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Best Campfire Stories (Scary, Funny and Creepy)


When you are camping with friends or loved ones, one of the most enjoyable things to do together is to make a campfire and tell stories. You can roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire as you tell scary campfire stories or funny stories. We have a range of the best campfire stories that include funny, scary and creepy options.

When choosing the right campfire story, make sure to pick one that is appropriate for the age group. If you are around little children, you might want to steer away from any stories that are too scary. If you are with a group of adults or teenagers, feel free to make these stories even scarier so that everyone leaves with chills running down their spines.

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The Best Campfire Stories: Scary Stories

If you know that everyone loves to hear scary campfire stories, these are some of the best options to choose. Make sure that you do not tell these stories to little children before bedtime, or they will end up having terrible nightmares about them.

1. The Unexpected Warning

Not long ago, there was a young woman who was driving home after the holidays. It was quite late, and a large storm was brewing in the air around her. It was around midnight when she noticed that she was just about out of gas. As luck would have it, she was just driving past a gas station where she could fill her tank.

From the outside, it looked like the gas station was open. When she went inside, she saw that it was completely deserted and run-down. She almost decided to leave, but she couldn’t go far without getting any gas. She went to the car and locked the doors as she waited for someone to come and take her money. Just as she was about to give up, a tall man with a terribly scarred face dashed in out of the rain. She unrolled her window just slightly to give him her credit card. He started filling up the tank and then went inside to run the credit card.

A few moments later, the man was back again. He told her that she would have to come inside because her card was declined. The lady was uncertain what to do. She couldn’t just drive off without paying, but she also did not want to go inside. She decided to go inside, get it over with and leave as quickly as she could.

Once she went inside, the man tried to talk to her. He grabbed her arm and began talking in a very rough voice. It almost sounded like the accident that scarred his face may have hurt his vocal chords as well. She could not understand what he was saying, but he kept getting more and more frantic. Finally, she managed to pull her arm away from his grip and run back to the car. The man chased the car and yelled for her to come back, but she drove away instead.

As the woman turned on the radio, she noticed movement behind her. She looked in the rear view mirror just as a man in the backseat held up the ax. The last thing she saw in this world was the blade of that ax. The scarred man had just been trying to warn her.

2. The Dangers of Lover’s Lane

One young couple went to the movies like most couples do on their date. Afterward, they returned to Lover’s Lane to spend some “alone” time together. The young boy turned on the radio to a romantic-sounding song. As he reached his arm around his date, a news bulletin interrupted the music. An escaped murderer had just escaped from a mental facility for the mentally insane. During his murder, he had lost his hand, so he now had a hook instead of a right hand.

The boy was not particularly mature for his age, so he decided to tease and scare his girlfriend. He told her that he was absolutely sure that Lover’s Lane would be the place where the murderer would hide. She dismissed his teasing at first, but he kept doing it. Before long, she was started to feel eerie and creeped out. She demanded that they leave immediately.

Finally, the boy drove the girlfriend home. As she got out of the car, she gave a shriek and fainted. Immediately, the young man jumped out of the vehicle. On the door handle was a bloody hook.

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3. A Prom Night Unlike Any Other

Johnny was leaving a friend’s house in the dead of night. He switched on his headlights to see down the creepy country roads, but it started to rain. As he drove, Johnny saw the blurry image of a woman. She was wearing a long, white dress as she walked right down the center of the road. Shocked, Johnny slammed his brakes and stopped the car. Leaning out of the window, he asked the young lady if she wanted a ride.

The woman did not say anything. She just got into the front seat and sat down. Since she was shivering, Johnny put his coat over her shoulders. They drove in silence for a few miles when the girl motioned to an old house. Without saying anything, she expressed that she wanted to stop there. Johnny pulled to a stop in the driveway and the girl got out of the car. Johnny unrolled his window to ask for his coat back, but the girl disappeared.

It was a chilly night, so Johnny wanted his coat back. He walked to the door of the older house and explained what happened. He had just dropped the girl off, but he needed to get his coat back.

The old woman burst into tears. As she controlled her emotion, she explained that Johnny had seen her dying. On this day ten years ago, she had been driving to prom when she got into a car accident. Now, her body was buried in the cemetery up the road, next to the spot where Johnny picked her up.

A chill went down Johnny’s spine, but he had a hard time believing the story. The next day, he went to the cemetery and found the girl’s grave. On top of it was Johnny’s jacket.

