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150 Chihuahua Dog Names


Chihuahuas can be incredibly cute dogs. They have a reputation for being annoying, but that is only because they tend to bond closely with one person. For that one person that they fall in love with, a chihuahua is the best dog in the world. If you have recently purchased your first chihuahua, we have some chihuahua dog names that you can use. While we have 75 male and 75 female names, some o the names can actually be used for either gender.

mexican chihuahua names

75 Chihuahua Dog Names for Males

1. Augie: This is just an adorable name for a chihuahua.

2. Jose: This name is inspired by the chihuahua’s Mexican heritage.

3. Runt: Use this if your puppy looks like the runt of the litter.

4. Shrimp: You could call him Shrimp or Shrimpy because of his size.

5. Mammoth Month. If you ever watched the Krypto series, you will remember this dog. She had the talent of inflating her body into a giant ball to fight off enemies.

6. Thor: This is an ironic option for a chihuahua.

7. Alejandro: This is a great name for a chihuahua.

8. Hercules: It might be a little mean to tease your dog about his size by giving him the name of one of the most muscular heroes of Greek mythology.

9. Squirt: This is an apt name since chihuahuas are so tiny.

10. Rascal: This is the perfect name for your little rascal.
11. Boss: You will certainly give your dog a gigantic ego if you choose names like this.

