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100 Catchy Names for Clothing Line


Are you getting ready to start your own clothing line? Having a clothing line is a fun, exciting start to your career. Whether you majored in fashion in school or recently went for your master’s in business administration, this could be the next step in your career.

In some ways, running a clothing line is fairly straightforward. After all, everyone has to wear clothes, right? The only problem is that there is a lot of competition among fashion designers and brands for client attention. If you want your business to be successful, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and draw in potential clients. Catchy names for clothing line are the start to your mission. A catchy name for your clothing line will help you attract customers. Then, you just have to figure out all of the steps like accounting, inventory management and employee training in order to successfully run your business.

What to Consider Before Starting a Clothing Line

Before you even think of catchy names for clothing line, stop reading this and go buy books on business management. There are millions of creative people who start restaurants, fashion brands, art galleries and other enterprises that are never successful. The problem isn’t that they aren’t creative or talented enough. The issue is that they never invested in their business management skills.

When you start out a business, you probably won’t have extra cash to hire an accountant to do your taxes or to calculate your marginal profit. You will most likely have to leases, employee training, hiring, accounting and your taxes on your own. If you do not know how to do these things, don’t be surprised if your business is not nearly as successful as you would like it to be. Many businesses fail because the business owner never bought books or went to school to figure out how to run a company. If you want your clothing line to take off, you need to be more than just the designer. You have to be the manager, accountant, HR professional and more. Otherwise, your best bet is to work for a major brand and design clothes through them.

If you already have years of experience running a business or spent the last few months reading up on how-to guides, then you are definitely ready for the next steps. Now, you need to think about what sets your brand apart. Will your clothing line be a cheap brand designed for the average, everyday person? Will it be haute couture that is only available to the ultra-rich sophisticates of a metropolis?

No matter who you target audience is, your brand has to target their unique needs and requirements. You won’t keep customers hanging around if you market your company as the epitome of excellence, but sell shoddy workmanship. Build your brand and pick a good, brandable clothing company name for it.

You might want a clothing name that reflects the type of clothes or the cost of the clothes. Some designers like to use their own name for a clothing brand. If you have a particularly pretty or elegant name, this is probably a good choice. Whatever name you choose, make sure it is brandable and easy to remember. Pick something that you can easily use in your marketing logos and slogans. If you are struggling to decide which catchy name to go with, ask your friends to vote on your favorite and go with the most-liked name.

What to Consider When Choosing a Name

If you have already finished all of the planning for your new company and just need a name, it is time to start brainstorming. There are industries where you can get by with a name that is just adequate. In fashion, the right name means everything. Your brand determines if your customers want to buy your products and how much they are willing to pay. Whether you start a high-end brand or a line of cheap knock offs, you need the right catchy names for clothing line to be successful.

1. Decide on Your Purpose

Before you can really choose a name, you need to decide what your purpose is. Are you making the world’s best shoes? Is your main goal to sell to the top 1 percent of the population? Are you trying to make high-end fashions at affordable prices?

Ultimately, your name will encapsulate your entire purpose. Your customers need to know exactly what you do by looking at your name. Ideally, your name should also be catchy enough that they can remember it easily.

Another thing to about is the audience that you are trying to target. The type of customer that you are going after will determine how you name your business. In addition, consider how you will sell your products. If you are selling primarily to online customers, then you need a business name that will be easy enough to remember and spell. After all, those clients will have to type your name in the search bar if they want to find you again. If you are operating a brick-and-mortar storefront, the name’s spelling will matter less because people can always show up at the store itself instead of having to remember the name.

2. Consider Making a Theme

If you are struggling to figure out the best name for your business, consider a theme or an overarching idea. Think about what your company is going to be about. Instead of thinking of a name out of thin air, start brainstorming names that surround that specific theme. You could also go with names that involve color concepts you love, your location or your own name.

3. Start Brainstorming

At first, it can feel impossible to figure out the perfect name. No matter how much you think about it, the name continues to elude you. If you want to think of the best name, it helps to relax a bit. Instead of worrying about how good or bad the names you think of are, just start listing as many names as possible. Set a timer for 10 minutes and pull out a pen and paper. Then, write down as many names as you can think of. Forget about whether these names are actually any good or not. Just get a few names on paper and allow your writer’s block to break free a bit.