4. The Ghost of Dark Haven

Aunt Jenny loved to spend time with her favorite niece, Charity. Together, they would go on day trips to the woods or the beach. On one summer day, they decided that the balmy weather made it perfect for a trip to the beach and a bit of swimming.

Once at the beach, Aunt Jenny and Charity began splashing through the wading pool. They took pictures of the little creatures in the pool and the starfish. Before long, the sun began to set. Too late, they realized that it was going to be dark soon. Unfortunately, it also looked like a bad storm was starting to develop. Quickly, the pair got into Aunt Jenny’s car and began to drive home.

The stormy was far worse than Jenny had expected. It was so bad that she was afraid to drive through it. With no other options, she decided to pull over and wait for the storm to pass by. Just as she was about to park, Charity noticed a large house to the side.

It seemed like a godsend. The large home said “Dark Haven, Rooms for Rent by Day, Month or Week.” Jenny and Charity were relieved. They could call Charity’s parents and let them know that they would just stay the night here.

Parking in the driveway, Jenny and Charity dashed through the rain to the porch. An elderly, white-haired woman answered the door before they knocked on it. She said, “I have been expecting you.”

While her greeting was weird, the woman had a pleasant smile. Jenny pushed aside her doubts and discomfort and smiled at the woman. Before long, they were sitting down to a hot meal. The old woman showed them to a comfortable, warm room that was filled with old, but clean, furniture.

The next morning, Jenny and Charity woke up. They were excited to go home. The old house did not have a phone line or cell service, so they could only imagine how panicked Charity’s parents must be. When they went to leave the home, they could not find the old woman. Instead, they left a note of thanks with money for the room for the night.

After driving a few miles down the road, Aunt Jenny’s phone finally had reception. Rather than listen to the messages while driving, Jenny pulled over at a gas station to call, buy some food and get gas. As she talked to the gas station attendant, she mentioned how lucky they were to find Dark Haven last night.

The attendant was shocked. He told them that Dark Haven had burned down years ago in a terrible fire that killed the owner. Jenny and Charity could not believe it. They immediately drove back to the home. When they arrived, the large house was gone. The only thing there was their note and the money.

5. The Killer Lurks Beneath

As young parents, Bill and Stacey needed a break. They decided to leave their little girl with a babysitter, but she begged to be left alone. She was already almost 10 years old, so the parents decided they would let Julie try to stay on her own. She had their cellphone numbers, and Bill left his cellphone with her, just in case. Julie promised that she would go to bed on time and to call them just before falling asleep so that they would not worry.

Bill and Stacey left the home and went on their date. Julie did exactly as she was told. After watching cartoon for a few hours, she turned off the television and called her parents. It was time to go to bed. Julie was almost asleep when she started to hear dripping noises. She got up to see if it was raining, but the moon was shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Julie dismissed her worries and went back to bed. Just as she was closing her eyes, she heard the dripping sound again. Her hand was hanging off the bed, and she felt something lick her hand. Julie assumed it was her dog, so she felt relaxed and comfortable. Unfortunately, the dripping noise kept going and it kept her awake. She finally decided to get up and see what the noise was and stop it.

Julie turned on the light and looked around. The noise kept going. She looked in the hallways, under the bathroom sink and in the shower. Then, she looked in her closet. Her dog was hanging and dripping blood. To her horror, there was a note on the body that said, “Humans can lick, too.”

6. The Last Performance

Carrie was exhausted by her long drive. When she saw a house that said, “The Willow Inn: Bed and Breakfast,” she decided to stop. The room was comfortable, and the bed was warm and cozy. Within moments, Carrie was sound asleep.

In the early hours of the morning, Carrie woke up to the noise of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Carrie loved to play piano and was actually driving to a concert where she would perform at in the next town. From the sound of the song, Carrie could tell that the pianist was extremely skilled. Glancing at the clock, she realized it was 2 A.M. In the morning. It seemed odd that someone would play piano so early in the morning. Carrie could not go back to sleep with the music playing, so she decided to ask the pianist to stop.

When she went into the dining room, she saw a man seated on the piano bench. He was very attractive and dressed in a fancy tuxedo. He had slicked back hair and a mustache like someone from the 1920s. Seeing her there, the man said, “Carrie, you are finally here. I have been waiting for you for quite a long time.”

