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Cancer Woman in Love


Ruled by the Moon, this sign is one that varies from mood to mood. She is like water in her ability to be a tidal wave of passion or peaceful tranquility. She can be docile, stubborn, angry and quiet within the course of one zodiac sign. One of the problems with describing this zodiac sign is how changeable she is. At one moment, she is reserved and draws within herself. In another moment, she is strong-willed and willing to fight for what she wants.

At her heart, the Cancer woman has a very sensitive nature. This makes her very understanding of the needs of other people and intuitive about how they are feeling. Because of her emotional depth, she is considered one of the most caring and sympathetic women of the zodiac. At the same time, her sensitivity means she often reads too much into what people say. If you criticize her outright, she will take it to heart and may never forget the slight.

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The Cancer woman in love is extremely intuitive and full of imagination. If she says that something is off with someone, listen to her. She might not be able to pinpoint what is wrong with them, but her sensitivity has clued her in to it. In most cases, she has a unfailing instinct about whether someone is trustworthy. On the rare occasions when she is wrong, she takes that betrayal deeply. Trust is something that must be earned with a Cancer woman, and she can take months to trust someone. Until she trusts you, she will not open her heart of mind.

The Cancer Woman in Love

A Cancer woman in love has to be wooed. It takes her time to open up and trust you. Even if you are lucky enough to have her trust you right away, she still wants romance. In her mind, romance is an inextricable part of the courtship. If you want to make her happy, write her love notes or bring her a thoughtful gift. It takes a Cancer woman a while to fall in love, so be patient. She does not want to be rushed as she decides if you are the one for her. The crab is naturally reserved and shy, so give her time to trust you and love you.

Once a Cancer woman does fall in love, she will persevere through any obstacle to be with you. She will commit to you with her entire heart and be an exceptionally devoted person. At the same time, she can be easily hurt. A careless word can ferment in her mind and leave her deeply unhappy. Because of this, you must be sensitive to her feelings and tactful in everything that you do. Never, ever betray a Cancer woman. It is difficult to get her to trust you initially. If you ever betray that trust, it might not be possible to earn it back again.

Relationships With a Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman has a good instinct. If she listens to her intuition, she will easily be guided toward the perfect partner. Once in a relationship, she wants a partner who will cuddle up with her at night and watch a movie. Her heart is firmly placed at home. For a Cancer woman, family, friends and spouses are the most important thing. She feels safe and secure within her home environment. With her maternal tendencies and domestic nature, the Cancer woman is a wonderful mother and partner.

Even when she does not have children to care for, the Cancer woman will still find someone to love. If you are lucky enough to date a Cancer woman, she will take care of you and show how much she cares in a million little ways. Your home will suddenly seem more comfortable and full of light as she works her magic. Since she does so much caring for others, it is important to care for her as well. She can easily forget that she has needs, so give her a break and be romantic.

After the Cancer woman is committed to the relationship, you can expect a steady, stable lover. While she might be moody at times, this does not affect her fidelity or commitment to the relationship. Once she is in the relationship, she is in it for good.

With her emotional nature, a Cancer woman can switch from devastating tears to rollicking laughter in a single hour. When she watches a film, you can easily watch these emotions play across her face. Her moodiness can make her seem at times like a roaring storm. When a loved one is in trouble though, she becomes a calm bay and a refuge for the people she loves. She might be sensitive, but she has a deep, inner strength that anchors the people around her during a time of crisis.

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Dating a Cancer Woman

The hardest part of dating a Cancer woman is the first date. If you can charm her into a first date, the rest will be easy. In general, she is a fairly easy woman to date. Take her to an intimate, romantic environment. Skip out on loud restaurants, crowded places or spicy foods. She would much rather hold your hand across the table as you gaze into her eyes.

While the Cancer woman is not particularly social, she will have a couple of close friends. Like her romantic relationships, she tends to commit forever to the people she cares about. Her friendships are deep, close connections that are immensely important to her. If she has to be in a crowded environment, she would much rather it be with a crowd of friends she knows.

As long as the Cancer woman in love feels satisfied and safe, she will be a faithful partner. If you need constant adventures and change, you probably do not want to date a Cancer woman. She knows what she likes, and she has no desire to change something if she already thinks it is perfect. As for her tendency to be irrational or sensitive at times, your best option is to take it in stride. While these qualities can be a negative, they can also be a great virtue.

The Cancer woman is surprisingly strong and can be quite motivated when there is something that she wants. If you underestimate her, you will regret it. Any underestimating or perceived slight will be chalked up in her memory and remembered forever. She might be reserved, but she can be ferocious when provoked—you don’t want to make her your enemy.

A Cancer Woman in the Bedroom

She falls in love slowly, so it is probably not surprising that she treats lovemaking the same way. When it comes to the bedroom, take your time. Lovemaking is a sensual dance that must be slowly unwound between two partners. The Cancer woman in love needs to have an emotional connection with you before she jumps in bed.

While she might not be interested in risky locations or kinky toys, the Cancer woman has a hidden flamboyance that she unleashes in the bedroom. She can be exceptionally seductive and responsive. When she creates a sensual fantasy, she wants to bring you along with her. She is an eager learner in the bedroom and believes that sex is a way to express her love for you.


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