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Care Packages For Girlfriends


In the digital age, finding a long-distance significant other is easier than ever. But, maintaining that relationship can be just as hard as it always has been. A great way to keep the romance and the closeness alive is creating care packages. If your girlfriend is too far to visit every weekend, or too far for a surprise visit in the middle of the week, a care package can be just the thing to make her day.

Care packages aren’t just for people in long distance relationships, either. Care packages are perfect for anyone who wants to show their significant other a little extra love during a tough time, like peak season at work or exam season during school. Making a care package is easy, and it’ll make your girlfriend’s week.

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1. Romance Care Package

A romance care package can be a great way to let your girlfriend know that you’re thinking about her, and that you love her just as much as the day you got together – if not more. For your romance care package, you’ll want to include things that will make her think of you and your time together. Think of all the things that she loves the most, and put them in a care package so that when she opens it, she’ll know that you were thinking of her. Some things to include:

  • Her favorite candy or snack food. She’ll be able to have one of the favorite comfort snacks while knowing that you’re the one who gave it to her.
  • A handwritten letter. While it may seem easier to type a letter in with the care package, including a handwritten letter will show more thought and effort. Plus, it’s much more romantic.
  • Mixed CD of songs that remind you of her, or romantic songs that she can listen to and think of you.

2. Self Care Package

If your girlfriend is under a lot of stress and pressure from school or work, a self-care care package can be just the thing that she needs. A self-care package is basically something that you’ll put together so that she doesn’t have to. When she’s under a lot of pressure, she may be only taking care of her most basic needs without allowing herself to slow down and relax. A self-care package will not only remind her of the need to slow down and treat herself to something nice, but it’ll be full of things that she can use to relax, such as:

  • Soft, relaxing music. You can include a mixed CD of songs that are specifically designed to help her relax, or maybe even help her get to sleep.
  • Bath bombs. Covertly find out her favorite bath bomb and order a few of them so she can take a nice, relaxing bath and enjoy her favorite scents and glitters.
  • Wine. Let’s face it, if she’s in a stressful situation, she’s probably going to want a bottle of wine eventually, and she’s going to be pleased when it shows up right on her doorstep.

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3. School Survival Care Package

If your girlfriend is away at college, this may be just the thing that she needs more than just a romance care package. Most college students understand what it feels like to be overworked and overwhelmed, and a lot of them aren’t able to get a job on top of their classwork to help themselves out when they’re feeling a little stressed. If this sounds like your girlfriend, a school survival care package is probably just what she needs. You can fill it with both practical and romantic things that she’s going to need during her day to day school life, like:

  • Gift certificates. These can be for nearby restaurants for a night out, or for the movies or for her favorite store. Being able to buy her something nice that she needs will make her feel much better.
  • Quarters for laundry. College students never seem to have the right amount of quarters that they need to do a load of laundry, and going to the bank to get a roll is always a hassle. So, make sure she’s never out and send her a few stacks of quarters so she can always have clean laundry.
  • Magazines, candy and coffee. Students are always in need of caffeine and sugar! Make sure she has her favorite candy and coffee ready to go. Include some of her favorite magazines, too.

Care packages are a great way to say “I Love You” while also giving your significant other exactly what they need without them having to ask for it. Also, who doesn’t like getting a package in the mail? Your girlfriend will be so pleased that the next time you’re able to see one another, she’s bound to show you just how happy you make her.


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