While he shocked her by knowing her name, his voice was quite soothing. Carrie could not think of what to say. The man patted the piano bench. “Come and sit with me, Carrie.”

It felt impossible to resist his order. As she sat down next to him, the man told her to play with him. The air felt chilly, and Carrie tried to resist his command. She couldn’t. They began to play the song together. As they played, their image became blurry and they faded out of sight. Just before they disappeared entirely, Carrie realized that she was playing her final performance.

7. The Tombstone of Terror

After watching many television shows about ghost hunters, Tom and Jerry decided to become professional ghost hunters. They went to old cemeteries and homes to see if they could get a spirit to talk to them. On this particular night, they found a particularly ornate headstone. They set up their recorder and began to begin. Normally, they would look at the name on the tombstone first, but they were afraid of someone seeing the light and kicking them out. They had had to break in by climbing the fence, so Tom and Jerry did not want the caretaker to see them.

Tom turned the recorder on. He said, “We would like to speak to the person who lies beneath this gravestone.” In response to his request, they heard a scratching noise from under the tombstone.

In a calm, collected tone, Jerry said, “Please, let us know your name.” In response, there was only scratching.

Tom said, “We just want to talk to you. Please, show yourself.”

The air around them suddenly turned cold. From behind the tombstone, a dark, tall shadow rose up. The shadow moved forward to engulf them, but the guys were not afraid. They were used to talking to spirits. Too late, they realized that the apparition wanted to harm them. The shadow swept downward and engulfed their body. It pulled the two guys deep beneath the tombstone.

The next day, the caretaker found the recorder. When he turned it on, he heard the apparitions responses. It said:

“Yes, I am here.”

“My name has never been said by the living.”

“If I show myself to you, you will never see a living thing again.”

“I have you both!”

The last thing the caretaker wanted was to get in trouble for letting trespassers in. Since the recorder was the only evidence, he took it to the tool shed and tossed it on a pile of similar recorders.

The Best Campfire Story: Funny Stories

If you are addressing a group of children or anyone who dislikes scary campfire stories, these are probably a better option. These range from funny stories to corny tales, so choose the one that suits your group the best.

8. When Wishes Come True

One morning, a young girl was running late to school. She decided to take a shortcut through a dangerous neighborhood. Since it was so dangerous, her mother had warned her to never walk through that neighborhood. She hold made her daughter promise not to go there because the neighborhood was full of temptations. She had once gone that way herself and resisted the temptations, but she was afraid that her daughter was too young to do the same.

The young girl began the shortcut without a problem. She could not understand why her mother was so afraid of the neighborhood. There was nothing tempting about the neighborhood at all. Just as she was thinking this, she saw a large, copper pot in front of her. Picking up the pot, she rubbed it on her leg to clean it off. It looked like something fun to bring in for show and tell. As she rubbed it, a genie popped out.

The genie bowed to the girl. “You have rubbed my lamp, so I will grant you three wishes.”

The girl was rather smart, so she first wished for unlimited wishes that could come true.

“Smart child,” said the genie. “What do you wish for as your second wish.”

She paused. “I would like a million dollars.”

“Excellent choice, my dear. What would you like for your third wish?”

Thinking about it, she began to speak again. “I would like to be the most popular and the smartest girl in school.” As she finished speaking, she heard the sound of the school bell ringing. “Oh, no! I’m late again! I’m going to get detention now. I wish I were dead!”

Laughing to himself, the genie granted her last wish.

9. The Coffin

It was a dark night without a star in the sky. A young man was slowly walking home along a deserted street. As he passed by a small cemetery, he suddenly felt the eerie sensation of being followed. Afraid to see who or what it was, he did not look back. He walked faster as the bumping noise continued.

The bumping kept going. It drew closer and closer. Now, he could not ignore it anymore. He turned to face the sound. To his complete terror, he saw a coffin standing up. It was bumping along the road with one side moving forward before the other side moved to forward as well. Bump, bump, bump it went along the roadway.

In sheer terror, the man began to run for his life. To his shock and horror, the coffin kept pace with him. It moved faster and faster as the man fled. Quickly, the man began to grow tired from all of the running. In desperation, he grabbed a metal trash can and threw it at the man. Not dettered, the coffin kept moving closer and closer.

The man finally reached his home. As he went into his yard, he noticed his ax against his woodpile. Grabbing the ax, he threw it at the coffin. The ax merely bounced off. The coffin followed the man up the porch. He slammed the front door behind him, but the ax crashed through the door.