12. Shorty: If your chihuahua is as short as other chihuahuas, this name certainly makes sense.

13. Rocky: This is another ironic option for a chihuahua.

14. Moose: He might be tiny, but his heart is as big as any you would find in a moose.

15. Bruiser: This name comes from the name of Elle Wood’s dog in the film, Legally Blonde.

16. Carlos: This is another option inspired by Mexican male names.

17. Mack: This just sounds awesome.

18. Hobbit: Use this because he is as tiny as a hobbit.

19. Ren Hoek: This name is from Ren and Stimpy.

20. Peewee:This name was chosen based on the chihuahuas tiny size.

21. Goliath: He might be small, but he is as courageous as any Goliath out there.

22. Runty: This is a variation on the word “runt” and is a way to tease the chihuahua about his size.

23. Fang: He might not be tall or big, but he can be ferocious when he needs to.

24. Jesus: This is pronounced with an “h” sound instead of a “j” in Mexico.

25. Boo Boo: This is just a cute option.

pun chihuahua names

26. Killer: This is another teasing option because of your dog’s size.

27. Jorge: This is another name that starts with an “h” sound.

28. Meeko: This would be such a cute name for a chihuahua.

29. Tiger: This is an ironic choice for a chihuahua.

30. Tito: In the Walt Disney film, Oliver and Company, this was the name of one of the chihuahuas.

31. Ricardo: This is a popular Mexican name.

32. Tank: Ironic names like this one are popular options for chihuahuas.

33. Raúl: This is a simple, easy name.

34. Juan: This is another great option.

35. Sarge: He will sound like a military leader with a name like this.

36. Otis: Otis is a name as small as a chihuahua.

37. Fernando: This name is inspired by the chihuahua’s Mexican heritage.

38. Cujo: This is just adorable.

39. Javier: This would be an awesome name.

40. Pedro: Use this name if you want to find one of the cutest chihuahua dog names.

41. Spike: This is an ironic choice for a chihuahua.

42. Beau: This means boyfriend, so it is a perfect name for your little boyfriend.

43. Charlie: This is just adorable.

44. Biggie: He might be tiny, but he certainly has a big heart.

45. Corky: This is another cute option.

46. Miguel: This name is inspired by the dog’s Mexican heritage.

47. Caesar: Use this if your dog likes to act like he is the emperor of your house.

48. Barkley: Use this name I your puppy has a tendency to bark all the time.

49. Buddy: Because dogs are man’s best friend.

50. Eduardo: This is a lovely name for a Mexican dog.

chihuahua names for males

51. Chief: This is a fun name to use with a chihuahua.

52. Luis: Cute!

53. Roberto: You can always shorten this to Rob later if Roberto is too long.

54. Brewster: This is a fun option.

55. Zeus: This is a great name for a chihuahua who thinks that he is the head of the gods and the universe.

56. Alfie: This sounds like the right name for a small dog.

57. Manuel: This is a great name inspired by Mexico.

58. Miguel: This is another option from Mexico.

59. Rambo: This is a cool name to choose.

60. Cabo: This is the name of a city in Mexico, but it would be a great name for a dog as well.

61. Oliver: This sounds a bit too fancy for a puppy.

62. Butch: This chihuahua name is bound to make your puppy feel amazingly strong and confident.

63. Oscar: Use this if your puppy reminds you of Oscar the Grouch.

64. Teddy: He might be a dog, but he is also your little teddy bear.

65. Scrappy: He may be small, but he is certainly scrappy!

66. Chichén Itzá: This is another name of a Mexican city that would be a cute chihuahua name.

67. Antonio: This is a romantic sounding name.

68. Diesel: This is another strong name choice for a chihuahua.

69. Cooper: This works well if he has reddish fur.

70. Rex: This will make your chihuahua feel like T. Rex.

71. Percy: This name reminds me of the character of Percy on Harry Potter.

72. Manuel: This is always a good option for a chihuahua dog name.

73. Hunter: He is bound to feel courageous and ferocious with a name like this.

74. Lucky: This makes sense if you and your dog are truly lucky to have each other.

75. Hulk: Make your chihuahua feel like a superhero with awesome dog names like this one. Chihuahua Dog Names

75 Chihuahua Dog Names for Females

1. Tiny: This is a cute name for a tiny dog.

2. Margarita: Name your dog after the drink!

3. Gidget: This is the real name of the chihuahua that you always see in Taco Bell commercials.

4. Guadalajara: This is a cute name that is a major city in Mexico.

5. Valentina: One day, your puppy will be your favorite Valentine.

6. Peanut: This is an adorable name for your little peanut.

7. Tinkerbell: This was the name of Paris Hilton’s dog that she always carried around in her purse.

8. Silvia: Cute!

9. Acapulco: This is a famous tourist city in Mexico.

10. Pixie: Pixies are small fairies, which makes this the perfect name for your small dog.

11. Francisca: Names from Mexico are always a good option.

12. Mimi: This is the name of Sharon Osbourne’s chihuahua.

13. Puebla: This name comes from the name of a Mexican city.

14. Josefina: This is an adorable option to choose.

15. Morsel: Use this name because your dog is a bite-sized morsel.

16. Munchkin: This is an adorable name for an adorable dog.

17. Ixtapa: This is another name that comes from Mexican cities.

18. Yolanda: You can use this Mexican-inspired name as her full name and then nickname her Yo-Yo.

19. Bitty: Little-sounding names like this one are perfect for chihuahuas.

20. Mini: Names like this make perfect sense for a small dog.

21. Leticia: This is one of the sweetest chihuahua dog names.

22. Monterrey: This is a name of a major city in Mexico.

23. Bambi: This was the name of Paris Hilton’s other chihuahua.

24. Luisa: Pretty!

25. Little: Use this name for your little puppy.

chihuahua names for males

26. Mérida: This is another place name in Mexico.

27. Renata: This pretty name is Mexican in origin.

28. Coco: This was famously the name of Cesar Millan’s dog on the show, Dog Whisperer.

29. Half-Pint: This is a popular name for small dogs.

30. Adriana: This is an adorable name that comes from Mexico.

31. Xena: This name would be an ironic choice since Xena was known for being a strong warrior princess.

32. Elf: Because your dog is as tiny as an elf.

33. Guadalupe: Name your puppy after the patron saint of Mexico!

34. Minnie: Because your puppy is as small as Minnie the Mouse.

35. Harley: This is an adorable name.

36. Araceli: This is one of my favorite chihuahua dog names from Mexico.

37. Nugget: This is a tiny-sounding name for a chihuahua.

38. Tijuana: This sounds cute.

39. María: This is a Mexican-inspired name.

40. Button: Because your puppy is as small and cute as a button.

Chihuahua Dog Names

41. Petunia: Flower names are always adorable for pets.

42. Alejandra: This is a fun name for chihuahua dogs.

43. Angel: This is a great name for your little angel.

44. Teensy: This is a fairy obvious option.

45. Sugar: For a super sweet dog.

46. Spice: If you have two female chihuahuas, you could name one Sugar and the other Spice.

47. Cancun: This is the name of a tourist city and makes me think of sunny beaches.

48. Daisy: This is another sweet flower name for a puppy.

49. Rosa: For your sweet little Rose.

50. Pepper: Pepper is a great name for a black-colored chihuahua.

51. Salt: If you also happen to have a white chihuahua, you could name her salt.

52. Bean: Because she is as small as a bean!

53. Ginger: This is an adorable name for a puppy that has red-colored fur.

54. Bella: This name is adorable because it means beautiful in Italian.

55. Gabriela: Mexico-inspired names are always a good choice.

56. Gigi: This is more popular as a poodle’s name, but it would work well as a chihuahua’s name as well.

57. Puny: This is not a nice sounding name.

58. Hazel: You could choose this name just because it is cute or to match the color of her eyes.

59. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is an absolutely adorable name for a tiny, adorable dog.

60. Luciana: I love Mexican-inspired names like this one.

unique chihuahua names

61. Penny: Use this name for your puppy if she is as tiny as a penny or brown in color.

62. Honey: This is a sweet name for a puppy that is the color of honey.

63. Rebel: This is a name for a cute, little rebel.

64. Zoe: This is one of the simplest chihuahua dog names on this list.

65. Olive: This is a cute option.

66. Penelope: This is a sweet name, although it is a bit long for such a small dog. You could always shorten it to the nickname, Penny, if you need to.

67. Yucatán: Name your puppy after this Mexican peninsula.

68. Sophie: For some reason, Sophie just sounds like an adorable name for a chihuahua. What do you think?

69. Juana: Adorable! And if you get a male too, you can name him Juan.

70. Gracie: Gracie is such a sweet name for a tiny, sweet dog. It sounds like the name of a chihuahua who is shyer and quieter than other puppies.

71. Baby: This is an obvious option for a dog that is smaller than a baby.

72. Dot: For some reason, small dogs tend to get names like Dot. Perhaps this is just because she is almost as tiny as a dot.

73. Fernanda: This is another great, Mexican-inspired chihuahua dog name.

74. Millie: This is a fairly old-fashioned name that you aren’t likely to hear around that much anymore. Sometimes, an old-fashioned name is better than any more modern option. We think that Millie would be a wonderful name for a tiny chihuahua.

75. Bear: This name will make your puppy feel bigger than she actually is.


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