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Ideal Cocktail Attire for Men


Cocktail parties are one of those events that are really fun to attend, but it can be a challenge figuring out what to wear. The key is to look sophisticated and classy, but not too over-the-top (aka, leave your tuxedo in the closet for this event). To make sure you’re party-ready and looking stylish and appropriate for your next cocktail party, follow these simple rules to the perfect cocktail attire for men.

Ideal Cocktail Attire for Men

Can’t Go Wrong with a Suit

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a nice suit. Suits have a way of giving any man an instant high-class and high-style makeover in a way that’s sophisticated and enticing. When it comes to suits, make sure you’re opting for something that isn’t too flashy; you want to keep your suit clean, precise, and classy. Suits in darker hues like navy blue or even a muted grey will work wonderfully, or you can keep it classic and opt for your favorite black suit.

Consider Blazers and a Pair of Trousers

Not in the mood to bust out your formal suit? No worries. You can still look cocktail-ready with a nice pair of trousers and a matching blazer. As with suit options, the key is to keep it fancy and nice with darker shades of blue, grey, or even black. You can mix and match a bit to shake things up, but you want to stay away from super bright shades as this can appear tacky and classless, something you might wear to a bachelor party instead of a cocktail event.

Ideal Cocktail Attire for Men

A Nice Shirt is Essential

As with any outfit, a shirt is a key factor in putting together your attire. When it comes to your shirt you have many options. You can keep it a subtle shade to go along with your suit or trousers and blazer, or you can be a bit more inventive with your look. Try out a shirt with a unique design or something a bit more flashy. It shouldn’t be too eye-catching and bizarre, but something with a cool design or a bit more color can really amplify your look without going overboard. Remember- you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb at this event, so try to find a shirt that is classy and stylish.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Don’t forget the importance of your footwear- it can truly make or break your outfit, especially when you’re attending a cocktail party. When it comes to shoes, the most classic and trademark styles is of course a round toe leather Oxford, but any dressed up style of shoe will work. You can play around with the shape and texture of your shoe, and if you want to add an element of surprise to your style, don’t be afraid to shock the crowd with a brightly colored shoe. This can be an exciting mix-up to your muted suit or darker-hued blazer and trousers.

Ties to Accent the Outfit

A tie is not essential to your outfit, but it can work as an awesome accent to whatever outfit you choose. In a way, a tie can be an accessory like the ladies- while a woman will wear a timeless piece of jewelry and a nice bag to accompany her, your tie can be your accessory to make your outfit complete. When you are choosing a tie, try to keep it a bit more lively than the rest of your outfit. The bulk of your attire will be darker and muted, so let your tie be your knockout, exciting accessory. Go for a bright color or something with a witty pattern or design. Sleek, slender ties are more favorable than traditional bulkier options.

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A Belt to Piece it Together

Most men require a belt when wearing trousers, especially if their trousers are a bit too large. Save yourself the embarrassment of losing your pants at the cocktail party and purchase a belt. You want to find a belt that’s a bit more pricier, something very professional and sleek; stick with leather and go for black or dark brown- both are very safe options.

Splash of Cologne

Making a statement is a cinch when you’ve pieced together the perfect outfit- all eyes will be on you and everyone will be charmed by your delightful choices of attire. But how do you leave a mark that will leave a memory in everyone’s minds? The perfect cologne. Just a splash of something snazzy will ensure you’re remembered well after the event, as everyone remembers that delectable scent you adorned on your body. Don’t douse yourself, though- even if you have the nicest, most sensual scent on the market, nobody wants to feel as though they can’t breathe while standing next to you.

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Do Your Hair Nicely

Last but not least, don’t forget to style your hair. If you have shorter hair (a buzz cut) then you won’t need to do anything to your mane. On the other hand, if your hair is a bit longer and you have some room for styling, use some gel to create a classy and stylish pompadour, or comb it down straight in a sophisticated and sleek manner.

When in Doubt, Ask the Host

Some cocktail parties are more formal than others, while others are more relaxed. If you can’t seem to figure out what outfit to wear to the event, you can always ask the host. There is no shame in asking what the tone of the party is; after all, you would hate to show up to the event being overdressed or underdressed, so when in doubt, go ahead and check in with the host, and then create your ideal cocktail party attire.

That’s it! You are all set for your cocktail event. A suit or blazer and trousers, a tie, a belt, a bit of cologne, and nicely done hair- oh, and don’t forget to finish your look with some shoes! Have you ever been to a cocktail party? What did you wear?


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