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75 Cheese Puns


Cheese is one one of the best foods that there is. Whether you are a die-hard cheese fan or actually make your own cheeses, these are some of the best cheese puns and jokes for you. Before you bust out the cheese and crackers, find some of the best cheese puns to lighten the mood and keep the conversation going.   Best cheese puns and jokes

75 Cheese Puns

1. What is a cannibal’s favorite cheese to eat? Limburger.

2. What did the cheese say after narrowly escaping the mice? I’m Brieeee!

3. What do you call an extremely sad cheese? Blue cheese.

4. Why do you have to keep an eye on your cheese? Because it is up to no Gouda.

5. What did the blind man say after someone gave him the cheese grater? That was the most violent book that I have ever read.

6. What do you feed to the son of God? Cheeses of Nazarath.

7. What type of music do cheeses listen to? R’n’Brie.

8. What did one cheese say to another? I’m smelling something very swiss-picious.

9. Did you hear about the one cheese that tried to win an Olympic medal and failed? It fell at the final curdle.

10. What do you get when you mix a smurf and a cow? Blue cheese!

11. What happened after the French cheese factory suffered an explosion? They say the only thing that was left was de brie.

12. What type of cheese do mice like? Mousearella.

13. How do you know when you need to go on a cheese diet? When you look in the mirror and see that you need to cheddar a few pounds.

14. Why won’t the cheddar party with the crackers? Because someone always cuts the cheese.

15. How can you make a mouse smile? Just say cheese!

Cheese Puns That Are Too Important And Funny To Miss Out

16. What do you call a cheese that loves to shoot hoops? Swiss.

17. What search engine do mice like to use? Ask Cheese.

18. What is Tom Hanks’ favorite kind of soft cheese? Philadelphia.

19. What do you call a religious cheese​? Swiss because it is so holy.

20. Who is in the first story of the cheese Bible? Edam and Eve.

21. Why did the dairy farmer end up on a diet? She really wanted to cheddar a couple of pounds.

22. Why should you always bring chips to a party? In queso emergency.

23. What do you call a cheese that isn’t your cheese? Nacho cheese!

24.What hotel do mice like to stay in when they are on vacation? The Stilton.

.25. What do you get when you blend cheese and a goblin together? Muenster cheese.

26. What did the types of cheese can fly? Curds of prey!

27. When should you never believe what the cheese is telling you? When it is too Gouda to be true.

28. What cheese do you find around a medieval castle? Moatzerella.

29. What is the name of the country near Iraq that is made out of cheese? Curd-istan.

30. Where do cheese makers go on Halloween? To the muenster mash!

31. What do you call a cheese that alcoholics love? Livarot.

32. What did the cheese salesman tell the buyer? This cheese may be Gouda, but that one is Feta!

33. What do you call a cheese that had a nervous breakdown? A basket queso.

34. What did the lady do with her cheese credit card at the mall? She went on a shopping brie.

35. What type of cheese will a beaver eat? eDam.

Hilarious Cheese Puns That Will Make You Die Laughing

36. What is a lion’s favorite cheese to eat? Roar-quefort.

37. How good does a Coney Island gyro taste? Feta than sex.

38. What did the cheddar say to a ghost? I’m lac-ghost intolerant.

39. What type of cheese can you use to hide your horse? Mascarpone.

40. What did the street cheese say when he was attacked by cheeses with blades? I’ve felt grater.

41. What Welsh cheese should you be cautious about eating? Caerphilly.

42. Why does cheese always look so normal? Because everyone else on their plate is crackers.

43. What is the richest type of cheese ever? Paris Stilton.

44. Did you hear the story about when the decorator painted his poor wife with cheese?
He double Gloucester!

45. Why did the one-legged clown decide to leave the cheese circus? He just couldn’t get his stilton.

46. When will they cover a burrito in cheese? In the best queso scenario.

47. What do you call an oriental cheese? A Parm-asian.

48. What did the cheese say to itself when it glanced in the mirror? Halloumi. (Hello, me)

49. Why was the wheel always so bossy? Because he was the Big Cheese.

50. What do you call a grilled cheese sandwich that gets up in your face? A too close for comfort food.

51. Why did the cheese retire? He wanted to give up the daily ring.

52. What is the most popular cheese sitcom in America? Curd Your Enthusiasm.

53. What type of cheese do basketball players eat? Swish cheese.

54. What do you call a dinosaur that is made out of cheese? Gorgonzilla!

55. Did you want to hear a joke about a pizza? Forget about it. It’s too cheesy.

Silly Cheese Puns That Will Stop You From Feeling Bleu

56. What cheese do you use to coax a bear to leave? Camembert. (Come on, bear)

57. What did the kitten do after eating Swiss cheese? It waited for mice with baited breath.

58. Why didn’t the little cheese want to get sliced? He had grater plans for life.

59. Why do cheeses love Christmas? They like to celebrate baby cheeses. (Baby Jesus)

60. What did the cook say after slicing the cheese into a million pieces? That’s grate!

61. What did the Gorgonzola tell the piece of cheddar? You’re looking sharp!

62. Why did the cheesemonger quit? He Camembert it any longer.

63. Why did the police arrest the nacho cheese? It was a queso mistaken identity.

64. What did the cheese say after getting in a fight with the dough? You wanna pizza me?

65. What is the only cheese that is made backwards? Edam.

66. Why are cheeses so organized? Because they Havarti done the work.

67. Why did the old cheese never get to get married? He had a cheesy sense of humor.

68. What do you find on the ground of the mozzarella forest? Cheese sticks.

69. What did the girl say when her brother tried to eat her cheese? Leave my prov-alone!

70. What is a pirate’s favorite kind of cheese? Chedd-AARRR!

71. Why did the cheese want to go to the museum’s art exhibit? To show that it was cultured.

72. When does growing old no longer matter? When you’re a cheese.

73. Why did the Mozzarella break up with the Edam? She thought he was cheddar off without him.

74. What did the bartender say when he made the cheese leave the bar? We don’t serve your rind in here.

75. What did the cheese say before the eating contest? Brie it on!


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