoing a time of rapid transformation. These could be changes in your life, spirit or relationship. The butterfly is an excellent ally to have during transformations. Even when the changes seem difficult, the butterfly will bring ease, joy and lightness to the transformation.

The butterfly is also a good spirit animal to have if you need to express yourself more fully. Whenever you need color or vibrancy in your life, listen to your butterfly guide.

The butterfly brings unique lessons along with it. It is a reminder that you have to let go of the habits and behavior of your past if you want to reach the next phase of your existence. We all have to transform and progress through different stages in our life. Like the butterfly, we have to put in work in order to emerge on the other side as our future selves.

You can call on the butterfly when you need help organizing a project or figuring out the next steps in your goals. If you take things too seriously or are drowning in darkness, turn to the butterfly for help. The butterfly is also an important ally when you need to courage to break out of your cocoon. If you are experiencing a major life change or know that you need to go through some changes, call on the butterfly for help.

There are several things that you can do to help yourself act on the power of the butterfly. The butterfly is known for its vibrant colors, so pay attention to the colors around you. Notice which colors appeal to you and figure out what they mean for you. You can also try observing butterflies in your natural environment or meditate on the butterfly’s transformation. Try helping the butterfly along by picking a habit that you no longer want in your life and making a plan to change it.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Butterfly?

Dreams are a message from the subconscious mind. Your mind often uses symbols and memories of the past to communicate about the present. In the case of the butterfly, the message is all about transformation. The butterfly transforms from the cocoon and goes through a rebirth before it emerges in flight. When you dream about a butterfly, it can also symbolize expansion, freedom, social success and self-expression. Carefully look at the situation in the dream, how you feel and how it relates to your current life to figure out exactly what your dream butterfly was trying to tell you.

Butterflies and the Angels

Some people also believe that butterflies are a message from the angels. Many angels will use butterflies as a gentle reminder that they are present. Butterflies may carry a specific message, or they might just be a reminder that the angles are there to support you whenever you need help and guidance.

The angels know that people do not always pay attention to them, so they have to use signs and messages that we will actually notice. When you do see a butterfly, spend some time in meditation and silence. In the silence, you can hear what the angels and your inner vision are trying to tell you.

Butterflies are also said to be a sign from the spirits of loved ones who have passed on. If you have lost a loved one recently, the butterflies may be a sign that your loved one is in a better place and does not want you to grieve anymore.


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