Bump, bump, bump went the coffin as it followed the man upstairs. Dashing upstairs, the man grabbed his shotgun from the wall and fired it at the coffin. It shattered part of the coffin, but the coffin still moved toward him. Bump, bump, bump.

Desperately, the man ran into his bathroom and slammed the door. He backed against the wall as he waited for the man to break down his door. He knew the coffin would get him, but he did not want to give up. He threw a bottle of cough syrup at it. And the coffin came to a stop.

10. Rapping Away

When one young lady’s grandmother died, she was given the job of cleaning out the grandmother’s home so that it could be sold. Sarah started cleaning for the first day, but there was more work than she could finish. As she went to sleep that night, she heard a faint “rap, rap, rap” somewhere within the house.

Sarah got up and began searching for the sound. It had to be coming from somewhere. As she went downstairs, the “rap, rap, rap” noise became louder. Sarah searched everything downstairs, but she could not find where the sound was coming from. It seemed like it was coming from beneath the kitchen. Perhaps it was coming from the cellar?

She opened the door of the cellar and the noise became louder. “Rap, rap, rap” it went. Terrified, she threw up the door of an old trunk where the sound was coming from. Instantly, she realized what was making the noise—a roll of wrapping paper!

Best Campfire Stories: Creepy Stories

When the moon is dark and the sky is cloudy, a chill runs down the spine. On nights like this, it is the perfect time to tell creepy stories around the campfire. Some of the following stories are also fairly good for children, so read through the options and see which ones are family-friendly.

11. Keep the Light Off

Andrea and Rachel were roommates in their college dorm. The girls generally got along quite well and even spent most of their free time together. After an exceptionally busy week at school, they decided to go to a party together one evening. Rachel was ready to go, but Andrea forgot her purse within their door room. She rushed in and grabbed her bag without ever turning on her purse.

Together, they went to the party. While Andrea was still having fun, Rachel wanted to go home. She decided to head back to her dorm alone while Andrea stayed at the party. When Andrea finally returned home early in the morning, she was socked to see crime tape across the door of her dorm room.

Horrified, she dashed up to the dorm room. The body of Rachel was splayed out on the floor, dead. Across the wall of the room was a message written in blood. It said, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

12. A Grave Dilemma

Two young girls, Shelby and Rose, were best friends. Because of this, they spent a lot of time together. Tonight, Shelby was going to sleepover at Rose’s house. As they prepared for bed, they decided to share ghost stories. Shelby started to tell Rose about a story she heard from her older brother. He said that if you stabbed a knife into someone’s grave, the person buried there would reach out, grab you and then pull you into the grave.

Rose did not believe it. Shelby agreed that it sounded crazy, but she was still afraid to even try that. Rose shook her head. “I am not afraid. I would do it.”

Like most young children, Shelby and Rose often played truth or dare. She dared Rose to show that she was not afraid by going down to the cemetery nearby. If she didn’t do it, she would show that she was afraid after all.

Since it was late at night, Shelby and Rose crept downstairs silently. They managed to find a flashlight and a knife in the kitchen. At this point, Shelby started to grow afraid. She told Rose that she did not have to follow through on the dare. It was silly, and she did not want Rose to do it. Rose refused to give up. She was going to prove that the story was just a story and show Shelby that she was the braver girl.

Rose went off into the night by herself. Shelby sat at the kitchen table and waited for her friend to return. Minutes passed by anxiously. After about 30 minutes, Shelby could not take it anymore. She ran into the bedroom of Rose’s bedroom and woke them up. She told them what had happened and that Rose did not come back.

Immediately, Rose’s mother and father sprang into action. Rose’s father grabbed a flashlight and dashed toward the cemetery. Shelby cried into Rose’s mother’s shoulder as they waited for him to return.

When the door opened, the father was standing there. He looked pale and shaken. As calmly as he could, he quietly told them what he had found. On one of the graves was Rose. She was lying there dead with completely white hair.

The family called the police. Shelby had to explain why Rose had gone into the graveyard in the first place. Hearing the story, the police began to put together the pieces. They realized that Rose had stabbed her knife into the grave. Because it was dark, she had stabbed the hem of her nightgown as well. When she felt the tug of the gown, she had thought that the corpse had grabbed her body. Terrified, she had died of pure fear. Her hair had turned white because of the shock.



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