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100 Car Club Names


Get ready to show off your stuff using these 100 car club names. Whether you are in a classic car group or want to star in Fast and Furious, you can use these car club names to get started. You can use the names as they are written or modify them for a more unique naming option. To get you started, we have compiled a list of 100 names. 

1. Sticks Car Club: No automatics allowed!

2. Brake Dancers: This is obviously a play on the phrase, “break dancers,” but you do not have to start dancing in order to do it.

3. Beyond City Limits: Depending on what your car club wants to do, you might have to be beyond city limits unless you want to cause problems.

4. Creeping Death: This is a scary sounding name for a car club.

5. Martian Maniac Modders: Are you a maniac when it comes to your modifications? If your mods cost more than your car did, then this might be the name to choose.

6. Burnt Rubber: This sounds like the type of car club name you would choose for a bunch of street racers.

7. Dumb Shifts: A number of the clever puns on this list sound like common curse words. At least they sound more family-friendly this way.

8. Three Piece Hoods: This is a fun name to choose.

9. The Road Crew: While it might be a fairly obvious name choice for a car club, we think that it is still a fun option.

10. Shift Heads: This is another one of those puns on curse words.

11. Battle Street Rampagers: Obviously, you might have to change up the street name. We really like Battle Street, but unfortunately there are a number of cities that do not have this street.

12. Sissy Strutters: There is no reason why car clubs have to be resigned for just guys. If you have a car club of ladies, strut your stuff by embracing your femininity.

13. Pedestrian Hitmen: While this sounds cool, you should probably be wary of a name like this. The last thing you want to do is be a danger to pedestrians.

14. Cross Dressing Steers: A reader suggested that this would be a good car club name, but we are not sure what it says about the members in the car club.

15. The Iron Cross Skull Choppers: While this certainly sounds pretty awesome, it is a fairly long name to choose. It might be better to go with just one or two of the elements in this car club names.

16. Hub Cats: This is such a cute name. While you want to sound fast and cool, there is no reason why you cannot go with a more adorable sounding name for your car club.

17. Pompaborables: Strut your stuff with a name like this.

18. The V8’s: This is a simple name choice. While it might not be the most creative on the list, at least it is a name that everyone can easily remember. Some of the V6’s in your group might feel left out though.

19. Piston Slap: This sounds like a cool name.

20. Rusty Badges: The last thing you want is a car with rust on it. I feel like this wold be the club name for a group that consists of classic cars.

21. Mother Truckers: If you want a badass sounding name without actually using a curse word, you can use a pun like this for your car club.

22. Broken Studs: Hopefully, none of the studs in your group are actually broken.

23. The Spades: This might not be the most exciting name, but it would work.

24. The Slow and the Spurious: Obviously, this is a play on the movie title, the Fast and the Furious. Because of the massive success of that film franchise, you see modifications of the movie title just about everywhere.

25. Scoop Heads: This is a fun team name to choose.

26. Mid America Muscle: This name wins because of the alliteration. If you do not live in mid-America, you could still use it and just change the name. We still think that this would be a good option if your city name or area starts with the letter, “M.”

27. Hair Cleaners: My only guess is that your hair is cleaned out because of the wind running through it? Or? Do you have a better idea?

28. Drift Kings: This is a fun name for a group that loves drifting.

29. No Road Blocks: Some people say that you can manifest your dreams in your life. Hopefully, this name will manifest in your car club so that there are literally no road blocks ahead of you.

30. Smokin’ Axles: This sounds like a cool name to choose.

31. Aces High: Do you like gambling or your car club? Either way, this name works well.

32. Hoodlums: This name says it all.

33. The Hell Raisers: You better watch out for a car club that has this as their name.

34. Muddy Trailers: I am not sure what type of car club this would be.

35. The Slow Kids: Some people like to show off how fast they are. This name could be ironic, or maybe you just want to have a change of pace when it comes to your name.

36. Push Rods: This is an easy name.

37. Car RamRod: This works for just about any car club.

38. The Bastards: Don’t be surprised if you have fewer friends after choosing this name.

39. Speedwagon Cruisers: This is a fun name.

40. Death Car Club: While it sounds like an intimidating name, you better hope that it does not become a reality.

41. The Mechanix: Just calling yourself the Mechanics is so last year. Mix it up by changing the spelling in your car club name.

42. Grill Scrapers: Exactly what are you scraping of your grill, I wonder?

43. Dash Holes: This is another car club names that is also a play on a popular curse word.

44. Air Capital Cruisers: This sounds like a fun name.

45. Krazy Kustomz: The added K’s and Z’s make this a fun name.

46. NYC Hoodlums: Obviously, you might have to change the city name in the car club title.

47. Clubbin’ on Wheels: Turn your car into a dance party with a name like this.

48. Drag Queens: If you have mostly or all girls in your group, the Drag Queens might be a better choice than a name like the Drift Kings. At the same time, some people might get the wrong idea about what your group is actually about.

