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62 Funny Chili Cook Off Team Names


A chili cook off is never an easy thing to judge. The name of your chili cook off team is one way that you can set your chili apart. If you are struggling to find the right name, we have compiled a list of funny chili cook off team names that you can use.

chili cook off team names

1. Burn, Baby, Burn: You got that right!

2. Flavor Country: This is a cute name option.

3. Hot Meat & Cool Beans: This sounds like a band name.

4. Death by Chili: Use this if you like to make the hottest chili imaginable.

5. Afterburn: Your taste tasters can’t say that you didn’t warn them about the afterburn if you use this team name.

6. Red Hot Chili Preppers: This is an adorable option and works great if you want a theme song too.

7. Hurts So Good: That’s right, it does.

8. Hungry Heart Attack: For those moments when your heart and mouth are burning, but you are still hungry for more.

9. Fu King Chili: Say this one aloud. Get it?

10. Where’s the Water?: That’s what all of your taste testers are going to say before long.

11. Fiery Passion: Cute.

12. Staplehouse Chili: Your chili will become he staple of every house before long.

13. The Great White Heat: Fun.

14. Bowls of Steel: You better have a bowl of steel or the chili will burn through a wooden bowl.

15. Clay’s Leftovers: You can change the name to name of the captain of your team.

16. Where’s the Beef?: Where’s the beef among all that spice?

17. The Habanero Special: This is such a fun option.

18. Sweet Tater: Sweet or spicy?

19. Bowels of Steel: You better have bowels of steel if you plan on spending a lot of time at a chili cook off.

20. No Mercy Chili: Your chili isn’t going to show anyone mercy.

chili cook off names

21. Happy Ending Sauce: Does your chili really leave someone with a happy ending?

22. Chili Chili Bang Bang: This is such an adorable option.

23. Beans & Jeans: Cute.

24. Hell Hath No Fury: This is a fun choice.

25. Notorious P.I.G.: This is a great team name if you love to pig out on chili.

26. Not So Chilly: This is a funny chili cook off team name.

27. Tailgate Chili: Delicious!

28. Mad Thunder in Your Pants: A bit long, but it works.

29. Drunkards Dream: This is a cool sounding option.

30. Narrow Street Cook: Fun!

31. Texas Jailhouse Chili: Jailhouse chili sounds dangerous.

32. Run for the Restroom: You got that right.

33. Bowels of Fury: That is exactly how your bowels will feel soon enough.

34. Thundergun Express: Fun!

35. Secret Stache: This is a cool option.

chili cook off names

36. Loose Cannon Chili: This is a funny chili cook off team name.

37. Grateful Red: Will you actually be grateful after you burn off your taste buds?

38. Buddha’s Revenge: This is adorable.

38. Hen & Hog: Cute!

40. Mean Mama Chili: This is a fun option.

41. Sweet Serrano Serenade: This chili cook off team name wins for alliteration.

42. To Bean or Not to Bean?: This is one of the more amusing chili cook off team names.

43. Spice It Up: Adorable.

44. Holy Nun Sauce: That’s a polite way of putting it.

45. Chili of Doom: Watch out for this chili!

46. Say Your Prayers: This does not bode well for the future.

47. Drunken’ Turkey Chili: For those crazy teams who put turkey in their chili.

48. Backdraft: Cute.

49. Mr. Beefy’s Revenge: Nice.

50. Hunks of Burnin’ Love: This is one of the most clever chili cook off team names.

51. Dark Matter: Fun.

52. Doomsday Chili: Watch out for this chili team!

53. Ring of Fire: Adorable.

54. Gator Chili: This is a cool option.

55. Volcanic Chili: There will be a volcanic reaction in your future.

56. No Bull, All Buffalo: Fun.

57. The Chilidawgs: This is a funny chili cook off team name.

58. Racy Hot Pot: Cute.

59. Magma Mania: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

60. The New Hotness: Fun.

61. Romeo Red: If you have separate guys and girls teams, you can call the ladies team Juliet Red.

62. Unicorn’s Last Supper: This is a mystical sounding name.


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