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Capricorn Woman in Love


With her business suit and stylish glasses, the Capricorn woman is exactly what you expect from a Fortune 500 CEO. She is the type of woman who makes deals, leads a team and creates innovative projects. She does not achieve this role in life by chance. Out of all the zodiac signs, the Capricorn woman is the powerhouse. She has lofty ambitions that are only exceeded by her intense drive and dedication. Don’t bother competing with her because she will leave you in the dust. If you get in her way, watch out. She will trample through any problem to accomplish her dreams.

As you might expect, someone who is dedicated can also be stubborn at times. Good luck convincing her to change her mind. Once she has chosen a path in life, she will continue to follow it no matter what happens. Other people tend to envy her natural leadership and independence. She is someone who rarely loses her cool as she keeps her eye on the prize.

how to understand a Capricorn woman

The Capricorn Woman

This woman likes security and tradition. She is exceptionally responsible and organized. While she is exceptionally hard working, she also has other emotions beneath her reserved exterior. Many people do not realize it, but the Capricorn woman actually has an amazing sense of humor. It tends to surprise people to see the serious face suddenly joke in a lively, light-hearted manner. Even when she is joking though, she does not let down her reserved demeanor and barriers. She is a dependable person who offers excellent advice and is extremely loyal to her friends.

The Capricorn Woman in Love

If you were hoping that she would fall in love at first sight, think again. The Capricorn does not flirt for fun or fall in love instantly. She has to size up a partner completely before she opens up her heart to them. This is because she is looking for a long-term partnership with her mate. She truly believes in love, but she also thinks that lovers have to work to make love happen and have a happy relationship.

In life, the Capricorn woman is immensely confident in her own abilities. She takes this same approach to matters related to the heart. She is discriminating in her choice of lovers and extremely observant. The Capricorn woman will patiently wait and watch you to see if you are the right partner for her. Once she has determined that you have the qualities she needs, she will let down her guard and fall completely in love.

The hardest part of a relationship is actually falling in love. When the Capricorn woman falls in love, she has to face her feelings and understand why they are happening. Once she understands her feelings and knows that you are the right person, she will enjoy the relationship. This is generally not a sign who falls for the wrong person or has a casual fling. She wants to find a partner who is perfect for her and tends to treat relationships like long-term investments. She might take some risks occasionally, but she generally prefers as little risk as possible.

The Capricorn Woman in a Relationship

She might seem submissive in the relationship at first, but don’t let that fool you. The Capricorn woman is extremely independent. If you expect her to just follow your lead, think again. She wants to be an equal in the relationship and enjoy security. She also wants a partner who is as successful as she is. Since the Capricorn tends to focus on the routine and major goals, it would be good if her partner brings some adventure or unpredictability into the relationship.

Once she is in a relationship, the Capricorn woman is completely loyal. She will also expect you to be loyal and can’t imagine a relationship where both partners are not completely committed. Infidelities or cheating just do not make sense to her. If she does think that the relationship is over, good luck changing her mind. When she realizes that the relationship is not working out, she will walk away without looking back. While she can be a bit serious at times, she also loves deeply and is extremely supportive in relationships.

The Capricorn woman in love is quite independent and is more than capable of being alone. She will patiently watch and wait for the perfect relationship. She is not someone who seeks out exotic vacations or extreme activities. She is more than happy to go on a dinner and movie date with the right partner.

If you want to date a Capricorn woman in love, you have to understand that she has a sensitive side as well. She will hide her emotions and sensitive nature away, so it can take quite a while until you actually realize it. Most of the time, she is the rock that everyone else turns to during difficult times. She is always willing to take on responsibilities and is exceptionally reliable. The only problem? She expects you to be just as talented, reliable and responsible as she is. This can obviously be quite difficult, so dating a Capricorn is not always easy.

The Capricorn Woman in the Bedroom

At work, the Capricorn woman seems cool, collected and pragmatic. In the bedroom, this is not the case. Once she slips out of her work suit, she is a passionate lover. Unlike the Capricorn man, she is generally quit willing to experiment in bed. She is not particularly fanciful and rarely dreams up bedroom fantasies of her own. She is looking for an emotional connection with a thoughtful, strong partner.

Single Capricorns are good at handling celibacy, but a Capricorn in a relationship is something else. She understands her instincts and wants to find intimacy in the bedroom. She might seem shy and too rational at first, but she can open up over time. In general, she will want a physically satisfying experience that is fairly regular.

Choosing a Gift for Your Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is extremely sensible and practical. Because of this, flowers are generally not the best option. She might like smelling them, but she instantly realizes that you spent money on something that will only wilt in a few days. Because of these qualities, she is not always easy to shop for. If you want to buy her a gift, consider investing in bath salts or a nice perfume. She likes to smell nice, and a perfume will complement her boardroom attire.

A Capricorn woman also likes gifts that are obviously chosen for her in particular. Don’t buy a standard box of chocolates. If you do choose to get her chocolates, pick out the ones that are her favorites. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift. You can also listen to little hints that she drops during the year. If you noticed that she really like a particular sweater, remember that sweater and buy it for her birthday. Her ideal gift is something that she can use, is extremely beautiful and was thoughtfully chosen for her. Sometimes, she will avoid buying something because she rationally determines that its beauty is not worth the price. If you get her this item, she will be extremely happy to receive it.


  1. I cant help it.I start look at her instagram,look her face and listen for every single word without miss anythings,i remember all things she do,find some ugly spot inside her in order to be more logical person.why i attract to her like this?for your information,i just broke up with my gf for a few month.it still early to admit love rite?

    • You are interested in developing a relationship with her. You previously ended a relationship. You may want to focus on yourself at the moment. If you are ready to nourish a relationship and you want to date this new person, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings. Give her an opportunity to share herself with you as well. Have a great day, Kyle!


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