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Cancer Man in Love


When it comes to the Cancer man, you have to be patient. This sign is often called the shyest of all the zodiac. Because of this, the hardest part about having a relationship with a Cancer man is actually getting to know him. He tends to be quite closed off, and he is not going to open up easily. Part of this is because he finds it difficult to trust people. If he has been betrayed by a friend or a lover before, it will be even harder for him to open up.

This is not the guy that you will find at the center of a room surrounded by people. Cancer men are rarely accused of being the life of the party. If he is forced to be in the limelight, he will do his best to fade away as soon as possible. Even when you talk to the Cancer man, it can be hard to get him to talk back. He is picky about who he talks to and who he opens up to. Despite his shyness, he is actually quite good at understanding how people feel. If he does start to talk to you, he can often intuitively tell if you are interested in the conversation. While he might be emotionally all over the place at times, he has a traditional nature that makes him a great lifetime partner.

The Kind of Woman a Cancer Man Needs

With his shy nature and intense emotions, the Cancer man wants a kind, gentle woman. He needs someone who will love and accept his romantic gestures. When he does something kind, he wants a partner who is grateful and does not take him for granted. This is not a sign who puts up well with nagging. If you seem angry or nag him in some way, he will curl up in his shell to wait out the storm.

If you want to be with a Cancer man, you have to be patient. It takes him time to open up to someone, even if he is head-over-heels in lover with her. The right woman will be patient and ready to take things slow emotionally until the Cancer is comfortable. Don’t bother with this sign if you are not interested in a long-term relationship. While Cancers may occasionally try to play the field, it is really not in their nature. Ultimately, they want a long-term relationship with a loyal partner, a happy family and a comfortable home.

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The Cancer Man in Love in Relationships

You will rarely (and probably never) find a Cancer man in a relationship with a woman he just met. It takes the Cancer man a while to trust someone, so he needs to get to know you well before he even considers a relationship. Because of this, many Cancer men end up dating women who started out as their friends. He is looking for someone who makes him feel comfortable and seems trustworthy. He will not open up or consider a relationship until he is sure that you are worth his trust. Until then, he will remain distant, shy and closed off. It could take weeks or months until your Cancer man starts to open up.

The good news is that this man is certainly worth the wait. When he does become comfortable with you, he is basically the stereotype of Prince Charming. He will hold the door open for you and show up with flowers when you least expect it. If you are cold, he will give up his warm jacket so that you are toasty and warm. He is the quintessential gentleman and takes pleasure in acting chivalrously toward his dream lady. If you are patient enough to have a relationship with him, he is quite the catch.

Once he is in a relationship, the Cancer man in love just wants to make you happy. If you are depressed, he will move heaven and earth to see you smile. He wants to help his partner out in any way possible. If you are tired after work, he’ll secretly wash the dishes and do the laundry so that you can relax. When he does these little acts of kindness, let him know how much you appreciate it. Like most people, he wants to be appreciated by the ones he loves, and he will feel hurt if you don’t notice all of his efforts.

The even better news is that the Cancer man is quite romantic. Once he has committed to you, he will dream up new ways to show you how much he loves you. From firework shows to beautiful poetry, he will find a way to show you how much he cares. Once he is in love, the Cancer man is unlikely to cheat. He wants a long-term relationship and will be completely loyal to his partner.

The Downsides of the Cancer Man in Love

By this point, you have probably realized that it takes your Cancer man a bit of time to emerge from his shell. What you might not realize is his moodiness. His emotions can change in an instant. He can be happy right now, but completely depressed and closed off in an hour. You can never know when his next mood swing will happen, which is quite frustrating for anyone who dates a Cancer man. The only positive aspect of this is that he understands the moods of other people. He is often intuitive in his ability to sense how the people around him are feeling.

With his mood swings, you can probably guess that he is a guy who is easily hurt. He tends to read too much into a simple comment. You might have meant something to be a compliment, but he takes it the wrong way and remains moody for hours. This trait can get on people’s nerves, but it is something you have to get used to when you are with a Cancer man.

The last downfall of the Cancer man is how he acts in a relationship. It takes him a while to trust you and commit. Once he is committed to the relationship, he can become over-committed. He wants to be with you every moment of every day and does not understand if you need an hour alone. This can lead to neediness and clinginess at times. It also makes the Cancer man quite difficult to break up with because he will just refuse to understand that you want him gone. When this quality exists in moderation, it makes for a loving, attentive partner. When his clinginess goes into overdrive, it can drive you and everyone else nuts.

