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How to Date Colombian Girls


Maybe you were on a trip to Columbia and since you’ve returned home, you can’t get the place out of your head. That’s for good reason too! Columbia is a country full of culture, delicious food, and, of course, beautiful women. If you had the pleasure of dating a Colombian woman, then you’re aware of how amazing and dramatic the relationship can be. Nevertheless, if you’re considering dating a Colombian woman, then, here’s the guidebook to having a successful relationship.

What Colombian women look for in a man

Before you even consider dating a Colombian woman, you need to see if you’ll be able to meet their requirements. There are a couple things that Colombian women look for in a man.


Speak Spanish

Sure, there are Colombian women that speak English, but most of them don’t want to. Especially if you’re in their country, you should speak their native language, Spanish. In most cases, the more Spanish you know, the better. Knowing at least basic Spanish will help you communicate with women and plus, it shows that you care about their culture.


Be the man

Colombian women aren’t looking to be the man in the relationship. If anything, they want the man to take charge. They love being feminine and adored, which means, you’ll need to step it up with your masculine side. Be romantic, be flirty and take charge. That’ll turn any Colombian woman on.


Be romantic

Colombian women are latinas. What does that mean? They’re all about the romance. They want their man to sweep them off their feet and whisk them away. Now, many men aren’t in touch with their romantic side, however, it’s not that hard. You have that inner romantic feeling inside of you, you just need to bring it out. Don’t be afraid, the women love a man who is in touch with his softer side.


Know that the women are flaky

Colombian women may drive you nuts when it comes to this, but the women are flaky. If you arrange a date, don’t expect her to show up. In fact, expect that you’ll have to have a couple girls lined up just to get one date. Will you get frustrated? For sure, but you just have to stay calm and keeping moving forward.


That being said, now that you know what Colombian women are looking for in a man, it’s time you learned some tips on how to date Colombian woman.


How to date a Colombian woman


Now, dating a Colombian woman is a little different than dating a Western European or American woman. The culture is different, their temperament is different and these things can make dating a Colombian woman a lot different than what you’re used to. However, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips for dating a Colombian woman.


Know that their families are very important

It’s typically known that Latino women have an extremely close bond to their families. If you’re not a fan of being around family, then you should reconsider dating a Colombian. Family is extremely important to Colombians, so, talking badly about their family is a big no-no. In Colombia, their culture places a heavy emphasis on the importance of family, so, be aware that if you’re dating a Colombian woman, you’re dating her whole family. In essence, if you have a strong love for family, then you’ll love dating a Colombian.


Don’t worry about your age

Colombian women aren’t overly concerned about the age difference as some other countries are. In Colombia, it’s very common to have an age gap of 15-25 years. Many Colombian women in their 20s date and marry men in their 40s, so if you’re an older man, you’ll have no problem finding a young Colombian girlfriend.


Tread carefully around religion

Most Colombians are raised under a Roman Catholic roof since it is the most practiced faith in Latin America. That being said, Colombian women are raised with the understanding that religion is extremely important. If you start to date a Colombian woman, you’ll most likely be invited to church. If you want to continue seeing her, then go to church with her. If you show that you’re not interested in her religious beliefs, that’ll be a giant red flag for her as she’s looking for someone who shares her faith. If you try to make her choose between you and her faith don’t be surprised that she choose her faith.


Show her that you have pride in your appearance

Colombian women take pride in how they look and if you’re planning on finding a Colombian bride, then you should show her that you also take pride in yourself. Colombian women take time in looking good and being fit and beautiful is very important to them. That being said, if you’re more of a couch potato who is sporting a beer gut, you may want to hit the gym. No, you don’t need a six-pack, but Colombian women want to see that you care about yourself.


Allow yourself to fall in love

Colombian women aren’t into games. If anything, when they fall for you, they fall hard. But, they also expect you to give everything as well. They’re very passionate women and love to please their partners.If she’s giving you herself, you’re going to need to put yourself forward and show that you’re here and willing.