After the 10 minutes are up, look at your piece of paper. While many of the names will probably be quite horrible, there are bound to be a few that are at least okay. Look at these names. What do they have in common that you like so much? If you have a name that expresses the write idea and just isn’t catchy enough, try getting out a thesaurus or a dictionary to research alternative options.

You can also try playing around with the word placement or the concept that you use until you find one that you really like. Once you have a list of just a handful of your favorite options, get your friends and family members to take a look at it. Ask them what they like about each name, what it makes them think of and which name is their favorite. If your loved ones like the name, you might have found the right option for you.

4. Getting Down to Business: Copyrights and More

You have spent days or weeks figuring out the name that works best for you. Now, you need to know if that name will actually work for you. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that your chosen name has not already been taken by someone else.

To start with, try searching for your name online. If there is already a company operating under that name, it could be a problem. Even if the name is not copyrighted yet, it could end up confusing your potential customers if there are two companies that exist under the same name.

If it does not seem like your name is taken yet, try to find out if it has already been trademarked or copyrighted by another company. You should also register your company’s name with the United States Trademark Office to make sure that no one else can take your name.

If you are lucky enough to find a creative name that is still available, you need to snag it quickly. Register a trademark for it. Then, register a domain under that name. You might want to get a .com, .co.uk or other domain extensions to make sure that no one takes your site. In addition, you need to take your company’s name on social media profiles. Set up a profile under your business name, even if you do not plan on using it right away. You don’t want anyone else to take your name or deliberately misuse your company’s brand, so make sure that you are the only person who can have it.

A Rose by Any Other Name

For your name to work, it should be easy to spell. If people have to struggle to spell it, then they will never be able to find your site online or reach out to your company. Likewise, your name should not be totally random and unconnected to your brand. It should be original and not be similar to competitor names. While you do not want the name to be annoying or focused on some inside joke, you also do not want a name that is boring and forgettable. Also, skip out on any names that are too hard to pronounce.

Now that you know what not to do, what should you actually include in your name? According to the experts, you want your business name to check off all of the qualities in the word, “SMILE”.

Simple: Don’t get too fancy with your name. You want people to easily understand what you are referencing or what the name refers to.
Meaningful: Again, don’t use an insider joke or something hard to understand. Make your name something that customers will easily get.
Imagery: Fashion is definitely a sector that is all about industry. Try going for a name that evokes a unique imagery in the mind’s eye.
Legs: The name should be something that adds to your brand and handles itself. The rest of your brand shouldn’t have to do all of the work of dragging your name along with it.
Emotional: When you activate the emotional center of the brain, people will agree to things like buying a product without thinking about the logic of it. Think of a name that evokes an emotional response or that engages the individual on a deeper level.

