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100 Chinese Names for Girls and Their Meaning


China is a huge and populous nation that has been a dominant force in the East since the beginning of history. Throughout China’s history, they have conquered, influenced and traded with numerous nations both around them and across the seas. Many cultures in the East still show significant signs of their association with China, and this includes naming conventions. For instance, countries like Korea and Vietnam still use adaptations of Chinese names. Japan, on the other hand, still use the Chinese characters in their kanji writing, and this also influences their language and naming conventions.

Modern Chinese names consist of two parts. The first part is the xing, which is the surname. This name come first when pronouncing someone’s full name. Chinese surnames are often monosyllabic. After the surname is the personal name called ming. The ming is often either monosyllabic or disyllabic. Before the 20th century, educated Chinese would also use a zi. This is the “courtesy name” or “style name” These names are how they are referred to among people outside their family and their closest friends.

Throughout the history of China, there have been several naming taboos that regulate who is allowed to use a person’s given name without being disrespectful. A person may call someone by their given name if the speaker has more authority than the person they’re calling. This means peers and younger relatives are not allowed to directly refer to someone’s name. This posed quite the conundrum as many Chinese historical figures would then have to use different names depending on the context and who they are speaking to.

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A Little History on Chinese Given Names

Given names are much more diverse than surnames. There are more than 106,000 individual Chinese characters, and many of these can be used to write someone’s name. A given name can be chosen based on many factors. This includes the pleasing sound of a name as well as positive associations with the name and the shape of the Chinese character to be used to spell out the name. Two characters can be chosen for a character’s separate meaning and qualities, though these combination of characters may no longer “mean” anything. They can just be a combination of two characters with pleasing sounds, each with separate meanings.

Chinese Given Names for Girls

As with many cultures, Chinese girls are often named after positive qualities like beauty, purity, gracefulness, and happiness. They may also be named after pleasing things found in nature such as flowers, plants, precious stones, and bodies of water. A Chinese girl’s name can also be influenced by their background. For instance, a Chinese family from the countryside might name their children with characters that mean “ox” or “land.” However, these names are becoming less common.

In this list, keep in mind that we have omitted some names that have a chauvinistic meaning. In China, many families want to have more sons, and daughters aren’t always greeted with delight. There are names such as Laidi, Zhaodi, and Pandi, which actually mean “seeking a little brother.” There’s also Yehao, which essentially means “also good,” as if to say that the family wished for a son, but a girl is also good. Thankfully, names like these have become more and more rare.

As for naming children after someone famous, this is considered bad form. This might be something that’s commonly done in other cultures, and it may be considered an honor for a person to name their child after you. However, as we mentioned, there are taboos regarding directly using the given name of someone of higher rank than you, so it would be bad form to use that name when referring to a child.

chinese girls names

There’s another interesting trend in naming Chinese children. There’s such a thing as a Chinese naming scheme, which can serve as a guide for what to name the children born into a certain generation. Each child recorded in the family records of each generation would share an identical character in their names. For instance, a certain generation would have to use the character for “intelligence,” the next generation would have to use the character for “fastidiousness,” and the next would need to use the character for “kindness.” This can turn into a generation poem, especially when sixteen, thirty-two or more generations are worked out in advance by their generation. This can also help with identifying which family member one is referring to when two people in the same family have slightly similar names.

Below are some nice Chinese names for girls. Keep in mind that some of these names may mean something different depending on the Chinese characters to be used. So for the purposes of this list (and to keep you from being forced to learn Chinese characters), these names are based primarily on their sound using the phonetic alphabet. In this list are only the Romanized names of Chinese names.

Ai means “love, affection”

Bao means “treasure”

Baozhai means “precious hairpin”

Bo means “precious”

Caihong means “a rainbow in the sky”

Changying means “flourishing” and “lustrous”

Chenguang means “morning light”

Chunhua means “spring flower”

Chuntao means “spring peach”

Daiyu means “black jade”

Da-xia means “a long summer”

Dongmei means “winter plum”

Hua means “flower”

Huan means “happiness”

Huifang means “kind” and “fragrant”

Huifen means “wise” and “fragrant”

Jingfei means “still fragrance”

Jinghua means “situation splendid”

Ju means “chrysanthemum”

Jun means “truthful” and “obedient”

Lan means “orchid”

Lanfen means “orchid fragrance”

Lanying means “indigo illustriousness”

Lee means “plum”

Li means “upright”

LiHua means “pear blossom”

LiMei means “beautiful plum flower”

LiMing means “one who is pretty and bright”

Lian means “the graceful willow”

Lifen means “beautiful fragrance”

Lihua means “beautiful and flourishing”

Lin means “beautiful jade”

Ling means “compassion” and “understanding”

Liqin means “beautiful zither”

Lixue means “pretty and pure as a snow”

Luan means “an upspring”

chinese girls names

Mei means “beautiful flower”

Meifeng means “beautiful wind”

Meihui means “beautiful wisdom”

Meili means “beautiful”

Meirong means “beautiful countenance”

Meixiang means “plum fragrance”

Meixiu means “beautiful grace”

Meiying means “beautiful flower”

Mingmei means “bright and beautiful girl”

Mingxia means “bright glow through the clouds at dawn”

Mingyu means “bright jade”

Mingzhu means “bright pearl”

Ning means “tranquility”

Ninghong means “tranquil red”

Nuwa means “mother goddess”

Nuying means “girl flower”

Pangfua means “clouds in the shape of flower”

Peijing means “admiring luxuriance”

Peizhi means “admiring iris”

Qi means “fine jade”

Qiang means “rose”

Qiao means “skillful”

Qing means “dark blue”

Qingyuan means “a clear spring or deep water”

Qingling means “celebration of understanding”

Qingzhao means “clear understanding”

Qinyang means “sunshine of my heart”

Qiuyue means “autumn moon”

Renxiang means “benevolent fragrance”

Rou means “gentle and mild”

Ruiling means “auspicious jade tinkling”

Ruolan means “like an orchid”

Shan means “elegant bearing”

Shu means “fair”

Shuang means “frank” and “open-hearted”

Shuchun means “fair purity”

Shui means “one who is like a water”

Suyin means “plain, unadorned sound”

Ting means “graceful”

Weici means “preserving love”

Xia means “rosy clouds”

Xiang means “fragrant”

Xiaodan means “little dawn”

Xiaoli means “morning jasmine”

Xiaolian means “little lotus”

Xiaozhi means “little iris”

Xifeng means “western phoenix”

Xingjuan means “arising grace”

Xiu means “grace”

Xiulan means “graceful orchid”

Xiuying means “graceful flower”

Xue means “snow”

Xueman means “snowy grace”

Yenay means “she who loves”

Ying means “clever”

Yingtai means “flower terrace”

Yu means “jade” or “rain”

Yuan means “shining peace”

Yuming means “jade brightness”

Yun means “cloud”

Zhaohui means “clear wisdom”

Zhenzhen means “precious”

Zhilan means “iris orchid”

Zhu means “bamboo”

Chinese names may be short, but they’re packed with meaning and sometimes even a bit of history. We hope you were able to learn more about Chinese names for girls, as well as the many meanings associated with their names. Share with us below which Chinese names you like the most and why you chose this name!



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