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40 Commemorative Speech Topics


A commemorative speech is designed to celebrate or remember a specific topic. It can pay tribute to an event that happened, a loved one or a place. Your goal with commemorative speech topics is to make other people feel as strongly about something as you do. Your teacher may assign you commemorative speech topics, or you may have to create your own. If you need an idea to get started, we have some topics that you can begin with.

1. The Civil Rights Movement: You can pick major moments of the Civil Rights Movement to commemorate.

2. Women’s Rights Milestones: This is one of the better commemorative speech topics.

3. Mother Teresa: An excellent choice.

4. Bravery: You can commemorate incidences of bravery, brave individuals or just the idea.

5. Veterans: This is a popular option around veterans day.

6. Dedication: Commemorate a person or an event that represents dedication.

7. September 11: This type of speech often happens around September 11 as a way to commemorate the lives lost on 9/11.

8. Compromise: Use incidences or examples of compromise.

9. Strength: There are many different people and examples of strength that you can use.

10. Kindness: Use this if you think that the world could use a little more kindness.

11. Gandhi: Known for his civil disobedience techniques, Gandhi was the inspiration for Martin Luther King’s approach to the Civil Rights Movement.

12. The Creation of the Atomic Bomb: This could be a part of a World War II commemoration or a recognition of the bombs being dropped on Japan.

13. Pearl Harbor: This type of commemoration speech topic is quite common.

14. Gay Marriage: You can celebrate major milestones in the gay rights movement.

15. The End of Slavery: This is an important thing to commemorate.

16. Dreams: Use this to commemorate the dreams of great thinkers or movements.

17. Compassion: The world could use a little more commemoration.

18. Hard Work: This could commemorate the value of hard work or examples of it.

19. The Declaration of Independence: This would be an important event to commemorate.

20. Faith: Many people like to choose this for a commemorative speech topic.

21. Queen Elizabeth I: She is an example of strength, intelligence and talent.

22. Civil War Events: There are so many events that you could commemorate from this war.

23. Hospitality: Nice.

24. Perseverance: You could commemorate a person, place or event that represents this ideal.

25. The End of the Vietnam War: You could also commemorate the war itself or the veterans who fought in it.

26. Freedom: This type of speech is quite common around patriotic holidays.

27. Honesty: The world could use a little more honesty.

28. The Printing Press: The creation of the printing press led to the growth of ideas, education and learning throughout the world.

29. Patriotism: Many holidays use this as a theme for different speeches.

30. Team Work: This would be a good option.

31. Peace: Peace is both an important goal and a good thing to commemorate.

32. The End of World War II: This continues to be a major commemoration event.

33. Creativity: This would certainly be a creative option!

34. Cheerfulness: Attitude is everything.

35. Humility: Too many people are honored for their bravado, so humility is undervalued today.

36. Independence: You could celebrate the independence day of just about any country.

37. Loyalty: You could commemorate someone who represents loyalty in your own life or just in the lives of others.

38. Selflessness: There are many people who symbolize this value.

39. Love: The world could always use a little more love.

40. Innovation or Inventions: The list of inventions and innovations you could use for a commemorative speech topic is nearly endless.


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