A Cancer Man in the Bedroom

Innovative and risk-taking are generally not the words you hear when people talk about a Cancer man in the bedroom. He might not be particularly adventurous, but he is extremely sensual. This is a guy who tends to like romantic things like scented candles, romantic dinners and hot bubble baths. He is the guy who puts rose petals on your pillow, but he is probably not going to bring a sex toy or karma sutra anytime soon. If you are looking for a sensual lover whose only goal is to give you pleasure, the Cancer man is your guy.


  1. Im an Aries Womman..Hes A Cancer..We been together for 8 months..The beginning was beautiful! Now the real challenges have set in!. Im very aggressive alil over jealous n i think that turn him off n on at the same time! How can i get him to stay by my side n continue to love me?

    • Determine what you want for the future of this relationship. Decide what actions are acceptable and appropriate. Speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Ensure that you are respected in your relationship. Have a great day, Sarah!

  2. I’ma Sagittarius…honest, fun loving, intellectual nd idealistic. He is a cancer, Nd kind of pessimist about the future in general always. We r dating since a month nd I like him a lot… probably love him, he seems to take care of me, meet me whenever free, show sweet gestures, kiss me or hold my hand all the time but when it comes to framing his feelings into sentences, he would never say he loves me. But I have already said i love him… Does this have any future?

    • It sounds as though the two of you share a strong emotional connection. The two of you touch frequently. You are aware of how he speaks and what his actions mean. You are likely interested in nourishing this relationship further. A relationship founded on respect, trust, and love will always be successful. Have a great day, Taniya!

  3. This cancer man who was my professor has been getting close very slowly since nine months now. Now that im not his studsnt hes going completely out of his way to help me after school’s over. Just him and me.
    He takes very good care of me.
    Does he like me?

    • If you are no longer his student and you feel as though this relationship would be appropriate to pursue, then determine what you want for your future. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him a chance to share himself with you as well. Your relationship will be strengthened as you spend additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Sasha!

  4. Also I’m a Pisces girl. So i’m friendly but very shy around him. But he compliments me sometimes like my jewelry etc.

    • If you are no longer his student and you feel as though this relationship would be appropriate to pursue, then determine what you want for your future. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him a chance to share himself with you as well. His compliments may be signs that he feels strongly for you as well. Your relationship will be strengthened as you spend additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Sasha!

  5. I meet this Cancer man online, Weve known each other for almost 7 months now. We exchange I love you’s but never met in person, although he is planning to see me within the next two months. He said he do love me but he is becoming too distant. He wont even accept my calls. Many times I tried telling him i wanna stop this thing because he cant have time for me, he would change his ways in a day or two but after goes back to being distant. He wont add me in his social media account because he said I am unstable. And I get jealous with his exes who likes his post. Is he sincere?

    • You get jealous of his exes who he still maintains friendships with. He has informed you that he believes that you are unstable. He ignores your calls. This means that the two of you may no longer be maintaining a relationship. Make a decision about what you want for your future. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Aquarius!

      • For one whole day, i didnt send him any message. And strangely he be the one sent me a long one. He was asking if i even get to sleep because i message him all the time. And he said i hope I am okay and that I should put God in everything I do and that I should know that he loves me. Do you think he is sincere?

        I think I should stop. He would tell me he love me time to time but strange he wont accept my calls still. Before he has plan of meeting me in person but now its hard to tell, he would just say he will tell me when. I always consider him being a cancer man but I guess im just wasting my time.I am upfront to him telling me how I feel and how sad i am becoming with his ways of treating me but still he never changes.

        • You made a decision to not reach out to him for the day. He then took the time to message you. It seems as though you need to make a decision about what you want for your future. If this relationship is no longer viable, then focus your emotional energy elsewhere. If you do want to continue this relationship, then spend additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Aquarius!

  6. I have been dating my cancer guy for 5 months now. He says I’m his high school crush. We talk on the phone all the time but we don’t see each other quite often because we work different shifts, but whenever we do plan to go out something always comes up on his end to where we cannot go. He tells me he loves me all the time and he’s even talked about marriage. He’s moving in slow motion as far as spending time with me, I suggested we be friends without a title but he insists that we be in a relationship or be nothing at all. I’m confused and bored. I really like him a lot minus the fact that he’s a workaholic and moody. It’s hard to tell if the feeling it’s mutual because he barely makes time for me. Should I continue to be patient? He is so sweet at times and spoils me with gifts but the only gift I’m looking for is his time.

    • You want to nourish this relationship by spending additional time with him in person. It is difficult for the two of you to spend time together, so you need to make a decision about how you are going to nourish this relationship. Visit him in person, if you are able to do so. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Aries!


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