49. Automophiles: “Philes” is from a Greek root word that means love. Basically, this name means a car lover.

50. Phantom Lords: This name sounds cool.

51. Busted Nuts: Ouch.

52. Kool Kids Klub: In this name, I think the changed spelling actually makes the name a little less cool.

53. The Dead Men: Hopefully, this is not an accurate descriptor of your car club.

54. A Bunch of Engine-ers: This is a fun name to choose.

55. Rod Connectors: Just about any car club could easily use this name.

56. Mid Continent Muscle: Obviously, you might have to change the location in the name.

57. Islanders’ Motor Sports: You better live on an island if you choose this name.

58. The Metal Militia: People might get confused about what your club is about with this name.

59. Team Sweaty: Let’s not choose this name.

60. The Followers: If everyone is a follower, then where is your leader?

61. Ghetto Knowbodies: This is a clever sounding name.

62. West Virginia’s Finest: Unless you live in West Virginia, you will probably need to change a part of the name.

63. Frame Twisters: This does not sound like a fortuitous name.

64. The Trannies: Again, people might get the wrong idea if you give your club this as a name.

65. Wrong Fitment Crew: This sounds like a cool name.

66. Tokyo Drifters: Do you really have to live in Tokyo to use the “Tokyo Drift” moniker?

67. Midnight Runners: This has a sleek, chic sound to it.

68. The Wolf Pack: If your group always travels together, this might be a good naming option.

69. Twisted Torque: This sounds cool, although I am not entirely sure what it means.

70. The Troopers: As long as your group does not meet up with a bunch of state troopers, I guess this name would work.

71. Gas Bags: This sounds like a car club’s take on the saying that someone is full of hot air.

72. Piston Rods: This is a fun name.

73. Speed Demons: This is probably an obvious name choice.

74. Fast and Furious Club: Honestly, we think you could do better. At least turn the movie title into a clever pun before you use it.

75. Skeletons of Society: I am not sure what this means, but it sounds good.

76. Good Headers: Guys will probably like this name.

77. Angel Rust: This is a take on the phrase, “angel dust.”

78. V8-ing ‘Till Judgment Day: Yes, you are!

79. Savage Lowriders: Your club better have a lot of lowriders with a name like this.

80. The Generals of Motor: This is a clever take on GM.

81. Shift Faced: This is another play on words that is unusually clever.

82. Street Dreams: Skip the sweet dreams with this name.

83. Import Assassins: Obviously, your group better have a number of imports with this car name.

84. The Iron Maidens: This is such an awesome name for a car club.

85. Desert Rats: This works well if you live in the desert.

86. Club Overkill: Is it really overkill though?

87. The Rising Sun Chasers: Use this for a car club that stays busy all night.

88. Pennsylvania Rodfathers: We love any variation on the phrase, “Rodfathers,” but you might have to change the Pennsylvania part of the name.

89. Barcelona Bandits: Again, you might need to change the city name.

90. San Diego Shifters: We think that this works well for any city name that starts with the letter “S.”

91. Extortionate Obsessions: This name would work.

92. Latin Lowriders: This name works well for a group of Latino car aficionados.

93. Criminally Insane: I hope that this is not an accurate descriptor of your group.

94. The Triple Clutchers: This is a fun name.

95. Crank Strokers: A number of names at the end of the list are actually some of our favorites.

96. Back Alley Bullies: Hopefully, not.

97. The Frenchers: If the other names do not work, I guess you could use this one.

98. East Coast Imports: You could also change this for the west coast.

99. Domestic Disturbance: This is not a fortuitous name.

100. Distorted Illusion: This sounds like a cool sounding car club name.

Now that you have made your name, you are ready to drive. If we missed out any of your favorite car club names, make sure to leave it in a comment. There are a number of clever names out there for car clubs, and we love to hear about them.


    • That sounds like a great name for a car club–and if it doesn’t work, you can always try one of the other 100 names on this list. Good luck and thanks for commenting, Ismael!

  1. I’m building a car with my son …as it is being worked on I was rear ended at full speed while someone was on there phone I would like to start a club to make people aware of this problem because i got messed up pretty bad what do you guys think of RATracing…RACE AGAINST TEXTING…my son likes it

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. We always appreciate when members of our community share their thoughts and feelings. Please share more of supportive comments in the future. Have a great day, Phil!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please share more of your supportive comments in the future. Have a great day, Ricky!


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