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100 Cute Car Names for Girls


Cars say a lot about who you are as a person. Your first car represented freedom and coming of age. While your first car was probably just the only option you could afford, your later choices reflect what you like or think of the world. For instance, someone who drives a gas efficient vehicle probably thinks differently about the environment than a gas guzzling convertible. Whether your car shows how fun you are (think: sports car) or how outdoorsy you are (Jeeps), you can show it off by giving it a name.

Many people like to name their vehicles. Whether you are buying an old or new car, your vehicle can have its own name. This name could be based on the type of car that it is, its color, special features or what you love about the car. If you are driving a Camero, you could call it Cam Cam or Cammie. If you drive a sleek silver convertible, you could call it Quicksilver. The name is entirely up to you, so take some time to think of the perfect option that fits your car best. 

1. Rally Sally: This is a good name for a car that keeps going no matter what you do to it.

2. Road Runner: This is by far one of the cutest names for a car. After all, who didn’t like the Road Runner cartoon character?

3. Karma: This sounds like an ominous name for a car.

4. Kitten: If your car purrs like a kitten, choose this name.

5. Lovebug: This is a cute car name for girls.

6. Cinderella: If your car is messy now, but can turn into a princess, go with this name.

7. Sugar Rush: This is a name for all of the candy lovers out there.

8. MOMobile: More mobile, more fun.

9. Duchess: If your car is a princess, name her this.

10. Pokey: We think that this would be a good name for the slower cars out there.

11. Porsha: Obviously, this name makes more sense if you drive a Porsche.

12. Goddess: We just hope that your car does not act like a goddess.

13. Fiona: This is a pretty name.

14. Umicar: We aren’t sure what this name means, but it sounds cute.

15. The Royal Carriage: On Halloween, you could make this name even better by dressing up like a princess.

16. Mama’s Mercedes: This is a cute name for your Mercedes.

17. Chrome Queen: We think that this name works best for a car that has a lot of chrome.

18. Sassy Sedan: You might drive a sedan, but it can still be sassy.

19. Sadie: This is a pretty name.

20. Rosebud: We think that this name works best for pink or red-colored cars.

21. Bobbypins: I’m not sure what this name means, but it sounds cute.

22. Racing Rocket: This is a name for small, fast cars.

23. Hubcap: We think this name works best for cars that look as if they are falling apart.

24. Cabby: Cabby might make more sense for a taxi, although we suppose it works well for Uber drivers as well.

25. Sheila: This is a good name for an Australian car.

26. Couper: This is a name for Mini Cooper drivers.

27. Daffodil: If you have a yellow-colored car, choose this name.

28. Venus: This is certainly a cute car name for girls.

29. Poppy: Poppy is such a pretty name.

30. Zooma: This is a name for cars that just zoom along.

31. Evie: This is a name that works for cars or people.

32. Diamond: If you have a fancy looking car, go with the name Diamond.

33. Merlot: If you love wine and you love your car, go with this name.

34. Starburst: We think this would be good for silver, white or yellow cars.

35. Magenta: This obviously works best if your car is magenta in color.

36. Lizzie: Lizzie is a sweet name.

37. Sassy: This is for all of the sassy girls out there.

38. Kisses: You better have a sweet looking car with a name like this.

39. Bubbles: Bubbles makes more sense for a boat than a car.

40. Jellybean: Is your car the color of jelly beans?

41. Rainbow Rider: This sounds like one of those old VW vans that is painted in hippie or rainbow colors.

42. Highway Diva: If you act like a diva on the highway, show off your stuff with this name.

43. Juicy: I really hope that your car is not juicy. It sounds more like a steak name than a car name.

44. Carla: Do you get it? “Car”la?

45. Magnolia: This is a sweet name.

46. Man Eater: Boys better watch out for you!

47. Covergirl: This is a good name for a pretty car.

48. Holley Shiftwell: Holly Shiftwell. Holy Shit-well. It’s all the same.

49. Pippa: This also happens to be the name of the sister-in-law of the Prince of England.

50. Cherry Bomb: We think that this is an amazing name for a red car.

51. Flo: This works if your car just goes with the flow.

52. Nova: This is a better name for a Chevy Nova.

53. Honeybee: Honeybee would be a cute name for a yellow car.

54. Lexy: Lexy is a great name for a Lexus.

55. Sweet Street: This is a cute sounding name.

56. Stella: Stella also means star, which is a good name for your car.

57. Betsy Sue: If you don’t want a car name, this human name is pretty good.

58. Mademoiselle: When you can’t think of another name, go with this one.

59. Ruby: This works for a red car.

60. Ivy: This one works for a green car.

car names for girls

61. Princess: If your car acts like a princess, go with this name.

62. Vroom Vroom-Mobile: This name is a little too long, but we still like it.

63. Vanellope: Show off your van-driving pride with this clever name.

64. Merida: We think this name is pretty.

65. Claire: Human names can be car names too, right?

66. Cheetah: This is a name for fast cars.

67. Kid Mover: If you are a suburban soccer mom, this is a highly appropriate car name.

68. Bonbon: This works for small, sweet-looking cars.

69. Betty: Betty is an easy name.

70. Alexus: This works if you drive a Lexus. Get it? A-Lexus?

71. Black Beauty: This works for black-colored cars.

72. Carly: Car-ly. Need we say more?

73. Shelby: This is a simple car name.

74. Cosma: This is a cosmic car name.

75. Twinkle: If you like your car to twinkle after washing it, go with this name.

76. Vixen: This sounds like a dangerous, fast car.

77. Wicked Witch: Don’t expect your car to be easy to manage if you give it this name.

78. Eve: This is a cute, easy name.

79. Xena Warrior Prius: We like this play on words.

80. Wonder Woman Wagon: You can be wonder woman and drive a station wagon. Why not?

81. Eleanor: You don’t have to be a fan of Eleanor Roosevelt to choose this name.

82. Darling: This certainly makes your car seem more like a person than a car.

83. Matilda: This is a cute car name for girls.

84. Classy Sass: This is one of our favorite names.

85. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: It might be a bit too long, but it definitely gets extra points for being cute.

86. Chardonnay: This is another good name for wine lovers.

87. Sally Carrera: This is an absolutely adorable name.

88. Cammie: Cammie is a good name for a Camero.

89. Roadpunzel: I absolutely love this name.

90. Honda Honey: If you drive a Honda, go with this name.

girl names for cars

91. White Stallion: Use this name if you drive a white car and don’t need a knight in shining armor to save you.

92. Red Riding Hood: This is perfect for red cars.

93. Rosie: I think that there are better names on this list.

94. Savannah: This sounds like the name for a car that goes on safaris.

95. Skulls N Bows: A clever take on Skulls ‘n’ Bones.

96. Tiddlywink: This is absolutely adorable.

97. Pearl: This is a good name for a white or light silver car.

98. Piston Pony: This is a super cute name.

99. Ponypower: Skip the horsepower and go with pony-power.

100. Foxy Ford: Obviously, this name makes more sense if you actually drive a Ford.


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