Don’t be cheap for the holidays

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, you can’t be cheap with gifts. Gift giving is a very important part of the Colombian dating scene. Whether you’re invited to her house for dinner or going to a party, make sure you bring something with you. Not only will that show her that you’re not cheap, but it also shows her that you’re well mannered and cultured.


Learn how to dance

You’re going to have to learn how to dance. All the parties and celebrations have one major theme in common: there’s dancing. All Colombian women know how to dance and love shaking their butts. So, if you don’t want some other man catching a dance with your girl, it’s best you took a couple lessons.


Looking for a bride?

If you want to have Colombian bride, you’re going to have to show her that you’re a real man. If she’s going to marry you, she wants to know that you’ll be her husband. Colombian women are highly supportive, the country as some of the lowest divorce rates – meaning, no matter what they stand by your side. So, if you’re asking for her hand in marriage, you’ll have to show her what you’re made of. She’ll be able to see whether you’re lying or not by what you do. Don’t give a lot of empty promises, simply show her that you’re what you say you are and you’ll have no problems.  


Tips on dating a Colombian


They’re crazy about hygiene

No one knows why this is, maybe because of the crazy weather, but Colombians are generally fanatic about hygiene. You’ll find many Colombians showering twice a day. Colombian women really look for a man who’s well groomed and dressed. So, if you’re not a fan of showering, better get used to it because they love it.


The shoes are #1

You probably don’t even care what your shoes look like, however, for Colombian women, it’s very important. You could be wearing the most expensive suit in the world, but if you’re wearing sandals, they’ll notice right away. Shoes show the true symbol of wealth. If your shoes are unkept, tethered and dirty, it’s a sign that you don’t care about your appearance and probably come from a family with less wealth.


Know that they’re modest

Colombian women were raised in homes with their siblings, parents and grandparents – a full house. That being said, they’re not expecting you to buy them a mansion with 8 bathrooms. Colombian women are looking for men who will provide them with a stable and safe lifestyle. So, if you’re not growing money from your tree in the backyard, don’t worry, they’re not about that.


They’re highly jealous women

Colombian women are well-known for being highly jealous women. Now, it’s not important that they’re jealous, what’s important is your reaction to it. If she starts to create a scene or tantrum, you simply have to ignore it because either way, she’s pissed. Eventually, when she cools down, you’ll be able to talk to her about it. But in that moment, it’s best to ignore her cries for attention. Expect that she’ll check your cellphone, creep on your Facebook and watch where your eyes move.


Compliment her

Colombian women love to be praised for their beauty. But, you have to make sure that you’re genuine with your compliments. Colombian women know when you’re just trying to get into their pants. However, do be aware that Colombian women do love to show affection and stay close to men they’re interested in. But, don’t assume that that means she’ll sleep with you right away.


They want to be chased

In other countries, casual sex isn’t a big deal. However, for Colombian women, they love the chase. You’ll have to take them out, charm them, make them laugh and then maybe you’ll get a kiss at the end of the night. It’s going to drive you crazy but it’ll make you want her anymore. If you want her, you’ll have to chase her.


They’re independent

Colombian women are very independent. As long as they have their families, they don’t really need a man. Do they want to be in relationships? Of course, however, all Colombian women know how to cook, clean, and work. So, they’re not reliant on a man to do anything. Will she cry if you dump her, sure. But, she won’t die without you.


Manners is huge

Manners are very important to Colombian women. They’re not raised to be rude, instead, are interested in having positive conversations. Don’t be surprised if your Colombian girl says hello to people on the street. If you’re not polite, maybe you should brush up with an etiquette class or else, you may not last very long with a Colombian woman.


Now that you know everything there is to dating a Colombian woman, are you ready? If you’re an honest man, you’ll have no problem finding a supportive Colombian girlfriend who will stand by your side. Knowing how to date a Colombian is one thing, but trying to actually date one is a whole other story. It’s time you took the chance!


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