100 Clothing Company Name Ideas

1. Proud Mama Maternity: Perfect for a maternity shop!
2. Lucky Lady Clothes: Cute!
3. Aqua 4 Swimwear: A good name for a swim shop.
4. Up Up, and Away Apparel: This sounds like the name of a children’s store.
5. Serafina Women’s Label: Angelic names are a fun choice.
6. Cowboys Western Wear for Boys: This would be a great name for a western shop.
7. N. Allen Menswear: A street name could work if it sounds unique.
8. Sweet Tea Dresses: Who doesn’t love sweet tea?
9. Lovely Ladies: Of course!
10. Cherubim Children’s Clothes: Cute!
11. Hot Head Threads: For someone with a fiery temper.
12. Runway Lingerie: For an a la mode shop.
13. Forester Flannels: Fun!
14. London Britches: This has a unique ring to it.
16. Adventure Apparel Co.: For a shop that caters to true adventurers.
17. Surf’s Up: This would work if your clothing line focuses on surf clothing.
18. Tiny Treasures: An excellent name for a toddler- or child-focused shop.
19. Bewitched Boutique: This is certainly an entrancing name!
20. Milan Makeover: Using the location of major fashion shows is always a chic option.
21. Ducklings Baby Clothing: Adorable!
22. Buckaroo Jeans Co.: Another great name for a children’s clothing line.
23. Lala Lingerie: If you focus on lingerie, get a name that shows it.
24. Bachelor Pad Menswear: Fun!
25. Tater Tots: This is a simple, fun option.
26. A Black Tie Affair: Perfect for clothing lines that specialize in formal attire.
27. Chickadee Children’s Wear: Cute!
28. Dead Threads Jeans: Very cool.
29. Mommy Dearest Maternity Wear: Another great option for a maternity shop.
30. West Side Street Clothing: This is a fun option.
31. Infinity Sportswear: Nice!
32. The T-Shirt Factory: “Factory” makes it sound like something made by Andy Warhol.
33. Studio 91 Clothing Co.: You can really use any number you want.
34. Catwalk Juniors Clothing: Nice one!
35. Pinstripes Suit Co.: This sounds like it was ripped from the 1920s.
36. Buffalo Western Wear: I also like Wild Western Wear as well.
37. Honey Jasmine Loungewear: Delicious!
38. Hourglass Jeans: With these jeans, you’ll look like you have an hourglass figure.
39. Wicked Stitch: Adorable!
40. 009’s Custom Suits: Better than 007!
41. Finer Threads: Nice!
42. Porcelain Apparel: Hopefully, your apparel will be more sturdy than porcelain.
43. Clover Clothing Co.: This one gets bonus points for alliteration.
44. 6th Avenue Streetwear: You can always switch out the street name.
45. I’m New Here Infant Clothing: That’s certainly true!
46. Periwinkles Playwear: Cute!
47. Tanked Up Co.: This is a fun option.
48. Little Dimples Kid’s Clothing: Adorable!
49. Cute as a Button Clothing: Nice one.
50. Destiny Intimates: Maybe it’s destiny, right?
51. Gunmetal Streetwear: This is a hardcore-sounding option.
52. The Juicebox Kid’s Clothing: Super cute!
53. Freestyle Streetwear: This is a fun option. Parkour Streetwear would be cute too.
54. Sugarplum Children’s Clothing: Adorable!
55. Doodles Children’s Apparel: This would work for a kids’ shop.
56. A Night to Remember: Perfect if you sell prom dresses or formal attire.
57. Redwood Casualwear: Nice!
58. Rosebuds for Girls: This is a fun option.
59. Hot Threads Dancewear: Cute!
60. Little Duckling Swimwear: This is another fun name to go with.
61. Dahlia Apparel for Women: Any flower name will sound great.
62. Twinkle Twinkle Sleepwear: This would be adorable for a kids’ clothing line.
63. Bachelor’s Pad Attire: Nice one!
64. 24 Karat Klothing: A fun option.
65. Playdate Costumes for Kids: Cute!
66. Tadpoles Children’s Apparel: Adorable.
67. Little Guppies Swimwear: This is perfect for a kids’ clothing line for swimwear.
68. Lil’ Boss Jean Co.: Nice!
69. Too Tempted Clubwear: This is a fun choice.
70. Iron Giant Big & Tall: For husky-sized people.
71. Sunday Best Suits & Dresses: Excellent.
72. Penelope’s Pajamas & Sleepwear: You can’t go wrong with this name.
73. Smarty Pants School Uniforms: If you specialize in school uniforms.
74. Hawthorne Apparel Co.: A simple, but respectable choice.
75. Bigger Britches Big & Tall: Nice!
76. Fringe Apparel for Juniors: This sounds like an alternative clothing shop.
77. Fairytale Dresses & Accessories: Cute!
78. Short Stuff Shop: For kids.
79. Suits & Separates: Nice.
80. Mountain Men Wilderness Wear: For all those guys who need wilderness attire.
81. Pumpkin Clothing Co.: Cute!
82. Hunny Bunny Baby: This is a fun name for a baby-focused clothing shop.
83. Willow Wood Children’s Clothing: Nice one.
84. Red Betty Boutique: This is a sweet option.
85. L. Alexander Apparel: You can always switch this up to your actual name.
86. Mirage Misses Casualwear: This is another great choice.
87. Vault Clothing Co.: This is a good name.
88. South City Streetwear: Very chic.
89. Silhouettes Suits & Separates: Silhouettes is a fun play on words that could be used in other names as well.
90. J’Adore Apparel: J’adore also!
91. Bay City Clothing: Using your city name can work as well.
92. Jillian B. Jean Co.: Your first name and middle initial can work well if you have a nice-sounding name.
93. Mad Ink Clothing Co.: Fun!
94. Slate Jeans Co.: This is a cute choice.
95. Sparrowhawk Signatures: Alliteration is always a good idea.
96. Hole in 1 Apparel: Nice.
97. Sweet Peach Baby Apparel: This would be adorable for a baby’s clothes shop.
98. On the Field Sportswear: For athletic gear.
99. Bedtime Stories Sleepwear: Cute!
100. Freckles Clothing: Another great name for a children’s clothing shop.


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